I'm a young Spanish economics student so maybe this text is not as good as I Expected (especially in the vocabulary). My name is Jorge Garcia and my e-mail is Mamolajg@mailcity.com so I want readers to write me and share their opinion about my short story. Click Here to send comments to Jorge


by Jorge Garcia

Her copper-colored hair looks so pretty that I caress it. I kiss her but she doesn't react; she can't do it unless I specifically order it. She's learning how to treat her master, her god.

I bite her lower lip strongly and a light trail of blood begins to emanate. I penetrate her mouth with my tongue and I try to reach her throat. I know I can't.

I move back a few steps and take a look on her.

She wears an haute couture dress with an incredible neckline and silk stockings. The only signal that shows her slavery is the leather collar with her name "Carrot" (because of her hair color). She doesn't wear shoes because it's forbidden in this playroom. I obey this rule myself (I don't want nobody to dirt my floor).

She has silk gloves that reach until her elbows and she looks like a high society lady.

Her eyes are still looking at the floor when I order her to strip. First she takes her expensive bolero off and I urge her to continue with her satin lace blouse. I don't want her to remove her red silky bra yet.

I'm once again astonished with her Greek goddess appearance, turgenscence and uplifting breasts, the most beautiful belly I've ever seen and a real exciting golden ring pierced in her belly button. Her pink nipples fight against the silk but they can't run away from their jail.

I order her to keep on with her strip taking off her stockings. She has to pull her skirt up to untie her garters from her panties and remove her stockings. I order her to give me them.

I smell them and I discover (as I fear) a little moisture. Her pussy begins to emanate juice almost immediately, but fortunately she takes a lot longer to reach her orgasm (her greatest charm, excluding her beauty, naturally).

I stop her, just enough time to make all excitement disappear from her body or brain.

When she's as dry as the weather outside I order her to remove her skirt. Right now she's wearing only her underclothing and I walk around her enjoying the vision. I pick a whip up from the table and begin to lash the air and it sounds so cutting I know she thinks I'm gonna whip her. She's not right at all. I caress it and I walk back and unfasten her bra with my teeth as I lick her back a little.

"Put your knickers down, slave!", I order and she obeys without hesitation. When they're at her knees I tell her to stop pulling them down. She's surprised.

I lengthen the whip and softly rub her slit with its head. I lick the whip head and notice she still dry.

"Put your knickers on, slave!". She's once again surprised but obeys my desire.

"Give me your left glove", and she does.

"Masturbate you with your right hand", and she looks up and obeys.

"Lay on the floor, slave!", I shout. "I will teach you not to look into your master's eyes."

I give her a good thrashing with my whip but I know it's just a soft one. She resists infinitely more and it's not my whim to end so soon. Her ass cheeks are completely red when she puts her knickers on again and I command her once again to masturbate with her right hand. She's so surprised, but obeys.

She begins to touch herself so softly and delicately that she looks more like a teen virgin than a self-trained slave. When I get tired of her passivity I shout at her to be more resolute. Her caresses become stronger and her panties begin to get wet. Her pussy drips as a fountain but she's not really excited. I can notice by her movements (I know perfectly well all of my slaves movements).

"Glide two fingers inside your cunt."

She begins to gasp like a fool. When I feel she's near to cumming I order her to stop. Her panties are so soaked as they appear to have been sinking into the sea. There is a lake under her legs and the marvelous glove looks like wet paper. I take her glove off and I put it into her mouth just to let her enjoy her plentiful juices.

"Look on the floor! Clean it immediately."

She tries to use the glove but when I notice I tie her hands with one of her stockings. She has to lick her own juices. While she's doing it I tease her pussy to keep the juices sprouting on but avoiding her clit. Five minutes late, and with another lake of her pussy's nectar, I order her to stop. I squeeze her soaked panties strongly against her wet pussy with my left hand. Then I put her panties out and order her to lie on a table in the middle of the room. When she's in horizontal position I make a bundle of her soaked panties, put them into her mouth and I use them as a gag. I wrap them as strongly as I can. I know she's drowning from her juices and I can't avoid smiling. I place a blindfold on her and at the end I put earphones on her ears at its maximum volumn with heavy-metal music. She can't see me or hear me, and she also can't scream. She doesn't belong to this world. I pick up special foot cuffs with the rings separated by a little link. They are perfectly suited to hook with chains. I also pick up a spreader-bar.

If she could see what I'm gonna do she'd begin to pray.

I caressed her strong and nicely rounded thighs. I separate her legs and when she looks more relaxed and seems to enjoy it a lot I attach her knees with the spreader-bar. Her body becomes alert and her legs strain as her pussy opens.

At first I set the spreader-bar into its half position (I calculated before how much can she resist).

