Caught in the Act

By Mike Linton

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It's late and the office is quiet. Everyone has gone and it has been a hell of a day. I just couldn't make it out of the office at closing time I stayed on to finish. A couple of hours had passed and the job, that's taken me days, is done. It is time to close up so I switch off my computer and head for the door.

As I reach the top of the stairs, since I work in the creative department, which is in the basement, I notice a light is still on. I wasn't expecting anyone so I'm cautious. I climb the stairs slowly ...

When I reach the top I can hear a noise, a regular rhythm, barely audible. Lifting my head just enough to look into the first floor office I see a solitary desk lamp. To the left of me, about ten feet away, you sit with your legs raised on a desk. Your skirt is hitched up high revealing your thighs and your pale blue lacy knickers stretched taut around your knees. Your head is arched back, your eyes closed as you pump three visibly wet fingers in and out of your pussy. This was the rhythmic noise I heard earlier.

We've worked at this office for a couple of years but I've never really had the opportunity to meet you, although you've always caught my eye. You're very attractive and, I have to confess that, when you brush past me on your way to the photocopier and I catch a hint of your perfume it sends an erotic shiver down my spine. My imagination races and now, here you are, finger fucking yourself after hours as I silently watch ...

You're obviously enjoying yourself as you lower your second hand, from fondling your breasts, to finger your swollen clit. From where I am standing I have the perfect view. I stare at you open mouthed, intensely aroused, and watching. Your head begins to rock from side to side, slowly at first, but, as you get more and more carried away your three fingers pump in and out, in and out, faster and faster ...

Suddenly you stop and remove your hand from your cunt, lower your knickers to your ankles and continue. Opening your eyes, you lift your slick fingers to your lips and let your tongue lazily creep out. You lightly touch its tip to your wet fingers and soon you're licking hungrily. Your tongue wanders over every wet inch of your fingers, not wanting to miss a drop. As you lick you start to moan, youčre totally absorbed playing with yourself. Youčre letting yourself go completely, immersing yourself totally, in your finger fucking fun ..

When youčre sure your fingers are clean, every last drop of your wetness lapped up, you lower your hand back to your cunt. Your pussy is red, raw from the pounding youčve been enjoying. You insert one finger again ... then two. Tantalizingly you press deep into yourself, deep to the knuckle as I hear you begin to talk. "Yes! Mmmm... You like that don't you? You want more don't you ... harder ... yes."

Listening to you talking to yourself as you pound your fingers into your wet cunt is intensely erotic and I can feel myself wanting to break the silence and separate the short distance between us. I want to join in your pleasure, but, I'm of two minds ...

My better judgement is overtaken by my lust to join in your fun. I climb the last few stairs silently and make my way across the room. As I call out your name, you turn, startled. Your jaw drops as you see me. You have no idea anyone else was here and you are confronted by a colleague, your legs spread wide, your fingers in your wet cunt. You are panting with desire as our eyes meet.

You quickly pull your fingers from your cunt trying desperately to cover yourself as your face turns a deep crimson. "I ... I'm ... so sorry ... I was just ..."

"You were just what?", I reply.

"I thought I was alone, I didn't realize you were here ..."

"It doesn't matter", I whisper, "now that you know I am here, why don't you let me help you?"

"No ... Please ...", you stammer, "can't we just forget it?"

You reach down covering your sweet cunt but I stop you, spreading your hands as I bend, dropping to my knees between your thighs.

"I don't think so", I reply seductively, "why don't we just finish what you started ..."

I lean in and gently lift your hands, parting them, to expose your dripping cunt. Your fingers feel sticky in mine as I lower my mouth and begin to suck your wetness.

As I sink my tongue deep into your hole, you gasp ...

"We shouldn't", you whisper. "We should!", I reply.

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