Black Lace

By Jean Paul

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We get to your place shortly after you come and get me. I'm wearing black jeans, shorts and a T-shirt. I tell you to go and sit on the edge of your bed and wait for me. I walk into the room wearing just a long T-shirt. It goes down to about mid-thigh. I switch on the radio and bend over, right in front of you, with my ass up in the air. You can now see that I have on black lace sees through panties. I start shaking my ass to the music. Wiggling it right in front of your face.

"No touching", I whisper, then I stand up and turn around.

I walk over to the bed and raise one leg to put it next to you while I give you a long wet passionate kiss. Before you can recover I walk away. I slowly turn towards you and start to rise up my shirt, past my hips, sneaking up above my panties until they are fully exposed. Higher still to my waist and my stomach and ever higher I raise my shirt until the bottom of my breasts are exposed. I turn my head and look at you with a fire burning deep in my eyes and I finish taking off my shirt. My eyes have turned real green because seeing you turned on has gotten me hot. I turn around to face you again. You can see that the bra matches the panties and my nipples are very hard and pink.

I walk towards you to plant another kiss on your lips. This time slipping my tongue into your mouth and tasting your sweetness. I walk away and slide a bra strap down my shoulder. I then slide down the other side even slower. While I'm slipping the straps down, my hips are slowly gyrating to the music. You can't tear your eyes away from me. You don't know whether to watch me expose my breasts ... or my hips. I start walking forward and turn around when I get close so you can unhook my bra. I let you trail kisses along my back while you unhook the snap. You feel my body shudder from the pleasure of your lips on my skin. I walk away before you can do anymore.

Slowly I slide one strap all the way down my arm. I turn to face you holding my bra on with my hands as I let the bra fall to the floor. My nipples are so hard and pink from being turned on by the look of pure hunger in your eyes. I crook my finger for you to stand up. As you hold your arms out to embrace me, I wrap my own hands around you and give you the most passionate kiss you've ever had in your life.

I slip down to my knees in front of you and start to unbutton your jeans. I slide them down to your ankles, freeing your hard, erect cock. I lean forward and I lick the head a few times, tasting your pre-cum. Then, with one of my hands, I reach down to massage your testicles while I lick your prick like a Popsicle. From the head, down your shaft and back up again. Then on my way down one time, I'm gonna take your testicles into my mouth and suck them. While my hand starts pumping your cock I slowly let go of your testicles and slide my tongue back up to the head of your cock. I lick more pre-cum off before I devour my love object. Swallowing your prick, all the way down, licking my tongue all around the skin I slowly raising my head up and going all the way back down again. My head is bobbing faster and faster as you stand there with your knees shaking. Before you collapse from pleasure, I stop and raise myself up to face you. I look in your eyes and see so much desire and passion that I take a step back.

No one has ever looked at me like that before. You step out of your jeans to come embrace me, as we hold each other and kiss again. Our tongues merging and dancing together. Your hands are rubbing my ass, as I slowly unbutton your shirt, so I can rub my hands through your chest hair and feel your skin. I open your shirt and press my self against you, feeling your warm skin against my hot nipples. I slowly start to remove your shirt, as your hands roam across my sides to cup a breast in each one and rub my erect nipples. My mouth finds yours, again, as our eyes devour each other. Your hands slide down my back until they reach my panties. Slowly your fingers slip inside and start pulling them down over my smooth, plump ass as you let go and they fall to the floor. I step out of them and am now totally exposed to you. You step back and look at me. Your eyes devouring every inch of me.

I blush and try to cover myself, not used to such hunger, such scrutiny. I lower my head, as you rush over begging me not to cover up my beautiful body. You lift my chin, looking deep into my eyes, as you tell me how beautiful I am and that there is no need to hide or be embarrassed. I put down my arms and you embrace me as the fire rage inside each of us.

I feel your hard cock against my wet pussy as you start rubbing against me. I start moaning from excitement as I get wetter and lubricate your hard prick. You suddenly sweep me in your arms and carry me back to the bed. Ever so gently you lay me down, as you climb next to me. You lean over my face, looking so deeply into my eyes, as I feel your hand start to caress my breast. Your face slowly drops to mine as we kiss long and deep. Your thumb brushing my nipple as you trace down my side, around to my stomach and stop right at the top of my love box. Rubbing my stomach with your hand as we stare into each other's eyes.

