Number 7 to Heaven

By Tehanu Drake

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I walked out of the gym still in my dance outfit, sweaty after a two hour dancing lesson. I always go home to shower and take care of myself after dance class and I always take bus # 7 all the way through town. This day was just another day, I was tired and in desperate need of a shower as I got on the bus and sat down at the very back seat. It was empty except for a man reading the paper. As I sat down I started going through my bag to find a book I had with me to read on the ride.

Leaning forward I suddenly felt a hand on my ass, stroking me very gently. I looked up and the man was sitting next to me. He wasn't even looking at me while stroking my ass, but continued to read his paper. I decided to ignore it, sat back up and started reading. The man left his hand on my thigh and as I started reading he squeezed it lightly and let his hand wander to stroke my inner thigh, ending up at my crotch. I kept staring into the book as his fingers pressed at my sensitive clit through the tights. Not wanting to show any reaction, I tried to keep quiet but, and against my will, I gasped a little as he pressed a little harder. I knew my face was flushed as I looked at my book.

My pussy was soaking wet now and my mind wandered. I found myself staring at his crotch, wondering what his cock was like. I was actually thinking of fucking this strange guy on a bus! I blushed at the thought but moved my hips slightly as if to shift on the seat. His thumb was now pressed hard to my clit while his fingers were moving in circles over my pussy-lips. By now all I could think of was how I could get this man's cock inside my wet cunt.

I glanced at over as I took hold of his hand and guided it inside my tights. I could see a little hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth as he let one finger slip inside me. I carefully moved a few inches closer to him to position myself better. Then I let my hand stroke the bulge in his pants lightly. He didn't move so I got bolder, unbuttoning his pants and unzipping his fly. He didn't have on any shorts so I pulled his pants down as he slipped another finger in my hungry cunt.

I could not hold back a moan as his fingers found my sensitive spot inside my tunnel and I took his semi-hard cock in my hand. I started stroking his prick gently and felt it growing in my hand. his cock was so big that I could barely hold it. I let his stiff prick slip out of its prison and started jacking him off. He now had three fingers inside my dripping pussy and was rubbing my clit firmly with his thumb.

With gentle strokes I rubbed his cock up and down as he kept his fingers inside my tunnel. He didn't have to do much as the bus's bouncing and bobbing did pushed his fingers in and out of my cunt, saving him most of the work. I had to bite my lip as to not make any suspicious sounds, but what I really wanted to do was moan and groan with pleasure since I was close to climaxing. I stroked his stiff member faster and I could feel him tensing a little as he was also ready to cum.

As the bus started from a stop, I felt my whole body tensing and I climaxed. My hand moved faster on his cock and a moment later a milky white stream of cum shot out and onto the seat in front of him.

He removed his hand from inside my tights and let go of his cock. I suddenly realized I had to get off at the next stop so I quickly gathered all my stuff and went to the door. As I got off I looked at the man. His head was bent over as he read the paper. He had been that way the whole time and not a word had been said between us.

It felt like a dream ...

1999, Mistress Dalila, not to be reprinted, reposted, or used elsewhere
without consent of the author.

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