By: Anonomous

The two ran towards the barn, having been caught unexpectedly by the storm. As the thunder boomed overhead they dashed into the barn already soaked through, and shivering from the rain. In the warm comfort of the barn, though, the whole event seems funny, and they can see out through the doors the last remnants of their picnic.

Tired of being in his wet clothing, the guy strips off his shirt and spread it out next to the blanket, then starts fiddling with the radio, attempting to find a good FM station that would not be affected by the crackling of the lightning. The girl sees no reason to have to wear her wet clothing, just because she's female, and pulls her own white flowered sundress over her head, using the few dry portions of it in an attempt to dry herself off, and her wet underwear.

Oblivious to all this, the guy finally tunes in a distant rock station. He turns around to see her spreading out her dress next to his shirt, forgetting himself for a moment in staring at her, garbed only in her wet, nearly translucent undergarments. She sees him, and he turns away, blushing, standing there in his dripping jeans, trying to will himself not to look at her. "Are you just going to stand there in those wet clothes all day?" she teases. "Those jeans could probably be dry by the time the storm is over." He turns away to take off his jeans, aware of his sudden arousal. But quickly he realizes that it will be apparent anyway, and tries to act nonchalant about it, smoothing the jeans into some semblance of order as he comes over to lay them next to the dress, his hardon pushing out against the front of his damp shorts.

"That looks terribly uncomfortable," she says, looking pointedly at the head of his penis, clearly outlined through the wet shorts. He tries to adjust himself, but that only causes his dick to poke up over the top of his shorts, which he tries to remedy by pulling up the waistband of his shorts. Finally, he gives up, and shucks off the shorts entirely, to toss them next to the other clothing on the hay. "That's better" he says, trying to pretend this is absolutely normal. "I don't know," she says, grabbing his dick in one cool hand and pulling him back towards her, even as she sat down on the edge of the blanket. "I don't know if it is supposed to be all wet like this. Maybe I should dry it off," she added with a twinkle in her eye that he had come to love. She pull him down onto the blanket, and rubs her tongue down the length of him, from the base to the head. Then she moves around, picking up with a slow tongue all of the individual drops of water on his body, on his chest and arms, belly and thighs, carefully avoiding his manhood even as she lets her long hair drag over it, wet as it is. As he makes small noises in appreciation, she continues, then pulls back for a second, regarding the single small bead of pre-cum at the end of his rod, even now beginning to roll down the underside of his head.

"Whoops, missed a drop," she says, as she pulls his cock up with her lips, and then slides her mouth down over it, sucking steadily. He groans, closing his eyes, as she continues to suck, dragging her teeth along the underside of his cock, tongueing the hole at the end and the backing off for a second to resume by sucking on the side of it. She sees himself begin to lose himself in it, and continues to suck on him, harder, working her tongue on that spot underneath the head, as he begins to pant, moaning. Between gasps, he murmurs that he is about to come, and that makes her stop, but just for a moment, as she re-positions herself, and then starts sucking firmly, leaving him no choice as he tenses, and then begins to shoot squirt after squirt of hot jism into her mouth, punctuated by strangled cries as she keeps sucking on him. Even as he settles down, she lessens her action, but still sucks him, periodically, drawing one more spasm, one more cry out of him, as his body shivers with the aftershocks of his coming. For a moment, she continues to play with his softening member, but then sits up, to look him in his eyes.

"Whoops. I forgot that I was still all wet," she says, pulling down one bra strap in invitation. He takes the message, and rouses himself to pull himself up now, and lays her back against the blanket, as he bends down to her full breasts. Starting by nibbling at her clearly visible nipple through the nearly transparent material of her bra, he alternates between blowing cool air over the wet fabric, then pulling down the wet fabric to suck the firm nipple with his hot tongue, sucking on her whole breast, then moving over to the other one. Already excited by her work on his manhood, she moans softly, then louder, arching her back to help him when he reaches underneath her to undo the clasp.

