A Little About Leaving !

By Barb Bondage

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It's almost Thanksgiving, year 1998, November 15th to be exact. I just got a letter from Mom letting me know that my rotten, mother fucking, daughter abusing father had been killed in an auto accident while driving drunk on the turnpike. That's the good news.

I have to return to Chicago and help my mother settle her affairs and help her take care of my younger sister. That's the bad news ... leaving Blowout I mean. I really like it here. I like answering the advice, monitoring our Chat Room, writing stories, dreaming about Monica. Fuck ... I'll miss her ... and I haven't really had her yet.

I haven't told Monica, or Dungeonmaster, as I am in shock. I don't know whether I am so glad to be rid of the abusive son-of-a-bitch ... that I have to go to Chicago ... that my sister is mentally ill ... or just shocked to have so many decisions all at once. To make things worse ... I'm on the rag ... and ... I feel like shit. The only good thing is that I have my vibrator in my cunt, my legs on the desk, fingers on the keyboard and I am doing what I like most in the world ... writing for you!

Slowly I unbutton my blouse ... letting the soft material open so that I can feel my ample breasts ... thinking about the clothe-pins on Daddy's balls ... I reach in the drawer and remove an old wooden clip and clip it to my left tit. It hurts but the pain is tolerable. I look down at the pressed nipple as I attach a second clip to might right breast. "I wonder if Monica would like this", I whisper to myself as I experience this new emotion.

I know that no one gives a shit about my father and not many of you give a shit about me. I know that Monica does ... but ... Dungeonmaster ... who knows. I don't know if he likes anyone ... really.

Daddy ... ? Now ... he's something different. I really feel close to him. He is the only man I have ever fanaticized about.

I don't really know why: he's about the age of my real father ... somewhat the same build ... male ... but ... he's gentle. I should be afraid of Daddy ...I'm afraid of all men ... but I'm not. Something about clipping the clothespins to his balls ... abusing him like I dreamt of doing to my father ... the experience? Well ... I sort of got off ... if you know just what I mean. I actually got off kissing the end of his cock.

Not the kind of getting off that I have with Monica. With her ... it's a sweet, caring, sensual experience ... like swimming in a warm mountain stream ... naked. Monica flows through my mind like a soft dream. Daddy ... on the other hand ... runs through my mind like a cockfight. Not the kind of cock you're thinking about. I mean the chickens that fight to the death. That's what I feel like toward Daddy. Like it's him or me! Damned exciting.

But ... you don't care nor want to hear about my problems. You want to hear about the pulsating vibrator inside my bloody cunt while I sit here at my computer ... cumming in passionate maroon gushes all over my seat. Well ... that's about it. But, I don't feel the same now that father's gone. While I really like to masturbate during my period ... I'm not afraid ... nor am I so sure that I hate all men. Maybe ... I just hate the dirty bastard that got killed by some drunken ass hole on the turnpike. I just don't know.

You see ... the night at the cemetery ... when I actually kissed Daddy's stiff cock ... I had a tingle of emotion. Under the terror, I think I might just like more of his prick. Seeing that hard cock ... balls dangling with clothespins ... the old man tied to the cross ... just sort of got me off. Maybe I could have Daddy and Monica ... Daddy and Daughter ... what a combo.

The thoughts of the two of them fucking me drives me wild and I push the pulsating dildo deeper into my scarlet cunt as I push my red fingers into my ass hole ... spreading ... twisting ... thinking of Vampires eating my flowing cunt ... sucking my cum and blood as I sit typing these distorted thoughts with one finger like a pigeon pecking for grain. Hunt and peck ... I think you call it!

Well ... hunt and peck me if you care or dare. You blood sucking pricks that fuck little girls and turn them into raving crazies like my sister. Father fucked her so often and so terrible that she never recovered ... lying in corner of her room ... catatonic ... withdrawn ... looking at something ... somewhere ... unable to be anything other than a wretched ... cowering ... forgotten ... non-being.

Come on ... tie my wrists to my ankles ... bend me over ... fuck my bloody cunt ... my bloody ass ... I'm used to abuse ... I can take it ... I'm yours. Fuck me in the ass ... the cunt ... the mouth ... I can take it ... I'm a big girl now.

I wish I was a little girl again ... growing up with someone like Daddy ... unabused ... unfearful ... but ... I'm not!

Sorry ... here I wander again.

My cunt .... the pulsating prick inside ... the fingers in my ass ... cum ... orgasm ... sexual pain! Isn't that what you guys want. If you want your bitches to suffer ... well ... her you have it.

I push my tongue through my dry lips and feel the ring that Monica gave me and dream of her rings ... blue white skin ... shaved pussy ... bald head ... pierced tongue ... lying on the table while the hooks and weights pull her cunt open so that Dungeonmaster can see inside. You want suffer ... come with me and I will show you plenty. You can tie my wrists to the chair and I will smell my fathers sweat as you fuck me in the ass ... the cunt ... both ... fuck me you pricks.

My nipples are numb ... there is no pain ... no pleasure ... just the dim feeling of something pinching the pink tip of my ample tit. I wish Monica were here ... Daddy too ... I would .. Yes ... I would.

The vibrator pulses as my cunt tightens while the flowing orgasm shakes my body as I hunt and peck these words for you. My fingers twist and curl in my ass ... my thumb enters next to the vibrator and I look down and the mess on the chair ... my pants are at my knees ... panties red and white as if tie-dyed.

I love to masturbate while I menstruate.

you don't know what you're missing. I will do anything right now ... to anyone ... just cum and see. If you want me you can have me. Damn I wish Monica and Daddy were here to take advantage of me ... fuck me ... suck me ... do whatever they wish ... together or alone.

I twist the clip on my tit and the pain returns ... sharply ... deeply ... roughly I twi9st the other and utter a silent moan of pleasure and pain.

Please someone fuck me!

Your Slave, BarbB

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