Her under human grunts filter through her gag and they become stronger as I open the spreader slowly, notch by notch. When I think she's on her 3/4 stamina I stop, letting her legs adjust to her new statement. I caress her thighs that are as tense as a bow ready to shoot an arrow. Her cunt is really spread and I pick an ostrich feather from a shelf. I tease her cunt with it. While I'm playing with the feather with my left hand, my right adds another notch to her torment. I look at her struggle and as soon as she relaxes a little, another notch. The spreader-bar arrives at the point I had calculated. I added another notch and I finally stop. I let her rest for awhile to adjust, and once again and I pick up a razor from a shelf.

I shave dry her patch of sprouting copper-colored pubic hair. It had been a long time since a shave (I usually shave my slave's pubic hair once a week but Carrot's was still unshaven for more than a month) I've been preparing this session for a long time .

I slide one finger into her opened pussy. I tease her a little and when it begins to run I remove my fingers. I rotate her on the table and I tie a 2 meters stick at her back, through her foot cuffs, around her hips, by her tied hands, down of her breasts and by her forehead. I don't want her to arch her back during her future excitement. She can't move a part of her body. I walk through the room and I reach a two meters and a half pulley. I put it beside her and I fix the wheel to the roof. The pulley chain ends with a hook. I move the crank and the chain drops. When it arrives at the level of her foot cuffs I fit the chain's hook into the link.

Once again I move the crank and the chain begins to lift. I lift her as fast as possible and secure the wheel when feet touch the roof. She looks like a punching bag and I can't avoid pushing her. She swings and the strong music from her earphones swamps all over the room.

I pick a couple of clamps up for one shelf and secure a clamp to each nipple. I add a weight to each clamp, but they aren't as heavy as usual. I also secure another clamp to her belly-button ring and another weight. The gravity and the clamps make her nipples stretch and it excites me a lot. Her breath comes harder but she doesn't try to move any more. Her strangely shaped legs are so sweaty that it makes them appear bright. I make the chain descend fast and I stop when her head is a few centimeters from the floor.

I pick up my most special dildo; the shortest but the widest of all. It's not more than ten centimeters long but almost as wide as a fist. I tie a couple of chains into the hilt of the vibrator and I push the dildo to the first stroke. I'm so gentle with the vibrator I don't touch her clit; I don't want her to cum.

Her pussy wasn't wet enough (maybe dry will be the suitable word) and her grunt is heard just like she hasn't got a gag in her mouth. I strain the chain completely and secure their jaws to her stretched nipples. I switch the dildo on and its movement is transferred to her nipples that suffer two different and antagonistic pains. Her body shakes just like somebody put a motor inside her bowels.

I pick up the biggest carrot I found that morning in the market and I begin to lick it eagerly. When it gets wet enough, I slide my finger into her asshole. I then spread her cheeks and insert the wet carrot into her asshole. It hurts her a lot. I notice by the way she convulses and swings. Slowly I introduce the whole carrot. I never penetrated her ass anyway, I was reserving it to a very special time.

She is in a continuous moan but she knows it's completely useless. I pull the chain up until her face reaches the level of my cock. I stop and take my clothes off. My cock is erected and I want to fuck her mouth. I pull the wrap off and remove her panties. I caress her soft lips, wet from her juice and her saliva. She knows I want her to open her mouth and she obeys. I stick my cock between her lips. I grip her hair and I move her face forward and back; it's one of the best cunts I've ever seen.

She tries to suck my cock but she can't because I change the rhythm at my whim. I know I'm gonna cum in a few seconds and I know I'm gonna cum five times (experience).

The first two shoot into her mouth, it won't arrive to her stomach in this position. The third one belongs to her face, introducing into her nose and spotting the blindfold. The last two orgasms go to her hair and drip a few drops to the floor. Her red hair becomes viscose and loses its immaculate shine. I clean my cock with her hair and then I remove the dildo from her cunt. It's completely wet although she hasn't cum yet. Once again I put her soaked panties with her moisture into her mouth as a gag once again too.

Her mouth becomes a strange mix of juices, semen, and saliva. I also pull the carrot out of her stretched asshole. I let her down over the table sand unhook the chain. I untie her from the pole. I rest her properly, with her crotch and legs spread on the surface of the table. I fuck her cunt as if I was possessed by a demon. I know I could do it for hours without cumming. I'm completely under self-control (last week I was fucking a slave's cunt and ass for more than an hour and I came, not for excitement but from being exhausted).

I fuck her for half an hour and I think she's got more than enough. Her movements tell me she's in a continuous orgasm, not multiple orgasms. I cum strongly into her, the last humiliation act. I put the spreader-bar and the earphones away. I remove her gag and the blindfold and I give her the carrot to eat it (she doesn't know it had been into her asshole a few minutes before).

I begin to play with all the clamps while she relaxes. A quarter of an hour later I order her to get down and I tie her collar to a leather leash. I make her walk like a dog into another room. The session had reached the end but the punishment (a master never forgets her wrong doing) has just begun.

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