The Bike Ride

By Adrian Cope

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We have gone for a ride on our bikes to a quiet bush retreat. It's a nice warm spring afternoon so we stop in a secluded spot, spread out our blanket, open a bottle of wine, relax and enjoying the seclusion. I look over at you as you lean back with your glass of wine and I can see your lovely legs as your skirt falls seductively about you. I begin to massage your feet, making sure that I can see up your dress.

My hands from your feet to your calves, rubbing lightly on your skin, still watching as you drink your wine. Looking at the way the wine wets your lips, I move further up your legs. I lift your skirt higher, exposing your knickers to the sunlight and my view. I start to lightly rub the top of your thighs as you lay back while I work my way further and further up your legs. You are so soft and lovely, making me very hard. I don't want to touch you yet, I just want to tease and get you very, very wet and horny. I trace my fingers around your knickers, feeling he softness of the material, pushing a little harder with my fingers, bending forward to gently kiss your the fabric which covers your warm pussy.

I lie beside you and continue playing with your cunt, occasionally sliding my hand over your stomach, then back to your pussy while I slide finger into the top of your knickers. "Don't panic", I whisper, " ... but ... you do realize that we are being watched .. don't you?"

"Are we? Where? By whom?", you ask in astonishment.

"There is a guy behind the bush over there", I say, pointing a finger that is under your knickers. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No! No, don't stop, this is too nice."

I slide my finger further under your knickers feeling your hot pussy. I start to nibble on your ear, gently biting and sucking as I slide my fingers between your wet pussy lips. Your breathing is getting very heavy as I rub lightly on your clit. I begin to push your knickers down, unsure if you want this stranger who is watching to see your pussy. As I push, you lift your ass off the ground to help me. I remove your knickers and I am able to see the guy looking at us. I pretend not to see him as you spread your legs to give him a better view. I continue playing with your pussy, parting your lips and fondling with your clit. I kneel and slide my fingers down over your wet pussy, sliding one into your cunt. You are so wet that my finger slides in easily.

You reach up to play with my hard cock, rubbing it through my shorts, sliding your fingers under the leg, and onto my jocks. I lean forward and spread your pussy lips with my fingers and lick your exposed clit with my tongue. Your hips jump and push your pussy into my face and your fingers grab the cheeks of my ass. You slide your hand under my jocks and play with the cheeks of my ass, making light circles closer to my ass hole. "God, that feels great!", I whisper as your finger presses hard.

I try to concentrate on your clit, sucking harder, sucking it deeper into my mouth as I push a second finger into your cunt. The guy that is watching has his cock out and I can see him holding his stiff prick in his hand as he slowly begins to jack-off.

You look up and see him. To my surprise you cry, "Oh ... my God ... Max ... What are you doing here?"

"Well ... umm ... I just had to see you Sharon", he says continuing to stroke his cock.

"It's okay, let him watch. You're such a great fuck", I said.

"Oh, alright I suppose ... but ... he is only seventeen", you replied in breathless voice as I continued to finger your pussy. Max continued to rub his hard cock as your eyes are fixed on his huge dribbling monster cock. You undo my shorts and slide them down, wrapping your mouth firmly around my knob, pushing your tongue against the hole. After sucking me for a while you pushed me onto my back and straddled my cock, forcing it deep into your wet cunt. I reached around and placed a finger against your ass and pushed it in as far as I could.

You were still staring at Max's hard cock as I fingered your ass. "Would you like Max to slide that stiff cock in your ass?", I whispered.

"Ohh ... no ... he's too big", you whisper back.

"Come on, let him. I'll make sure that he's gentle. I'm sure you'll love it!" It didn't take much persuading before you called out and told Max to kneel behind you and lick your ass.

"Oh ... come on ... sweetie, that's it lick it. Mmmmm, that feels lovely", you moan as my cock is sliding in and out of your wet pussy and I can feel Max's tongue deep into your ass.

Max moves closer to you and places his hard cock against your ass hole. I stop fucking your pussy as he pushes his knob into your ass. I can feel his cock pressing against mine through the tender skin as Max slides his cock further as you relax. "Ohhhh ... it feels so wonderful with two hard cocks inside me", you moan loudly.

I can feel Max's hard cock inside you, sliding deeply into your ass, rubbing against my cock buried deep in your cunt. "God you are so wet. I like it when you are like this!"

"Oh god, this is good", you moan, " ... go on Max ... push it in ... deeper ... faster ... cum deep in my ass", you scream as you approach an orgasm. You ride my cock faster and faster, pushing hard against me. I feel your cunt tighten as you start to cum.

Your ass tightens, squeezing Max's cock bringing him to orgasm. I can feel his cock pumping cum deep inside your ass, pumping you harder and harder as he spurts. It's too much for me and I start pumping my own cum deep in you pussy, making your cunt even wetter than it already is.

I lie still as Max slides his still hard cock in and out of your ass. Looking into your eyes I kiss you deeply, sliding my tongue into your hot open mouth. "I love you very much ... that was wonderful!" I whisper. "Would you mind if I watch him fuck you now", I ask?

You smile ...I know the answer!

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