A Little About Blowout !

By Barb Bondage

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This is a fantastic place. Dungeonmaster and Monica have been so nice ... possessive but nice ... and I am really feeling at home. I still want to fuck Monica ... but the strangest feeling ... is that I have a desire to fuck Dungeonmaster. Fuck !

I'm a happy lesbian and have never even fanaticized about a cock ... unless it was to be cut off and put in formaldehyde. My father raped me ... abused me ... beat me and I now think about the cock of a man almost three times my age! Dungeonmaster is an old fuck ... but ... a strong old fuck. That may be it since he is the only man ... or Master ... that has ever asserted enough control to shake my feelings. The worst part is he is true to Monica ... and she to him. Ain't that a fucker?

And Daddy ... well I just met Monica's dad the other day and he is a real ticker. Stefan keeps the servers running ... most of the time ... and while he's not fucking with the UNIX he's tying his cock with ribbon and rope. I thought I'd seen it all on the Internet but he's really a gift. I understand that he was a nice old guy when he came out here from the Midwest but Dungeonmaster and Monica initiated him and ... God Damn ... he took to the style and created some of his own. It is interesting that Daddy came from Chicago and used to live near where I am from. I guess, when he came out to California he was a sick old bastard ... on the verge of death ... dying from cancer ... and ... he has become an example of health. Daddy ... as we call him in the office ... is a very interesting guy. If you want to know more read Monica's story Initiation of Daddy I or Dungeonmaster's Initiation of Daddy II I really don't know what he was like then ... but I can tell you what he is like now. He is my kind of man ... if there is any man that is my type.

Stefan has this little old cock that he likes to tie with anything he can find. My fantasy comes to life. As a child I would dream of someone tying my daddy's cock so that it would swell and fall off ... or I would fantasize about someone cutting his prick off and feeding it to the rats. God damn I hated that raping bastard of a fuck father. Now ... I meet this old man that likes what I thought my father would hate. And I like it too! Can you imagine.

I can't keep my hands on the keyboard because my cunt is so wet that the juice is running down my thighs. I have to take a minute and get rid of my undershorts ... I like to wear men's cotton briefs ... so that I can finger my hot cunt. I get so wet just thinking that I go crazy. I just have to finger myself, thinking about that cute little cock ... tied tight ... while I pinch the tip of the cock-between my long fingernails and Daddy screams with delight. What the fuck have I been dreaming about for thirty years? How the fuck can he like to have his cock mutilated or his ass fucked when I thought that was something that all men would hate. Am I a dumb fuck bitch ... or what?

I'll tell you ... I'm a dumb fuck bitch ... lesbian bitch.

And my finger slides into my hot cunt while I think of that little prick fuck and wonder if I could take that little cock in my cunt or if I would throw up. Shit!

I used to dream of strapping on a dildo-cock and fucking my daddy in the ass like he fucked me and now I found a guy that likes it. Piss ... shit ... fuck ... what is a girl to do? I'm sitting here trying to write while I finger my sweet pussy and ram my finger into my ass ... and ... I'm thinking how much I would like to have a cock in my cunt ... or my ass ... fuck me! I hate men ... I loath the thought of a cock anywhere near me ... I want to suck on Monica's cunt ... but ... I don't know what to do or think?

What should I do? I called my shrink ... I tried to find Linda ... Monica is out and I'm stuck here searching through the chat lounges like some lonely old fuck pervert. I can't even make myself cum by finger fucking myself. Would someone like to help me ... please!

OK! I'm going to stop thinking about Daddy ... my Daddy ... Monica's Daddy ... getting stuck in the ass my some stiff cock ... and ... I'm thinking about a sweet pussy ... opening like a summer flower ... smelling of strong cum ... female cum ... ripe and ready for my strong tongue.

I want a dripping cunt in front of me instead of this fucking monitor. Maybe some young lady would like to push my TV to the side, sit on my desk, put her legs on my shoulders ... YES ... I lean forward and cover her soft cunt with my mouth ... YES ... letting my tongue slip between her lips ... YES ... as I breath deeply of her strong smell ...YES ... suck her cum like I would vodka from a ripe orange ... YES ... E. E. Cummings ... eat your heart out!

I love to suck a pussy like a ripe avocado ... feeling the slippery inside of the fruit ... swirling my tongue throughout the hole ... YES ... Maybe I will write to the lady from Laguna Beach that wants to drive up and visit ... YES ... sit in front of me and let my mouth taste your wonderful juice. I would suck you until you cum again ... again ... again ... I will have you for supper ... I will devour you and when finished I will have you for dessert. I will have cunt pudding after a pussy supper.

My finger darts in and out of my wet pussy and my palm rubs the slippery juice on my soft thighs. I love to rub pussy cum on my skin like lotion ... "Wet Platinum" is my favorite gel ... slippery ... wet ... smooth.

"Daddy", I scream into the emptiness of the office. "Want me to fuck you in the ass like I was fucked?" A tear forms in the corner of my eye. The lone tear of thinking about my childhood and my Daddy Fucker ... child-abusing prick. "I hate you ... you prick", I scream again to no one. "Can anyone out there hear me?"

The screen on my monitor is full of words from some chat conference room yelling at me that I shouldn't talk like this on their server. "Fuck all of you ... you lousy fucking bastards", I yell back through the keyboard. "Fuck you", and the screen is dead as I am booted from the site.

I haven't cried in years. I hate to cry because it leaves me so alone. I don't want to be alone ... I don't want to want ... I want to be someone ... with someone ... hold someone ... booted ... fuck ..."

Maybe I'll shave my pussy ... always wanted to do that. I'm a Dungeonmaster's desk so I open his bottom drawer and take out his razor, the one he uses to shave his head. I think Monica uses it, sometimes, to shave her pussy ... so will I. So ... I plug it in ... the buzz sounds like a bee as I slowly slide the cold steel head over my soft pussy lips. The soft pull of the blades as they eat my soft red hair makes me shiver. The razor catches a hair and pulls as I let out a little cry of pleasure and pain. The red curls fall to the floor as my cunt glistens in the soft light of the room. "Won't Monica be proud", I whisper. I lean forward and turn off the monitor and the screen goes blank ... my mind clears and I dry my cheeks and lick the salty taste from my fingers. The tears are mixed with my cum and I start to laugh.

It's nice to laugh at yourself ... especially when you're funny.

I put the razor and back in the drawer and think of what Dungeonmaster will say when I tell him how I cleaned my cunt with his tool. I laugh again as I lean back and sink my fingers deep inside my smooth ... clean ... wet cunt.

"OK ... First one through the door gets to fuck my shaved cunt", I yell through the office.

"You want a Blowout of a Fuck ...

Just ... Cum and get it."


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