The day began with an easy ride down the bike path aboutmid morning. I wasn't really looking for what I found, but what I found, iswhat mortal men are on a constant lookout for, PUSSY. Spotting a few girls on the beachthat I knew , I jumped off my bike and started talking to them.Tasha,and JulieI already knew,strippers from one of the local clubs in town. Who I hadn't met was this extremely well endowed blonde, Lisa, who worked with them. Lisa and I hit it off immediately, 5'6", and built like the proverbial brick house,she had that sexinessthat most California girl's are known for. Long blonde hair,breast's that would make PamelaLee jealous,and an ass that was made to be fucked. The four of us decided tohead down to the local outdoor bar we all go to on the weekend. Let's just say, whenwe all walked in together, My friends all thought I was,"The Man".

After a couple of rounds, I asked the girls if they wouldlike to go over to the boat Iwas staying on and try some of this incredible herb Ihad. They said, "O.K.", and weall headed to the 27' Catalina I was renting for the summer.

Well into our second doobie, I was surprised by the boatowner, Andy. He wasn't supposed to be around that day and I thought he'd be upsetabout what was happening. After a quick assessment of the situation, Andy and Idecided it was time for a sail.You've never seen a boat preped as fast as we preped "TheGhost".

Andy and I decided to sail down the bay to a secludedcove just past the point. Pulling into the cove we dropped the sails and set the anchor.

The girls were sunbathing topless on the bow and I approachedLisa and asked if she'dlike to go for a swim.She agreed and we jumped into thecrystal blue water of the cove and swam around for a little.

Ending up on the desertedbeach Lisa and I walked and talked for awhile.Looking back at the boat we saw Andyand the others go down into the cabin and disappear.

Lisa turned to me and said,"I think they have theright idea",and with that she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. We slid down onto the sandand started removing what little clothing we had on. Once naked, Lisa took holdof my cock,and took all 8" into that gorgeous mouth of hers.

She started out by licking the shaft, all around,and upand down in an aggressive manner I hadn't yet seen from her.In the mean time, I reached downand started to fondle two of the objects of my desire for the past few hour's. Hertits felt soft, yet hard at the same time. As I squeezed her nipples, she moaned, and tookboth of my nut's into her mouth,and started rolling them on her tongue. I rolled her intoposition so that I could get my tounge into her pussy as she cried out,"That'sit!,eat my pussy stud. Lick my pussy like it's never been licked before!".Icouldn't get enough of her sweet box as she continued to take as much of my cock into her mouth as she couldhandle. She had one hand on my shaft as the other one tickled my asshole.

This wasto much to handle, so I rolled her onto her stomach and started rubbing my cock up and downher already soaking wet pussy. Sticking her ass up into the air, she reached betweenher legs and guided my hard on straight into her moist slit.

She was so hot that I almost came as soon as I enteredher, but I held on and started a real slow rhythm of sinking my cock all the way in and,painfully slow, pulling out until just the head of me was still inside of her.This set Lisaoff, and she started thrusting back at me with that ass in a circular motion that a whirlpoolcouldn't match. As she got near to her climax she reached back and started fondlingmy nut sack screaming "That's it,that's it.Fuck me hard, spank my ass!!". I slapped her on her right ass cheek as hard as I could and that only made her rotate her pussyharder and faster onto my dick. I started thrusting as fast and as deep as I could,as I could feel my climax closing in on me.

Just as Lisa started wetting all over me, I felt my nutstighten up on me, and I pulled my cock out and squirted about a quart of cum onto her asscheeks.Still thrusting her ass at me,Lisa grabbed my dick, and placed it back into her pussy,milking what I hadn't shot onto her ass into her silky box.

Exausted, we put our suit's back on, and started the shortswim back to the boat.

As we climbed onto the back of the "Ghost", we couldhear Tasha, Julie and Andy getting it on in the main cabin.

Looking into the cabin we saw Andyflat on his back with Julie rubbing her pussy up and down Andy's face and Tasha sliding upand down his hard dick.