My Bitchy Boss

By Amy Wilson

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When I was in my early twenties I decided that I was not bisexual. It was safe to go ahead and marry my husband because, although I have always been attracted to women, all women feel the same way and I had to deal with it. It is obvious that women and men are both attracted to women but we marry men to keep our parents happy and "propagate the species". After all, we like babies too.

So my life was rolling along smoothly. I was enjoying my life but I decided at some point it would be good to work outside the house. I thought it could be fun so I started my first job working for an Asian businesswoman. God ... was she a bitch.

She had me emptying trashcans, get her coffee, straightening the office, wax, scrub and every other insulting chore. The other employees were all men and I assumed she was just jealous since she treated them just fine.

It happened to my surprise, that I lasted in the job and after a while I even started doing personal errands for her. She had me shop for her, picking up dry cleaning, her groceries and even helping her throw a party at her house for some business contacts. On one of the days that I was taking her dry cleaning home after I picked it up I heard a sound upstairs. Even though she had given me a key to help me with her errands, she had told me never to go into her bedroom. Of course ... that is where the noise was coming from and I was worried that something might be wrong so I thought I should go check it out. I called the office to tell her but they told me she had left some while ago.

Without her permission, I didn't know what to do. If I checked it out and there was nothing wrong, I was going to be in trouble. On the other hand if I didn't and something was wrong, I was going to be in trouble too. The thumping noise continued and I was very nervous. I did not want to upset her so I called up the stairs asking if everything was all right. No one answered so I went upstairs and stood by the door to her room. The thumping was coming from her bedroom, and continued. I was frozen for fear of upsetting her, yet, I was concerned. I was shaking as I grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door open.

I never would have believed what I saw. Hanging from the light fixture in the middle of the room was a little kitten. I couldn't figure out how it could get there, but it was sure a relief to see everything was OK. When the kitten saw me it jumped down and then onto a shelf in the closet. I followed her to see if she was all right.

The closet was a large walk-in room and it was full of hanging clothes and drawers. She always dresses well and I can see why. She had a very large wardrobe with the most beautiful selection of outfits. She seems to favor darker colors and they go so well with her dark eyes. I found myself recognizing favorite suits she has worn to work. The kitten was trying to get me to play and was looking through sets of drawers and along the rows of shoes. At one point the kitten worked her way into a drawer that was partially open. I was afraid she might get stuck so I opened it up to take her out.

Inside the drawers there was a large selection of lingerie. I never figured my bitchy boss for erotic lingerie. I pulled some out and was amazed by the softness of the silk. It felt so sexy to roll my hands through the mass of lingerie. I picked up some of the sexier outfits and modeled them in the mirror. They were deliciously sinful. I started rubbing the silk along my neck and cheek and pulled one set of silky hose along the back of my neck while the ends slid across my breasts. I was in heaven posing myself in the mirror while I teased myself with the silk.

I was really getting into it now swinging my hips out, thrusting my breasts at the mirror, I was quite the little sex kitten. I was surrounded by piles of lingerie that I had pulled from drawers and I was getting hornier by the minute. Then, as I looked into the mirror while modeling yet another outfit, I caught the sight of HER over my shoulder. I nearly jumped out of my shoes. How long had she been standing there? I was so embarrassed. I could see my boss over my shoulder and my neck and face were flushed red. I thought for a minute I might faint.

She did not seem upset at all since I thought she would be screaming for me to leave her house, to go clean out my desk at work, but she just stared at me. "I am so sorry!", I blurted. "I was just looking for the kitten. She ran into the closet. I was um ... just, well ... trying to find her." Calmly ... she said, "Put that on."

"I am so sorry. This will never happen again. Let me clean up and I will be on my way. I can understand if you are upset", I pleaded.

"Put it on!"

"I don't understand what you mean", I questioned. I was starting to think that maybe it would be better to have her yelling at me.

"You obviously like my clothes, let's put some on."

"I couldn't, they are yours."

"You didn't care whose they were a minute ago. I am not going to tell you again, 'PUT IT ON, DAMN IT !"

I don't know why I always do what she tells me, but I took the silky outfit and headed to the bathroom to change. She put her arm in my path and said, "You will change right here." Just like that, no big deal.

