this is another live story from nick and the gang. Shannon, Lisa, Myself(Nick),Anne, were waiting for a friend of ours flying in from California on business. Kevin.He was a little late,finally he arrived, after the ususal banterit was decided to get down to business as it were. Kevin had never meet Shannon or Anne.He had a online relationship with Shannon.

Shannon walked over to Kevin and unbuttoned his shirt.

"I've wanted to this for some time".

Kneeling she undid his pants letting them drop to the floor, to reveal his very big cock, she started stroking it carefully until it enlargred to full power, leaning forward she took the crown in her mouth and started sucking as if it was the last dick on earth. Kevin and Shannon were soon on the floor in a prone positiongoing at it, 69 is has always been Shannons favorite number. Anne and i were sitting on the sofa watching this little orgy unfold. We soon moved to the floor, Anne had impaled my swollen manhood and was riding it up & downwith a vengence.

So there the four of us were on the floor involved in separate sex acts.

Lisa had come back, "well what do we have here? You must be Kevin, nice to meet you", his voice was muffled by Shannons sweet pussy that he was busy in.

Lisa had decided it was time it join in,she separeted K&S, and immedietly dove into to Shannons sweet pussy,just as she was swollowing Kevins big load. I had just emptied a volcanic load into Annes waiting cunt.

"Switcharoo time", said Lisa, after some rearranging, it found Kevin fucking the shit out of Shannon, boy could he screw.

Lisa was fucking me like no tomorrow, and I was eating Anne at the same time. Anne came first wetting my face, Anne was licking Lisas tender nipples.

By this time Kevin had gotten Shannon so excited by his excellent screwing method, that she had mulitply orgasims, something she never did with me. We stood and watched as Shannon got more and more excited.

Kevin carefully lifted Shannon in his arms and carried her upstairs and they weren't heard from all night. Lisa, Anne and I continued with our antics all night long.

Shannon came down stairs several hours later to announce she was returning to California with Kevin, then she sucked me to completion and screwed my brains out. Shannon is sensetive, evin is a terific person, they will be happy together. We will keep you posted.

Hope you enjoy our live show.

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