By Jean Paul

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I woke up slowly, gradually becoming aware of your naked body sprawled almost on your stomach. You were facing away from me. I snuggled closer to your back, slipping a leg between yours and wrapping an arm around your chest, letting my fingers play through the forest of hair.

"Mmmmmm.......... I just love hair. It turns me on.", I thought as I could feel your hairy balls, warm and soft, against my inner thigh. Lightly my hand drifted south, finally encountering your sleeping cock. I encircled it with my eager hand. I could feel your heart beat, strong and steady, against the palm of my hand. Slowly I began to stroke my hand up and down your warm member. In seconds it responded by standing tall aand proud. I gripped you more firmly, jacking your cock .... faster and faster. You started to moan, no longer asleep. You were rocking back and forth with the rhythm of my hand.

"That feels sooooo good, hon," you moaned. I started to run kisses down your spine, even as my hand continued stroking. I slid down in the bed as I reached your ass. I smothered it with wet kisses. Then, I worked lower till I reached your balls, now taut and filled with cum. Gently, my tongue licked your balls, teasing ... taunting. Slipping between your legs, I rolled you onto your back.

"Do it for me, baby. Please?" I ask knowing how much I love to watch you make yourself cum for me...."

You groaned and reached for your cock, as I watched from my unique perspective. Slowly you stroked yourself, right in front of my eyes. I could see your hard cock swell even more. I could see your grip tighten as your breathing grew more rhythmic. I couldn't resist cupping your balls in my hand and you jumped.

Soon I was no longer content to just watch and I scooted nearer, I let my tongue reach out and begin to lap wettly the head of your cock. You start groaning at my touch and I can tell I'm driving you crazy. Your cock is throbbing against my tongue .... the roof of my mouth .... Damn, but you taste good.

You groan as I release your cock head from my mouth. "Baby, I wasn't trying to tease. Wellllll......maybe", I whisper ... slowly .... sensuously .... I run my tongue up and down your cock." Each time I return to your cock head, you moan and try to slip back into my heated mouth. "Not yet, baby", I moan, licking you diligently .... up and down....till your shaft gleams from the wenness in the morning light. I again take your member in both my small hands and stroke up and down your shaft. I lower my head and pause, hovering above the head of your cock. It throbs as my warm breath blows over the hot surface. A growl escapes and a growl excapes your throat. My wet tongue slips out and I begin to lap at it all over your stiff prick.

Slowly I work from the tip, bloated and angry, to the thick base. Both your cock and my hands are dripping with saliva and the juices from your cock which is ready to explode. The over flowing wetness drips lower, damping the hair warming your cum filled balls. I gently slip one hand down to cup them warmly, while the other continues to pump lightly ... almost teasingly ... up and down your shaft. Suddenly you flinch as my tongue makes contact with your sensitive balls.

"Oh yeah," you groan. "Do it."

My tongue wetly baths your balls, till they too drip with saliva. My fingers run slickly around the tautening skin. Then as I run a finger back further to tease and gently probe your ass hole .... I think naughty delights .... I lift my head up ... I take you back into my hot, wet mouth. I begin to suck. Pausing occasionally to lick and nibble, before trying again to bury your big, hard cock down my throat.

Your fingers bury themselves in my shoulder length, auborn curls as you rock back and forth, thrusting deeper and deeper .... faster and faster .... till suddenly you moan loudly and freeze. I can feel your cock throb madly and swell in my mouth as an orgasam rips through you like a jolt of electricity and you spill your sweet cream down my throat.

"God....," you whisper as you drip the last drops into my sucking mouth.

When you can finally find the strength, you pull me back up onto your lap and kiss me lovingly on my lips, dripping with your cum. Our heartbeats return to normal as we snuggle contentedly.

Breakfast has been served.

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