I could see that she was not going to take no for an answer and I was in a very compromising position. I hesitated, but what she said next got me moving again. "What would your husband say when he picked you up at the police station after being arrested for robbery? Even if the police don't charge you, it will be difficult for you to explain. He might even think of leaving you. And, you would be alone and without a job, of course. My dear, you would have little hope of getting a new job after everyone hears what you are accused of doing."

"You bitch, you would never do that to me!" I knew I shouldn't have opened my mouth as soon as the words came out but I couldn't help it.

She walked straight to the phone by the bed and dialed, nine ... one ... Her finger was going for the second one as I started removing my sweater. "There ... now, that's a good girl. You have made a wise choice", she said with a heartless smirk.

She sat back on the bed and watched me as I strip for her. I couldn't believe I was stripping for a woman. First the sweater, then the shoes, the skirt ... but ... I balked as the clothes hit the floor but she reached for the phone. I stood before her in my bra, panties, stockings and garter belt. My arms were crossed and she was smiling. I could tell she savored this.

"Now ... off with the rest. Don't test me, young lady !"

Embarrassed, I reached back, unhooked my bra, turned around, and let it drops from my arms. I bent over and facing away from her I slid the last protection from my body. At that point she started laughing and chuckled, "You sure seem to be enjoying giving me a show."

I was horrified when I realized that basically I was giving her a great view of my ass and pussy. I reached back to cover up and I realized why she was laughing at me. I was wet, swollen and my humiliation was complete.

At least ... that's what I thought.

She then instructed me to put on the outfit I was modeling when she came in. Right, I forgot about that part. I knew that I shouldn't test her anymore so I grabbed the silk and slid it on. The silk against my skin just served to tighten my nipples and send new alert signals to my crotch. Then I realized it wasn't going to fit. She is at least two sizes smaller than I am and this was not a garment designed for a loose fit. I explained the problem but she insisted. "I bet you could make it fit for me. Squeeze those breasts tighter, or would you like me to help you squeeze?"

I knew that wasn't something I wanted, so I bent and contorted in an embarrassing show of flexibility until I was finally able to fit all of my body parts into their proper places. Well, at least mostly in, I was hanging out at the edges.

"Look in the mirror, my pet." She bade me.

I couldn't believe how I looked. I looked like a cheap slut. As I walked around I could feel the silk massaging my body and my clit was being rubbed and pressed onto my pubic bone. It hit me that I was starting to feel like a slut also.

"Pick out some thigh highs that you like .... Use those heels"

I went to the drawer where I had seen some tasteful stockings and held them up for her, she shook her head. I selected another pair but realized she would never allow them so I resigned myself to a sleek pair of white nylons. This brought a smile to her face, in a way I was a little proud. I had picked the ones she liked.

"There ... I have done what you wanted, may I go", I asked. "Please!" I was determined to end this but not give her a reason to call the police ... or anyone else.

"Model them for me. Like you were doing when you thought you were alone."

There was no way I was going to do this for her. It was a test of wills and I was going to win this battle. I stared at her and dared her to do something. She picked up the phone and I continued to stare ... she dialed nine ... one ... one ... but I called her bluff ... stared ... and ... she spoke, saying that she ... " ... thought there was a problem and could she have some help?"

Before she finished the word "help" I was walking the runway in her bedroom, posing my little outfit for today's winner in the battle of wills. She made some excuse and hung up the phone as I trust my hips at her. I teased her with coy looks over my shoulder as I gave her revealing shots of my thighs and ass. I paraded my tits in front of her face and even winked at her from between my legs. I laid my heel on her shoulder and tickled her with my silky calves. I was sweating by the time I finished.

"I have a proposal for you my pet", she said in a cool tone. "You still have no job as of tomorrow and you would look funny going home dressed like this. Here's the deal! You get undressed ... Let me tie you down ... I will bet that I can make you cum within ten minutes. If you don't cum you walk out of here with your dignity and a ten-percent raise tomorrow morning. If you cum ... you keep your job and raise ... but ... you will sign a contract to serve me as my 'personal attendant'. If you refuse ... I'll call the police and they will be here before you can get out of your whore's outfit."

Things were spinning out of control. I knew she would keep her word on her threat but I also knew she would keep her word on her promises. I didn't like the idea of trusting her when I was tied up, but I knew I could control myself enough to get the raise and my dignity. I didn't really know what she had in mind with the "personal attendant" business, but that should be irrelevant.

