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by Jorge Garcia

"What a damned day!", John the Criminal says, "I will kill the damned principal!"

"The damned day outside isn't fault of the principal Vernon", Brian the Grind answers.

"No, he thought today will be a sunny summer February Saturday morning in Chicago, grind of shit. It's snowing a lot outside and right here the heating doesn't work properly.

"Please, would you stop arguing anymore. It doesn't improve our situation. Please, don't worsen it", Claire the Princess says.

"And what is our situation, your highness?" It's a fucking Saturday morning and here we are the five of us in our high school. Finally, I've got better things to do than being here with such clowns. Grind is trying to defend the fucking principal and a princess trying to improve our situation. It sucks. At least the two other clowns are silent.

"Your father is a clown!", Andrew the Athlete, star of the high school fighting team shouts.

Allison the Irresponsible laughs. "Yeah, and my mother's a slut."

You'll swallow your tongue if you talk about my fucking parents. What is she laughing about?", he answers pointing Allison out.

They are in the high school library, each one sitting on a different table, the grind studying, the princess making her up, the athlete playing with a pencil, the criminal smoking grass and the irresponsible keeping on laughing. Nobody knows when the principal Vernon gets into the library.

"Hi, my pupils. John, give me your cigarette."

"Why don't you buy a packet?"

"You know what I mean, I don't want drugs in my high school."

"And I don't want to go to your high school on Saturdays.", Allison laughs once again.

"You, homeless, be quite. You all here just here to learn who you are. I promise you will learn a lot. I want you all to write a little essay; which I am and what the other people think I am. I'll be right here in my office so don't disturb me unless you have to."

He leaves the library and John smokes another joint.

Who I am? He wants to know who I am? I'm his worst nightmare. He will regret this, he thinks.

"Less talk and more action, John", Andrew says, "I hate him too, I've got better things to do today."

While in the principal's office the one can see what is happening in the library on the monitors. There is a complete close circuit T V system, four cameras and a lot of microphones everywhere. He has a complete studio in his there and he's been preparing a long time this morning's fun, since he discovered how to hypnotize more than two people at the same time. He tested his method last week with his secretary and a porter. She was a middle thirties, ultra catholic, woman and the porter was in his fifty and had less sex appeal than a black beetle. Under hypnosis the porter fucked the secretary in the ass. Then, he had her ass fuck him with a special strap-on dildo. The principal enjoyed watching it so much that he wanted to teach some of his pupils a good lesson.

His method of hypnosis lies in music, in a very special song. He talks to a machine that codifies it and mixes it with the song. "Don't you forget about me", from Simple Minds. He then switches the machine on and the music begins.

In the library the first notes of the song are played through powerful loudspeakers and the students are astonished. The principal knows that in a few minutes they will be under his total control. He influences them to feel hot and he had just switched off the heating. He wants to know if they obey at that moment:

Don't you come see about me?
I'll be alone, dancing you know it baby.
Tell me your troubles and doubts
Giving me everything inside and out and
Love's strange so real in the dark
Think of the tender things that we were working on.
Slow change may pull us apart
When the light gets into your heart, baby.

"What a strange feeling!", the criminal says taking his leather jacket off. The five of them take off some of their clothes slowly, trying to fight against the suffocating heat. They can't feel that temperature inside the library is about to zero degrees centigrade. The principal doesn't want them to get undressed so early so he influences them, through the music, to feel fine. He knows for certain that his method works properly so he orders them to speak truthfully with no inhibitions about sex. He wants to know everything about his special pupils.

"Oh princess, you make me feel real horny", says John.

"I think so", Brian says.

"John, I want to know how big your cock is", Claire says no paying attention on Brian.

"It's big enough to lift you to heaven", he replies.

"That's not what I heard", Andrew says.

"Watch what you say, bag of silly muscles? I will break your neck."

"What do you hide underneath those black clothes?", Brian asks Allison.

"A body you can't imagine, book worm. Two lovely breasts crowned with a couple of dark nipples, which are really delightful. I know you understand by the bulge in your trousers. Imagine my lovely cunt, so tight, so wet, waiting for you to grind. You athlete, or you criminal, and why not, you ... you snob tongue princess."

"I'm not lesbian", Claire says.

"Are you still a virgin?", John asks, "Or are you just a tease?"

"I confess, I still virgin. Once I gave a blowjob, but I didn't like it. Maybe, I'm a teaser. Are you a virgin, Brian?"

"No, two months ago I made love with a whore. It's not an experience to remember but she was a fuck. Really, I like masturbation very much more.

"So do I", Claire adds.

"And, what about you, queer athlete?"< she asks.

"I'm not virgin. In fact, I fucked a cheerleader yesterday. I think I'm a great lover. But, once I was sodomized; it was during my first competition, one of the seniors got close with me in the showers and fucked my ass hole. Just like Brian said it's not a experience to remember."