I arch my hips for you to go further. You accept the message as your hand slides ever so painstakingly down across my shaved area to stop right above my hot, waiting, pussy.

I arch my hips, but you won't let your hand go any further. You keep kissing me, and, knowing how close your hand is driving me crazy. I can't take much more so you finally slide a finger down onto my pussy and caress my tender lips. I let out a sigh of pleasure as you slide a finger into my wet cunt. Feeling around inside of me, exploring me with your finger, I start to move my hips around to further your entry as I moan with ecstasy at your touch. My moans of pleasure are driving you mad with lust as you kiss me with all the desire in your body. You can't believe the response you get from me as my hips arch higher and my tongue goes wild inside of your mouth.

You pull away and start kissing my neck, down my chest, stopping along the way to caress my nipples with your tongue. Your finger is still exploring inside of me as you spread kisses across my stomach, going lower and lower. I can feel your breath where I shaved and my excitement is growing. You remove your finger from my now dripping wet pussy and I arch my hips to get your face closer to my love hole.

But ... you pull away. You stay just close enough so that your breath is caressing my clit. I'm whining with excitement, trying to get you to give my cunt one lick. You slide off the bed and move in between my feet. Slowly you start kissing up my legs, first one and then the other. I'm going crazy from excitement as you reach my inner thigh and just keep switching between the two, getting only as close to my aching pussy.

Finally I beg you to eat me. You here my voice ... "Please eat me ... lick me ... suck me ... everything ... PLEASE!!"

Hearing my cries you can torture me no longer. I feel your breath closer and then it happens. Your tongue snakes out and begins to lick my throbbing, enlarged clit. My body is writhing as waves of hot lust washes over me. My moans of pleasure are getting louder as you insert your tongue into my wet cunt to get a good taste of my sweet, sweet, juices.

Then, you attack my clit with total abandon. My hips start moving to get you in deeper while my cries of pleasure sing in your ears. I can feel my clit start to throb as my orgasm approaches. You suddenly insert a finger into my ass as I scream with pleasure. Between your mouth on my clit and your finger in my ass I last no longer. My back arches. I scream your name as my orgasm washes over me. I feel your tongue slip into my wet, convulsing pussy so you can lick my cum.

My orgasm subsides as you slide your way back up to lay on top if me. I kiss you, tasting myself on your lips. You hold me until your hard cock throbs against my love box. I feel the burning desire building again.

You start rubbing my nipple with your thumb as you kiss my neck, working your way up to my ear and then to my lips. I move my hips, grinding my pussy into your cock. Hearing the moans you make from the desire inside of you drives me crazy. I open my legs, invitingly. You slide between my thighs and look deep into my eyes before your lips find mine as your cock slides inside me ever so painstakingly slow. I feel the head of your prick massage the depths of my pussy. I lay still not wanting you to know just how much I care.

Suddenly ... you slide deeper and catch me by surprise. My moans of pleasure are music to your ears as you slowly pull in and out of my tight wet, pussy. You can't believe how tight I am. My cunt is gripping your cock like no one else ever has. I use my muscles and move my hips to the rhythm of our love.

Our bodies soon become one. No longer two separate people, but one body and mind in unison to the others needs. Faster and harder, as our climaxes grow inside.

Suddenly ... you slow as you look at me, taking in the expression of pure ecstasy in my eyes and over my face. I can't seem to get enough of the hunger and desire I see in you. Very slowly you resume polling of my pussy. I can't believe how you give such torturous pleasure. But we just stare at each other, and take each other, as not to miss each one's moment of pure breathtaking ecstasy. I can feel my orgasm getting closer as I work my muscles over your growing cock deep inside my pussy. I arch and tighten my legs around your waist as my pussy tightens around your cock in a grip you never knew existed. My cries of pleasure and the tightness driving you over the edge as I feel you unload your juices deep inside of me.

Mixing our cream together as our orgasms subside, you fall next to me. Not wanting the moment to end you hold me close. I look into your eyes and see contentment. All I can do is smile. I snuggle in as close to you as I can. Feeling your breath on my neck.

I slowly drift to sleep, waiting for the next time we can be together as one.

Copyright: 1999 ... Jean Paul

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