I knew the best option, at least I thought I knew.

"Get the rope", I said showing the utmost confidence as I took off the tight silk negligee. At that moment I felt that my fate was sealed.

I was told to lay on the bed and I did. I was trying to keep from thinking what was about to happen and I was focusing on doing math problems to avoid wondering how she was going to try to make me cum.

She started by securing my ankles with black Velcro straps that were connected to a bar, which held my legs apart as I tried to remember the total of twelve times eleven. She worked efficiently and very effectively. What was a hundred divided by thirteen? She told me to sit up. As I did I tried to pull my legs together but found I couldn't because of the bar. She then quickly tied my wrists to my elbows behind my back. She looped the rope around my body and breasts and further secured my wrists. I couldn't remember the total of six times seven!

She produced a timer and said to me, "You are going to learn a lot about yourself in the next five minutes. You will never see yourself as the same person ... ever again."

"Wasn't the deal ten minutes", I thought? This will be even easier than I thought. And ... what is she babbling about?

She hit the button on the timer and the seconds started counting down. She started very slowly, seeming to be in no rush.

She exposed my breasts with one hand as she stroked my upper thigh with the other. She had a surprisingly sensitive touch for such a cold person. I jumped as she took my hard nipples in her hands for the first time. She teased then softly then bent to kiss them. I felt the kiss run down my whole body and I tried to close my legs ... but remembered I couldn't. I was starting to feel very exposed to this woman.

She really seemed to know what I liked, she continued licking and kissing my nipples as she climbed on top of me. I was feeling out of control and tried to sit up but was helpless. I glanced at the timer and saw to my amazement that only 90 seconds had passed. Her hand was now resting on my mound and her fingers were delicately tracing the contours of my pussy-lips. I tried to think of anything ... but I could not keep my mind off of her fingers and kisses.

I felt my resolve falter when my hips reflexively pushed back against her touch. I couldn't have moved more than a fraction of an inch but her lips formed a large grin. It was the same grin she had when I picked the slutty nylons. I felt transparent.

I tried to rise, to fight her, but she told me, "Let yourself have this. You could have left long ago but you stayed. If it helps you to believe you are fighting me, then play, but we all know where this is going."

My hips were grinding now. Slowly at first but when she finally rubbed my pussy I could feel how really wet I had become. How much my body wanted this. I looked at the clock. It had been just under four minutes. She removed her hand and climbed on top of me in a 69 position. She still seemed in no hurry.

She slowly pulled the hairs of my bush ... blew on my sloppy pussy ... lightly stroked my lips with her tongue ... offered me a view of her well tanned ass ... let me smell her sweet cunt. I remembered once wondering what her ass would look like. In fact, I remember wondering what her ass would look like inches from my face. I was really thrusting my pussy up against her tongue now.

I realized she was right. I should give up. My body had decided the outcome for me. I couldn't win. But to my surprise, as I accepting my fate, she stated, "Times up, you made it!"

I couldn't believe it! I had made it ... after all! Then I said the most amazing thing. "I thought the deal was 10 minutes?" Actually, it turned out I almost screamed.

"I remember it as five minutes", s he replied, "I will untie you and let you leave."

There was a pause before I answered. "A deal is a deal, I'm sure it was ten minutes ... absolutely certain ... I mean ... I would never go back on a deal."

I got that cat - that - ate - the - canary grin again. I don't know if I was able to hide my smile as she went back to work on my pussy. She had a way of splitting my lips with her tongue that fully exposed my clit to her mouth. When I was ready to cum she clamped her teeth on my clit and rode me to a furious orgasm.

I thought she was done so I begged her, "Please don't stop."

"You will call me ma'am now. Henceforth ... I will call you slut."

"Yes, ma'am, could you please continue?"

"If I do ... what will you do for me?"

"Anything ma'am ... you name it ... I will do it for you", I pledged

"You would serve my pussy, give me pleasure at my whim?"

"Yes, ma'am"

"You would kiss my feet and bathe my toes with your tongue?"

"Yes, ma'am"

"You would lick my ass and ask for more?"

"Beg for more ... ma'am"

And ... so I did ... and ... I do still.

I signed her contract when I left that day.

My husband said the money from my raise would really help.

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