"I like being ass fucked", Allison says. "There's nothing like being double penetrated, along with a cock deep in your throat. Then you are the worst kind of the bitch and your orgasms are fabulous. Each night, when I'm alone, I play with my vibrators and I enjoy them very much. I often think of having a real cock just to be ass fucked. John, you're the only one we didn't hear."

"And you ask me, Allison? Don't you remember the great times we spent together and how you like being ass fucked when you were tied up? I love fucking chicks that are tied up and helpless, it's not so easy to find fools like Allison. But with some good grass you can get what you want. Allison, you never uses lipstick, do you?"

"No, I don't like lipsticks at all. Maybe I'm vivacious but I'm not a teaser."

The principal gets real satisfied with all the confessions. They seem to be completely true.

Don't you forget about me
Don't don't don't don't
Don't you forget about me
Will you stand above me
Look my way, never love me
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down

"I wonder what's hidden behind this door", Andrew says, looking at a sign which says, Do Not Enter.

"There's just one way to find out, and it's not writing a stupid essay", says John.

"Let's find out", and the five of them move toward the door.

"The door is locked", Claire says fighting against the safety lock.

"Let me try", Andrew suggests and rams against the door which opens.

"Wow! The room's full of sexual toys!", Allison says.

Then, within the music, the principal gives them a desired command to begin an orgy.

Allison begins to rummage through the toys since she wants to know exactly what's there.

Claire and Brian are so astonished with the tools that they can't react.

John and Andrew wink each other as Andrew grasps Claire and leads her to the table in the library. John picks up some ropes.

They tie her wrists and ankles to the table. She can't grumble, although she wants to, and a strange power inside her keeps her from grunting. The ropes are synched so tightly that she can't move a finger. "Come here, grind. We want you to strip a princess, not a whore."

Grind's hands tremble as if he were possessed by a strange power while he roughly unbuttons her shirt.

"What a lovely bra", John says. "I bet it's real expensive.

Brian pulls her skirt off and trough her silk panties they can see her red pubic hair.

"You're a real teaser! In a moment your pussy will soon receive its first cock. Grind, your work is not finished.

Brian, nervously, unfastens her bra and is surprised to see Claire's erected nipples, her lovely areolas and full lovely breasts. His hands move to Claire's panties and slowly, real slowly, pull them down. Brian feels somebody taking his own trousers down and beneath his drawers he can't hide a very respectable erection. His hard cock is bigger than the other expect.

"You are real horny, aren't you?"

"I've never felt like this before."

"You want to pop the cherry of that lovely teaser, don't you?" He doesn't answer but it's so obvious he does.

"Why don't we tease the teaser a little?", Andrew suggests and begins to look into Claire's purse.

"Yeah, here it is", he says, removing the passionate red lipstick from the bag.

"You say you don't like lipsticks", John says to Allison. "I want to see your lips painted in passion red." Andrew paints Claire's labia with the lipstick. She moans and her clit gets erected as it receives the rub of the lipstick.

"The teaser is getting wet!", Andrew exclaims.

John and Brian also paint Claire's cunt as she reaches a real audible orgasm.

"It's your time, Allison. We want you to paint your lips, you know where the painting is."

Without hesitation Allison begins to rub her lips and tongue into Claire's labia while John unzips her trousers. He lowers them and glides his index finger into Allison's dry ass hole. She moans with pleasure and she continues rubbing against Claire as she eats her pussy. Claire shakes when she reaches another orgasm and her chin looks like a hyena's, completely red and her tongue is crimson.

"Princess, you should take a look on your cunt; your juices and the lipstick have made a mess, but don't worry, we will clean it up." Andrew gets to eat her first, Brian the second and John the last while Claire reaches several more orgasms . The boys also get their chins completely red while eating her cunt.

"She enjoys the show, but she was still virgin", Andrew says.

"But that's not a difficult problem to solve", John adds.

Allison appears, completely naked, with a massive strap-on dildo. "What about my cock?", she cries.

"It's colossal", Andrew says.

"Suck my cock, Grind", Allison orders.

Without any hesitation Brian kneels and begins to suck the massive rubber cock while Allison rubs her cunt with a ten inches black dildo.

"Who will be the first to fuck this virgin?", John asks.

"Why don't we draw straws to decide who will be the lucky one?", Andrew suggests.

The principal, listening to everything, makes up his mind fast and inserts an idea into Allison's mind.

"I've got a better idea", says Allison. Brian keeps on blowing her while she talks with Brain and John. Claire can't hear what are the talking about.



Andrew picks up a broom and puts a condom in the handle.

"Claire, have you ever seen the movie, Born Innocent?", Allison asks.

"Yes.", she moans.

"Do you remember Johnny?"

"Yes, Oh, no! Don't ..."

