A Little More About Loneliness !

By Barb Bondage

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Just as I am ready to burst with anxiety ... Monica enters Chat.

How are you ... my Dearest Barb?

My hands jump to the keyboard as I type my response. I tell Monica that I am very lonely and I don't handle loneliness well. For the first time in the evening a tear forms in my eye and slowly runs across my cheek. The tear is of happiness ... Monica ...

I know that you are lonely. I know that you miss me.
BarbB ... I left something for you. Look in the right hand
drawer of my desk and there is a present for you.

Leaving my desk I go to her's and open the drawer to find a small package wrapped in red paper. I rip off the wrapping and open the satin jewelry box and see a gold ring, with a short chain, listening in the office light. I return to the computer and tell her that I found the present and it is lovely.

It is my clit ring. I left it for you so that you would have
something of a remembrance. Attach it to your new ring and you will
feel that we are connected ... which ... My Dearest BarbB ... we are !

I stick out my tongue and clip the small chain to my tongue-ring and suck Monica's clit ring into my mouth ... feeling the cool gold ... tasting the rich flavor ... a smile covers my lips as I read the monitor.

I want to be with you forever ... BarbB. My dearest ... BarbB
I want to rest inside your mouth until I come home and my clit will
rest next to your mouth and I will feel the soft ... warmness of
your breath on my wet cunt.

I will keep it in my warm mouth until you return and then I will carefully insert the gold ring into your marvelous clit so that I may suck you into my soul ... Forever, I typed.

Tonight ... when Dungeonmaster fucked me ... I thought of your
dildo in my ass ... your hand pumping me to climax ... your tongue
against my clit ... your fingers inside my pussy. DM told me it was
the best fuck of his life. And ... It was!

But ... I want your fucking ... your sucking ... your licking ...
My dearest BarbB. I want you with me.
I don't handle loneliness well.

I spread my legs ... placing them on each side of the monitor ... opening the drawer and removing my favorite blue cock. softly I rub the tip against my wet pussy-lips. Monica's words run through my mind as I lean back ... pushing the vibrator slowly. Dreaming of Monica's clit in my mouth, I suck the small chain-ring as I run my tongue over the surface. My toes curl as I push the pulsating dildo deep inside ... looking at the words on the screen.

Are you fucking yourself ... my dearest ... BarbB? I want you to
think of me as you fuck yourself. I want you to think of my swollen
clit in your mouth ... connected to your tongue ... together ... Cum
Cum for me ... Babe ... Cum ... Now ... Cum for Monica.

Like Pavlov's dog my juices start to flow as the orgasmic pleasure runs through my body. The cum oozes around the pulsating tool ... drips down my thighs ... around my ass. I push back ... rest my head on the chair ... push the vibrator deeper ... think of Monica's clit ... the chain ... the ring ... the beauty of it all.

My hand slips from the dildo and falls to the side of the chair as my eyes close. I can hear the soft hum of the cock vibrating within my wet pussy as I drift off to sleep. I try to raise my arms to say goodnight to Monica but they are numb and helpless. Sleep I thought as my vagina tingles and the flow of pleasure pulses in my body.

I woke up about ten minutes ago ... leaning back ... legs spread ... vibrator dead in my cunt ... pulseless. I have to get more batteries ... I think ... pulling the lifeless blue plastic cock from my wet hole as the cream runs from my lips as if someone had removed the cork. I moisten my fingers with the rich cum and lick the morning hello. Monica's clit ring is still in my mouth and I can smell the sweet fragrance of my own orgasm and I can almost taste Monica's wonderful rich cum.

Forgetting the dreams of morning I look at the monitor and read the words:

Are you there? You haven't said anything for some time.
Did you just leave me? Hello ... this is Monica ... Are you there?
My Dearest Barb !

Dungeonmaster just returned and is under the desk licking my cunt.
His lips are closing around my clit and I dream they are your lips.
They are your lips ... it is you ... we are making love. I want
to make love to you my Dearest BarbB. I want to hold you ... suck
you ... fuck you as only another woman can ! I am so lonely in
San Francisco and want so much to get back to the office. I hope
you like my clit ring ... that you have it in your mouth ... that
you taste my sweet cum ... that you want me also. When I get
back I will attach myself to the ring and I will follow your sweet
vagina where ever you lead.

I am yours ... My Dearest ... BarbB>

I am lonely no more.

I smile ... triumphantly!

Monica is mine.

Yours, BarbB

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