Stroking her breasts more firmly, rolling the hardened nipples with his thumbs, he bites his way down over her belly, sucking at her belly button, running his lips through the wet tangle of her pubic hair. Dragging his fingers down to the same place, he cups her mound in his large hand, and begins to stroke his fingers along her, spreading her own fluids around to mix with the remaining steamy dampness from the rain, even as he pulls her panties the rest of the way down with his other hand. He teases her, sliding one long finger partially into her, barely grazing her clit with his thumb as he slides his finger in and out. She can feel his erect member against her leg, already leaking out its precious fluids as he runs just the tip of his tongue over her nether lips. Deciding she has had enough of his teasing, she curls her fingers through his hair, and pulls him up to her. She reaches down to grab his butt, pulling him up to her even as he reaches his lips to her. As they kiss, he can easily see her need, in the frantic way she seeks his lips.

All thoughts of teasing aside, he slides his rod up against her opening, and slides it smoothly into her tight, grasping pussy, as she breaks their kiss for a bare moment to gasp her appreciation. Touching lips, breathing together, he slides in and out of her, pulling all the way out until the head of his cock is just barely held by her muscular opening, before sliding back into her depths, deeper every time as she relaxes to admit him, as he pushes hard against her slippery heat. Very soon, it becomes more urgent, and she lifts her legs, even as he lifts up, in order to push himself into her more firmly, pushing her upward with every stroke, sliding her back and forth with the friction of her tight cunt on his thobbing meat. She puts her legs around his hips, pulling him to her gently at first, then using her legs to slam him into her harder every time, even as he tenses up his own muscle, to force himself another half inch into her clenching vagina. Nearly sitting up now, he runs his hands over her breasts, playing with he still swollen nipples, then reaching down to pull her hips up, to push into her better still, stoking the end of his penis against that sensitive spot inside her, even as he can barely stand the sensation of her sliding over his swollen head. As she is spasming continously, he slows for a second, once more taking care to slide himself far out of her, and then back in, but much faster now, as she cries out with pleasure.

Finally, he begins to feel the familiar boiling sensation in his loins, as he begins to reach his own climax. Not slowing, he picks up the pace, yelling out his need as he feels himself start to spray his hot jism into her, but keeps pushing himself in and out, even as she pull him into her with her legs, the overflowing liquids from their orgasms splashing out between them. Even as she still shudders and trembles the afterglow of her orgasm, he pulls himself from her, causing her to cry out with the loss of him.

He kisses her lips, gently, then starts moving down her body again, to finish what he was doing when he was interrupted by her demands. Lapping at the mixed juices on her thighs, around her swollen and tender folds, he moves in to suck at her delicate pussy. Her head rolls back, as he continues to lick her, cleaning her, but also stimulating. He licks her entire length, but then move up with his tongue to touch her opening, and then to tease her clit with his tongue. Moving her skin with his fingers, he positions himself to access that most sensitive of her treasures, and then begins to lick it firmly, as she starts breathing heavily again. He continues to lick her, suck her ther and tease her, as she loses all track of time, and is feeling the burning, itchy feeling that another climax is coming, a big one this time. With only small motions of her hips, she keeps him sucking on the exact right place, bucking her hips as she is thrusting against an imaginary intruder, which he remedies by sliding two long fingers into her, never for a moment relenting in the motions of his tongue against her swollen clitty. Using her cries as a map, he sucks harder as her breathing becomes shorter and heavier, continuously gasping and moaning as she writhes her way closer to the impending orgasm. As she locks her legs across her back, he slides his littlest finger down to spread her juices over the tender surface of her asshole, teasing it lightly with the tip of his finger. This final sensation is too much for her, and she comes, loudly, arching her back involuntarily, bucking her hips as he tries to hold on the her clitoris with his grasping lips.

st in the sensation, she starts to settle down, only to have him immediately lick her with long, firm strokes, rasping his hot tongue against her already overly sensitive flesh. Trembling and quivering, barely able to catch her breath, she slowly comes down from ectasy, only to realize that, after catching her breath, she can once again feel his hard member against her leg, throbbing in time to his heartbeat.

They both smile, knowing that there will be plenty of time before they have to be anywhere else, as the thunder rolls off into the distance.