Allison glides the broom handle into Claire's wet cunt and the four of them push and pull on the broom. Claire screams and pleads them to stop. The principal decides that she will remember this moment but not remember her rapists or where it took place. He also decides to increase her feelings. She cries as her cherry falls and feels a frightful pain inside.

When her rapists pull the broom out it was bathed in blood. Claire cries disconsolately and screams.

"I can't stand her moans, they're getting me sick", Andrew says.

"I think I can solve it", Allison says getting cock-gag.

"You said you don't like sucking cocks", she says to Claire. "What do you think about this? Open your mouth, bitch."

Claire can't resist as her mouth is forced open and Allison inserts the a rubber cock into Claire's mouth and buckles the strap behind her head holding it in place.

"Say hurricane", John grins.

Claire gasps but no sound escapes the gag while Allison secures a clamp to each of her nipples. the clamps have small round jaws that tighten when they are pulled or stretched.

"Brian, it's your time. Fuck her, but, remember it's her first time", says Allison who decides the order. Brian obeys and inserts his cock into Claire's pussy and attacks her with a frantic rhythm. Allison keeps playing with the dildo and glides it all into her wet cunt and secures it with a harness. She begins to cum and it seems never-ending. John and Andrew kiss passionately, caressing their cocks. Andrew, very surprised, asks John to fuck him in the ass. John astonished, accepts and looks for some Vaseline he spreads in Andrew's ass hole.

The principal can't stand it any more as he is jerking himself off as he directs the exciting scene. He wants to make a fantastic movie of it all.

Brian cums hard and Claire is cumming continuously. Her cunt drips like a fountain.

"He's all yours", says John, pulling his cock out of Andrew's ass hole. Allison moves in and pushes her strap-on dildo deep into his ass. Brian's cock gets stiff and he rams it deep into Allison ass-hole, Allison is sandwiched between Brian and Andrew.

John cums savagely as he fucks Claire and he continues to pump until his cock is limp. He replaces his cock with his whole hand and fist-fucks Claire.

As Brian gets ready to cum, Allison stops fucking Andrew and starts to suck the cock that comes from her ass; Brian cums into her mouth and she swallows each and all milk drops.

Will you recognize me?
Call my name, or walk on by
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
down, down, down.
Hey, hey, hey...
Don't you try to pretend
It's my feeling we'll win in the end
I won't harm you or touch your defenses
Vanity and security
Don't you forget about me
I'll be alone dancing you know it, baby
Going to take you apart
I'll put us back together at heart baby.

"Come here Andrew", John says, continuing to fist-fuck Claire. "It's your turn."

Andrew fucks Claire real hard and suddenly John glides a finger into Andrew's ass-hole.

"Keep on moving' damned fighter", John yells, ramming his finger in and out of Andrew's ass.

Andrew cums in a few seconds and tells John to eat his load out of Claire's cunt.

John does as he is told and eats Claire as she keeps on cumming without a rest.

Andrew and John jack off and cum over Claire's clamped breasts they ask Allison to enjoy this cute cake.

"I don't want to fuck her right now. I want you guys to fuck me", she says, unfastening her strap-on dildo and getting down on all fours. She sticks her ass in the air as John slides under her, sticking his hard cock up into her cunt. Andrew pushes his greased cock into her ass while Grind pushes his half-hard prick into her mouth. The three guys fill her three holes and fuck her together, fulfilling Allison's secret desire.

They cum almost at simultaneously and change their positions. The fuck some more, cumming, and changing positions.

Allison is real tired, Claire still tied up and the guys lay in assorted positions on the floor. Allison unties Claire's wrists and ankles and lets her free. Claire can barely stand as the blood drips down her thighs.

Andrew gets up and unbuckles the penis-gag, replacing the rubber cock with his real one. "You will love sucking cocks when you're through", he says, pumping in and out of her mouth. He lets her sucks his cock as he mouth fucks her, using her mouth as a cunt, driving his prick deep into her throat.

When he is through, Claire sucks John and Brian. Finally, the three share her mouth with all their cocks as they cum together into her throat.

The principal orders the students to get butt-plugs from the assorted toys and shove them up their asses. He wants them to wear them after they awaken as if they were part of their bodies.

With the plug into their ass-holes the principal orders them to get dressed, Allison puts on Claire's panties and bra, and Claire with Allison's. He removes them from their trance and they don't remember anything nor do they feel the butt plugs inside. All are really tired and their cocks, pussies, mouths and ass-holes are sore.

Maybe, they don't know who they are, but the principal knows it for sure. They are now his pets, and future adult movie star.

He may join them the next time, if he wants to.

For sure, their session will happen lots more times.

Don't you forget about me
Don't don't don't
Don't you forget about me

As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
When you walk away

Or will you walk away?
Will you walk on by?
Come on, call my name
Will you all my name?

I say:
La, la, la

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