Camping Surprise

By Ken Scott

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It was mid July when I decided to take a few days off from work and go camping. I arrived at the campground around 2:00 PM and set up the tent and took a stroll around the campground. There was only three other campers in sites and it seemed as if I would have a peaceful couple of days for relaxing. I cooked myself a couple of hamburgers, had a couple of beers and just kind of lazed around.

I had noticed earlier that one of the other campers was an older woman with a couple of teenage girls. Now, keep in mind that I had just gone camping to chill out for a couple of days. I never had any thoughts of sex, or else for that matter. Still, I couldn't help feeling an itch in my crotch on seeing these two teenage girls dressed in their short shorts and halter tops. Their nipples were always poking through the thin fabric of their halters.

After it was dark I retreated to my tent with a good science fiction book and a few more beers. A couple of times I thought I heard whispers outside my tent and soft giggles. Around midnight I had to use the bathroom as the beers were taking their toll. The bathrooms were wooden log type structures with a couple of stalls and a urinal.

I had noticed earlier in the day that the stalls all had holes roughly cut on either side about the size of a large grapefruit. As I entered the bathroom I thought I heard whispering but it stopped immediately as I opened the squeaking door. I stepped up to the urinal and took out my cock. I had a piss hard-on from the need to take a leak and it seemed the flow would never stop. I happened to glance down at the hole in the partition and detected movement. Somebody in the next stall was watching me. My cock grew even harder and I turned so that whoever was watching could get a close-up view. As the piss stopped I started to stroke my cock because, by this time, I was very excited. I thought, if some guy wanted to use his mouth for a sperm bank why spoil it. As I continued to slowly stroke my cock some pre-cum replaced the pee.

I could hear a stirring in the stall and thought I could detect heavy breathing. I turned directly facing the cut out and could faintly see lips in the dim light. I moved forward until the head of my cock was at the entrance of the hole. I continued stroking and thought that I might cum at any minute. A pink tongue slipped through the hole and licked the pre-cum flowing from the hole in the head of my prick. The invitation was obvious so I slid my cock completely through the hole. I felt a hot tongue licking my seven-inch shaft and lips slid over the end of my cock and start sucking. Within a minute I was pumping a large load of cream into that hot mouth. To my surprise my cock remained hard even after every drop had been sucked out. I decide to move to the adjoining stall in case they wanted more. I entered and locked the door and, dropping my pants, sat down on the toilet. As I peered through the hole I thought I detected two figures in the dim light. As I sat, peeking through that hole, my eyes became more accustomed to the light. "WOW ... ", I whispered, it wasn't some guy in the next stall. It was the two teenage girls.

One girl was sitting on the toilet and the other girl was standing in front, naked, getting her pussy licked. I thought my cock would explode right then as I could hear the girl softly moaning. In about a minute she backed up and turned with her beautiful naked ass toward my face. Then, she bent over and backed up against the hole. Her ass was directly centered in the hole so I stood and slid my cock through the opening and into her hot hole. Boy ... was it hot, wet and tight. I pumped my cock all the way in and she really started to moan. In about no time I was squirting load after load into her young body. I was still squirting as she pulled away and a hot mouth started sucking my cock again. I couldn't believe what had just happened and as I pulled out and sat down. My cock remained hard as I heard the door of the stall squeak open and someone was trying to open my door. I reached out, unlocked it, both girls entered and locked the door behind themselves. The first to enter was the beautiful blond with gold earrings and feather tassels. She got on her knees and sucked my stiff cock as I braced myself against the wall of the stall. She sucked furiously and as I was ready to cum she slid her mouth from the tip and stroked my cock as the stream of cum flew into her open mouth. She swallowed every drop, turned to her sister, both girls dropped their shorts and panties, offering me their luscious mounds.

I sat on the shitter and licked them both, one after the other, taking turns and they both came several times.

One girl turned around and bent over. I stood up and slid my throbbing cock into her ass hole ... all the way to my balls. In a minute I was squirting another load of hot cream in her ass. I pulled out the other girl, who was now sitting on the toilet, turned to me and began licking the cream off my cock. She took her mouth from my cock, pulled the other girl's pussy to her lips and began eating her out. My legs were shaking, partly from exertion and partly from the thought of being discovered.

I quietly went back to my tent and reflected on what had happened. I found out the next day that they would be there for another week. Yes ... you guessed it ... I made a phone call and extend my vacation.

Dawn and Cindy were insatiable.

What a vacation !!!

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