By David Blue

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Climbing upon her, Blue pinned Susan to the bed with his slender body. Covering her from head to foot, he possessed complete access. His hard thighs rested between hers as his cock was pressed most intimately against the soft curls, which shield the core of her femininity.

"Blue", she whispered.

He threaded his fingers through her hair and cupped the sides of her gentle face, his gaze settling on her mouth. He silenced Susan with a kiss that filled her with heat ... ravenous and carnal. Tasting his neck as Susan moved over his ears and shoulders, she conjured the purest pleasure from Blue's sensuous body. She was so overwhelmed by the arousing love play that she could barely think. Mindlessly Susan took in every inch of him into the warmth of her mouth.

He softly whispered her name into her mouth as he made love between her lips with his tongue, penetrating and receding, forcing her to respond to his fierce teasing. Within minutes she was trembling with desire as his hands moved over her breasts, stimulating the smallness of her nipples to arousing hardness. Unable to withstand the sweet torment of his teasing, she tried to escape his sensual grasp. Reclaiming her before she was even a short distance from him, Blue grasped her hips against his thighs as he pushed against her.

"Settle Down", he commanded, in a rough whisper as he kissed a path over her breasts, biting the nipples and kneading them with his hands. Her nails raked his bare back as he took each breast into his mouth one by one. He lost his own composure as he pushed his stiff cock between her soft tits as she held them tightly, licking the head of his cock with her wet tongue. Blue pumped his prick between her tender breasts as if fucking her tits. Slowly he withdrew and slipped down as his lips kissed her smooth belly until he reached the slick, wet and incredibly hot folds between her thighs. His thumb rubbed over the sensitive nub of her clit as his fingers slowly penetrated her hot pussy. The intensity of this new and most unexpected pleasure was uncontrollable as Susan moved restlessly with his caresses. Blue rolled to one side as he drove his fingers deeper into her swollen cunt. She came undone with a passion she had never known as her desire ignited between her thighs and spread like wildfire through her body.

She clung to him, whimpering and moaning his name, "Blue", as her slow, erotic movements enhanced her overwhelming bliss. The pressure and tension building in Blue's body made him think about linking her beckoning heat. He fought against this raging desire and continued to make love to her with his mouth and his fingers. She grasped, teased and stroked his sensitive shaft as she tightened her grasp on his cock with her fingers. He immediately shifted so that his prick was pressed against the opening of her deepest secrets. He braced himself as he embedded his cock fully inside her with one powerful surge. He was surrounded by liquid heat in the tightness of her pussy, powerless to the all-consuming demands of his own body. His thrusts were hard and urgent as she raised her knees to take him deeper. She surrounded him, squeezed him, and loved him with her wet pussy. It was exquisite agony as he tried to put his mindless thoughts into whispers. All he could say was, "Susan".

Susan met his demand as she arched against him. Her thighs tightened around his cock as her soft whimpers drove him wild. Blue had never felt such passion as she held nothing back. He slowly withdrew his cock until the head of his prick was kissing her pussy lips, then sank deep inside her with a forceful lunge.

As he felt the tremors of her climax and heard her whisper his name he could hold back no longer. Blue pushed inside and poured his cum into her hungry cunt with a lusty groan filling her with unimaginable warmth. Susan's body seemed to splinter apart with her orgasm. Never in her wildest dreams could she have thought such an orgasm was possible. It was the most shattering and wondrous of all experiences. She had actually given herself to Blue and her reward had been most astonishing. He held her close through the raging storm and had kept her safe amongst the sheets. The scent of their lovemaking filled the air and their heartbeats pounded frantic beats as they lost each other in their eyes.

"I love you ... Blue", she whispered. "I am yours."

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