By Jean Paul

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I got a phone call and it was him.

"Be ready, Baby, I'm coming to get you".

He told me to put on just my long leather coat, heels and nothing underneath. When I did as he asked and went outside and he was waiting for me in a van. I got in and he put a blindfold on me, sat me down and said, "I'm gonna give a night you'll never forget."

Sitting in the dark, all the way to the back of the van was another person who I couldn't see. I didn't know ... male or female. I couldn't see when I got in and with the blindfold. I could just feel a presence.

While he was driving, the person in the back was told to tease me. My coat was unbuttoned and I realized there were more than one in the back. They started touching me.

The first person started licking on my neck, down my chest, licking my tits sucking them so wild and hard, pleasing me to no end. Another person went down my stomach licking down my inner thighs making me so wet that I wanted to scream. Both were getting closer to my pussy, taking their fingers and lightly stroking my clit, making me want to cum so bad. But they wouldn't let me ... Bringing me so close, time and time again, yet they wouldn't finish me.

I heard a noise, a purring, it was a vibrator. They were instructed to take some of my juices from my dripping pussy and wet my ass with it. Rubbing, sliding my juice into my ass they put their fingers inside me, gently sliding them into my ass. After doing that, they took the vibrator and inserted it into my ass, moving it slowly in at first until it was all the way in my hole. They started fucking me faster and harder with the pulsating tool as they pushed it in and out making my body want an orgasm. But, they still wouldn't let me cum.

The van stopped and he came in back with us. Pulling down his jeans, straddling my face he fed me his hard eight-inch cock while the another person started eating me. I was taking him all the way, so deep down my throat, eating his cock, wanting all of it, deeper ... harder. They were fucking me still blindfolded. I was sucking him while every hole in my body was filled.

I was being fucked both in my ass and mouth while I sucked him. All the time I was being told not to cum until he was ready for me too. Finally he got off of me and removed the vibrator from my ass. The mystery people stopped eating my pussy and playing with my tits.

] He got between my legs and another person straddled my face. I felt a pussy going down over my mouth at the same time he started fucking me. I was so wet at this point I didn't even care that it was a woman. She had teased me so much that I would have done anything for anyone. I sucked her and licked her like I love having it done to me. With all this stimulation, we couldn't hold back anymore. We all came at the same time. Everyone was screaming in ecstasy. I was getting filled with his cum in my pussy. Her cum filling my mouth from her dripping wet pussy. The vibrator hummed in the corner as we shouted together.

We were spent and all just cuddled together and rested for a while.

That is, until it was time to start it all over again.

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