A Little About Monica !

By Barb Bondage

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Monica and I left the French Restaurant by ourselves and it was friendly as we held hands walked to her house. She lives about a block from the Blowout office, a block from the beach and two blocks from the restaurant. Her house is small, like most beach houses, and decorated in pink with lavender. I thought that strange for a lady that wears rings in every imaginable part of her body.

Monica shows me her house ... a kitchen living room combination ... a bathroom and a tiny bedroom with a queen-sized bed and not much else. There are no hooks, rings, pulleys nor instruments of bondage... although ... the bed is a four poster with a soft pink spread.

"What ... no mirrors over your bed", I say, laughingly.

"Not in this house ... BarbB", Monica chuckles. "I don't need mirrors to see what I'm doing."

I am pleasantly surprised that Monica is quite conventional and sort of conservative in private. Not like the forceful, dominant, almost offensive, person that I have come to know through her stories. She is really sweet ... but not without her aggressive side.

"I read your story and you shaved your pussy the other night. If you show me yours ... I'll show you mine", Monica whispered as we settle into the overstuffed couch. Monica pulls up her skirt and spreads her legs, showing me that her cunt looks just like her photos. There are three rings in each lip and a top ring in her clit. A small tattoo of a butterfly between her pussy and belly button is the only other ornamentation. Her skin is almost blue-white and clean as a newborn baby.

"Can I touch ... ", I ask, reaching forward?

"If I can feel yours ... that is ... after you show it to me", Monica answers, parroting my phrases. "What's good for the goose ... you know."

I spread my legs and pull up my skirt as the cool beach air feels damp on my already wet pussy. "Well, BarbB ... we have something in common", Monica whispers, " ... neither of us likes panties." I reach forward and feel Monica's soft skin and my fingers dance through the rings. "Is it true that Dungeonmaster puts hooks in your rings ... and weights ... to spread you open", I ask?

"What do you think", is her response. Quickly followed by, "Yes ... I don't want to play games with you ... at least not word games. Your fingers feel wonderful ... so gentle"

"I didn't think you liked gentle", I whispered as my fingers explored the inside of her vagina. She has the softest tunnel my fingers had ever entered, and they have entered a few. "From your stories ... you seem to like abuse."

"Not abuse ... strength ... I love a strong person."

"Male or female", I ask.


With that lean forward, close my eyes and give Monica the most passionate of kisses. My lips are only slightly parted ... my tongue is peaking out ... my finger curl slightly in her soft vagina. My other hand moves to the back of her smooth bald head and pulls gently on her neck as she literally melts into my arms.

Monica's hand separates my thighs and her finger locates my wet vagina and pushes inside as her tongue touches mine. We finger gently as our tongues slip from side to side as if trying to maneuver for some sort of advantage. I gain the upper hand as her tongue pulls into her luscious mouth and mine follows ... slipping between her lips and exploring her inside.

Monica moves her pussy softly to the wiggle of my finger as her lips close softly on my tongue and I am sucked deeper inside. My mind runs to my finger and I can almost taste the lovely rich femanine juices in my soul. I yearn to slip lower and suck her ... but ... I remember ... strength ... and I am in control as Monica's breath comes in rapid pants.

I think of her stories ... her rings ... her weights ... her needs. Monica is mine ... at least the feminine part of her is mine. Our tongues linger and our fingers float inside the tunnels to our souls. I am anxious for her to push for what I want ... but ... I am strong enough to wait.

Slowly I pull my tongue from Monica's mouth ... moving up to take her nose ... sucking her nostrels into my mouth ... as if it were her clit. She moans as her finger explores my dripping vagina and I kiss her closed eyes softly. My tongue traces circles over her eyelids ... across her eyebrow and into her ear. I blow softly and the wetness must feel cool as Monica purrs. "I want you", I whisper ... taking her ear lobe between my lips and teeth ... biting softly. "I love you ... Monica", I whisper softly.

"And ... I love you ... BarbB", she answers softly.

I want to ask about Dungeonmaster ... Daddy ... a hundred things ... but ... I say no more ... and ... Monica says no more. We kiss and hold and dream. "Time will answer my questions", I think as I lean back into the soft cushions and Monica follows in my arms.

"You are safe with me", I whisper as Monica rests her head between my breasts. " ... sleep ... baby." I reach to the nightstand and turn off the light as I hold her head. My hand circles her neck while my fingers play with her lips. Monica opens her mouth slightly ... sucking my index finger softly ... licking my finger tip passionately.

That is how we went to sleep.

Beautifully ...

Yours, BarbB

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