A Little About Birthdays !

By Barb Bondage

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"God ... Damn ... I kissed the fucking thing."

That is all I thought about at the office ... kissing Daddy's prick!. There wasn't much else ... I finish the Story about Monica ... dream of the story about Monica... fanaticize about her rings ... my future ring ... even ask Monica if hers hurt ... now ... when they were done ... should I ... Damn?

I had such a pleasant night ... I want to tell Monica of the morning when she was asleep in the early light ... but ... I thought I will let her read it ... which she did. When finished ... she looks me in the eyes and tells me that she understands that I want to fuck "Daddy".

"What", I yell, " ... FUCK ... that old man."

"Careful", Monica says, " ... you are talking about my father."

"Your father ... MY FATHER", I cry " ... you crazy fucking bitch."

"All right ... you two Cats ... stop it", Dungeonmaster commands as Monica and I scream at each other. "None of that screeching shit in the office. If you want to fight ... go outside."

"I want to fuck ... not fight", I yell.

"Yeah ... BarbB want's to fuck "Daddy" on his birthday", Monica cries, laughing as she runs from the office with me close at her behind. I catch her running across the lawn ... tackle her ... we both roll on the grass ... flailing back and forth ... until ... our lips find one another and we settle into a hot embrace. Panting ... almost out of breath ... Monica brakes our embrace and whispers. "Face it ... you really want to fuck 'Daddy' ... Don't you?"

"Of course ... ", I stutter.

"I thought so", Monica whispers, covering my lips with hers before I can finish the statement. "Tonight ... my Darest ... BarbB ... tonight at the party", she whispers, " ... then ... after the party ... me." Monica gives me a passionate kiss ... I try to answer ... her tongue ... sticks between my lips ... fills my in my mouth ... I can't talk ... I don't want to ... I just want to kiss Monica ... so I do.

The rest of the day we "brain-stormed" about the party ... the present ... the presentation ... and ... I seem to be the topic of everything.

After the office closes I am taken to a spa where every inch of me ... inside and out ... is scrubbed ... polished ... prepared and pampered for the birthday event. Black leather wristbands and anklets are attached and a heavy belt is tightened around my waste. I am put into a black monk's robe and my eyes are covered with a blindfold of the same, rough, material. I am led to a limousine and we drive for some time before I am let out and led ... stumbling ... across the rough ground.

"Stick out your tongue", I am commanded ... I believe by Dungeonmaster. I do as I am told and experience a very cold feeling on top and on the bottom tender skin. I don't panic ... but ... I feel uncomfortable with my tongue out ... numbed by the cold ... when ... suddenly I smell the stench of burning flesh and hear a soft sizzle. There is neither pain nor feeling in my tongue but I know that there is a hole and I feel hands near my mouth fumbling ... skillfully ... implanting something. As the smell goes away my tongue warms ... there is a painful ... not hurtful ... sting. My blindfold is removed and I see Monica ... nude ... standing in front of me. She is holding a mirror ... I can see ... the end of my tongue ... pierced with a gold ring.

I wiggle my tongue and Monica moves forward, touching the tip with her own. " ... Is this what you wanted ... My Dearest ... BarbB", she whispers.

"Yes", I answer softly. " ... for now!"

Monica steps back, spreading her thighs, showing me her lovely cunt. "Later ... this ... ", she says, pulling her rings with her fingers, causing her pussy to open in the dim moonlight. "Later you can have this ... but ... first 'Daddy' will have you.".

The pain in my tongue is gone as I move forward in rage... only to be stopped my the strong grasp of Dungeonmaster ... who ... pulls the robe over my head ... grasps my arms and secures them behind my back and throws me onto my knees on the ground. I must look like a cowering child sneering at my aggressor's crotch as I crouch in fear. The light is dim but I can see a circle of people whom I hadn't noticed before. I hear laughter as the crowd moves closer. I feel Monica's cold hand rub my ass cheeks with a slick fluid. Round and around her hand moves rubbing the oily substance into my skin ... my ass ... my cunt ... as I move from side to side, crouching like a bitch in heat.

Slowly the circle starts to move in unison. First to the left and then to the right in a fashion resembling a line dance. They chant as I crouch ... my hands behind my back ... my openings well lubricates ... my forehead resting on the ground. I stretch my arms trying to cover my ass but am unable to reach that far. I can only cower in fear as a stout figure ... clothed in black ... approaches.

All at once the crowd starts singing:

Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday Dear Daddy ... We have BarbB for you!

The man in black ... Daddy ... approaches ... carrying a black leash ... which he attaches to the collar around my neck. He pulls hard and I follow ... crawling ... as he leads me around in a circle. My well-lubricated ass hole must shine in the moonlight as my slippery thighs slide together as I crawl.

Rub - a - dub - dub ... Three men in a pub.
Drunk an acting wild ... All wanting to fuck a child!

My heart must have stopped as I pull on the leash as I am dragged around in the circle as the croud begins to strike my ass and back repeatedly. The sharp pain of the blows brings tears to my eyes as I strain to cover my ass.

"No ... Father ...", I cry as I am pulled over a person lying ... cock upward ... in the darkness. My knees spread as the legs push out. I fall forward with my head on the shoulder as the person reaches up and grabs me around the waist ... pushing a giant cock upward. My teeth sink into the fleshy shoulder as the stiff prick is rammed into my cunt. "Father ... NO", I scream ... again ... and again ... and again ... as the stiff prick sinks to the hilt.

"Please ... NO" I feel another set of hands on my oily cheeks. A terrible pain builds in my ass hole as another giant cock shoves inside. I bite the skin in my mouth as the person on the ground humps upward meeting the cock lunging from behind.

Mary ... Mary ... quite contrary.
How do your holes feel now ... you sow?
Fucked by her father ... twice tonight
Father ... Father ... what a sight!

"Father", I scream as blood runs from the shoulder as I hold on firmly with my teeth. Daddy pulls on the leash while the cocks ram my ass and cunt. The shoulder pulls from my teeth with a snap ... sending blood down my chin and over the abuser's neck. Blindly I crawled forward ... pulled by Daddy ... the body under me holds firm with his arms and legs ... driving upward with repeated thrusts ... the cock behind ... rams my ass hole ... tears run down my cheeks ... mixing with blood ... as ... I am pulled ... pushed ... forward ... until ... the three of us fall in a heap.

I must have passed out for ... in awakening ... I am in Monica's bed ... sniffing the rich smell of her cunt. I turn my head ... feeling a sharp pain in my tongue ... unable to move ... I reach up ... feeling the ring ... touching a short chain ... rubbing Monica's clit.

We are connected ... Monica and I ...

Together in the morning light.

Yours, BarbB

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