A Little More Monica !

By Barb Bondage

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Maybe it was the rich food at dinner ... the excitement of having Monica in bed ... the anticipation of morning ... or just my anxiety ... but ... I woke up about three in the morning, holding Monica to my breast, suckling her like one would their child.

I left the pleasant atmosphere of our union and am writing my thoughts of the evening. I had my chance to do whatever I wanted to "my father's" cock and I kissed the helpless ... hateful ... head. I just kissed it!

What came over me at that instant is too much to believe. My life rushed through my mind as I held the knife next to the soft veins puffing from the side of the soft cock. The knife in my hand didn't tremble ... I wasn't afraid ... a had permission ... and ... I kissed the fucking thing.

Maybe ... fucking ... is the right word because that is all "my father" ever did with his prick ... fuck me ... yes ... in every hole imaginable ... and ... when it wouldn't fit ... the bastard made it fit. If I were wet ... he would dry me so his cock would cause more pain. If I were dry ... he would push until his prick entered wherever "my father" guided his stiff ram.

Yesterday ... I had my chance to get even for all of the terrible moments and memories ... and ... I kissed the fucking prick ... staring at me with it's one eye ... looking into my soul ... I leaned forward with the knife in my hand and planted a loving kiss over the eye ... set the knife on the ground ... got up and left.

But that was yesterday and today is "Daddy's" birthday. In about fifteen hours we are having a party at blowout.

I had to stop writing for a minute and go to the bathroom ... so I went in and rested my head between Monica's thighs.

She is sleeping without covers or clothes since the night is humid and warm. Softly ... very softly ... I lick between her pussy rings ... taking the clit ring between my lips and sucking the attached tube into my mouth. Monica's thighs open as she snores lightly. I hold her clit between my lips for what seems an hour ... sucking softly ... smelling the sweet fragrance of her damp cunt ... tasting the rich flavor of her pussy juice. I want to bite hard on her throbbing clit but her sensual breathing quiets my over worked mind so I only suck softly ... listening to her purr.

I must have dozed for awhile because it is now after six and the first rays of morning are shining through the window reflecting on the rings before my eyes. Monica's thighs are very wet as I softly like the juice from her soft white skin. I can hear the surf from the ocean ... Monica is purring like a kitten .... as I slip my lips around her clit.

I have never been into piercing or bodily disformation ... but ... I can tell you I dreamt of a ring in my tongue ... connected to Monica's clit ring ... the two rings ... holding us together as if one as I rested between her warm thighs. I won't say that it's romantic ... but ... the feeling of being attached ... tongue to clit ... is the most wonderful thought I have ever felt. I want so much to be one with Monica.

I let the clit and ring slip from my lips as I get up and return to my computer. My cunt is dripping and my clit tingles for the soft touch of Monica's lips. I want so much to wake her ... suck her ... fuck her ... abuse her ... have her abuse me ... I want Monica so much as I sit her typing ... at her computer ... looking at my sleeping love ... legs spread ... thighs wet ... breasts white ... nipples pert.

I open my purse and take out my favorite blue vibrator with the red butt. I always liked the red knob for some phallic reason that escapes me right now. Maybe it is that I love to masturbate when I'm on my period. The blue plastic runs red from my menstrual cycle. Strange ... maybe ... but I love the thought of menstruating since that is the only time "my father" would leave me alone. As a girl, I would prey that my period would start so I could be free from the continual fear that I would be sodomized.

I lean back in Monica's chair and place my feet on either side of the monitor as she sometimes does when she is typing at the office. I turn the knob and the dildo starts to hum as I slowly push the cold plastic into my hot, wet cunt. It feels so good as it slides in ... pulsing the lips and massaging the sides of my pussy. I watch Monica sleeping in the morning light ... legs spread ... and ... I picture my tongue connected to her clit as I move my lips softly over my tongue which is pointing in her direction. Faster I move the plastic cock into my cunt as the juice flows around the vibrating plug. I can feel the ring in my tongue as I push with my teeth ... nibbling at the tip ... dreaming of Monica's ring ... her clit ... her lips ... her cunt. I want to fuck her so nice.

My breath is coming hard as I push the rumbling cock into my cunt and my finger ... wet with my cum ... slips lower and circles the opening of my ass. I want a finger in my ass ... I think ... as I push through the tight opening. One ... two ... three fingers slide inside as I spread my thighs and work the dildo ... rubbing the surface through the soft membrane.

I look at Monica and picture the dildo in her cunt ... vibrating against her rings ... playing a tinkling song in rhythm with the soft ocean surf ... and ... I look at my cunt ... wondering if the blood will ooze past the vibrating cock ... but ... it's not that time ... only ... cum oozes from my hole as I squirm with my legs pushing the monitor as if it were a hard body.

I orgasmic pleasure is so high and my desire to hold Monica so great that I close my eyes and see myself on my knees in the middle of the dungeon with Daddy's cock in front of my eyes ... the clothes-pins dangling from his balls ... the knife in my hand ... the point resting on the cock veins pulsing with excitement or fear ... Daddy's cock ... in front of me and I lean forward and softly kiss the eye.

I kissed the fucking cock.

I push the pulsating plastic cock deeper into my cunt as my cum soaked fingers ream my ass hole as I think of my lips on Daddy's prick ... dangling with clothes-pins ... twists of terror on his lips ... the knife in my hand ... sliding against the cock veins ... terror in his eyes ... moisture in the eye of the Cyclops ... and ... I kissed the fucking thing.

Monica moans ... turning from the light ... rings clinking as she rolls on her side ... closing her legs.

I push the plastic cock ... closing my legs ... reaming my ass ...

God ... Damn ... I kissed the fucking thing.

Yours, BarbB

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