A Little More After - Birthday !

By Barb Bondage

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We are connected all right. Monica and I ... held together with a short chain connecting our rings ... the ring in her clit and the ring in my tongue.

There is an awful ache where the hole is and my ass and cunt are very sore. I remember the spa ... the limo ride ... the circle of friends .. the rape ... but I forget the rest. The last thing I remember is biting my attacker and holding onto the shoulder with my teeth as if a dog wrestling with a leather bag.

I try to move again ... measuring the chain length with my fingers ... maybe six inches ... so I pull softly ... stretching Monica's clit ... so that I can look past her white stomach into her sleeping eyes. The slight tug awoke her and her hands hold my head ... gently pushing my mouth to her damp cunt. I feel better as I lick the opening ... folds ... crevices of her lovely pussy. One by one I tickle my ring against the rings in her pussy-lips, as Monica entwines her hands in my long red hair.

"You were really something last night ... my dearest ... BarbB", she whispers as I fondle her pink hole. " ... you don't mind that I call you that?"

"No ... Monica ... I want to be your dearest."

"Then ... you'd better not kill me!"

"What", I ask ... raising my head only to have the chain stop my progress ... resulting in a sharp pain through the tip of my tongue.

"Don't you remember", Monica asks holding my head still? "I don't remember anything after the two guys raped me. It was horrible."

"Horrible for me but not for you. At least you got some sex in the exchange. All I got was this", Monica whispers, raising her head and pointing to a large bandage on her shoulder.

"You ... was it you? " , I moan in amazement, reaching up and feeling the gauze that covers the side of her neck.

"I thought you would bite my head off before Dungeonmaster knocked you over the head. You almost got my jugular." Monica reaches down and flips the necklace clasp that holds our rings together, releasing the connection. I start to rise ... lower myself ... softly licking her now wet crack as the warmth of the morning sun warms the bed.

"I'm very sorry ... Monica ... I thought it was ..."

"I know. You were afraid and it was a cruel joke."

"Terrified ... but a real cool joke", I reply ... mustering a laugh as I lick deep into her pussy as she spreads her thighs ... opening herself for me. I continue my exploration of her vagina until I feel a soft object rub the side of my face. I glance over to see the biggest strap-on dildo of my life.

"A souvenir of your initiation ... my Dearest ... BarbB."

"Souvenir ... hell", I exclaim ... taking the rubber cock from her hand. "Initiation up the ass", I laugh, licking her now dripping snatch as Monica rolls over onto her stomach. I sms clumsy at first but I finally get behind and lick her on all fours.

"Want to initiate me", Monica says, as she pulls her knees to her chest ... rising her ass in the air.

Without answering I take the stiff rubber cock and push the head against her ass. Monica's hands came back ... grasping her cheeks with her red fingernails ... spreading her opening wide ... I push ... the rubber cock enters slowly ... easily .. as she engulfs the dildo with ease. Slowly ... at first ... I push the prick in and out of her ass hole until the juice start to foam around the opening. I can't contain myself as I watch the giant dildo disappear and reappear from her hole ... the juice drips into her slit ... her rings glisten in the sunlight ... so ... I lean forward and lick the wet breakfast offering ... inserting my new ring tipped tongue deep into her womanhood.

Monica's red fingernails dig into her ass cheeks causing deep marks in her almost blue white skin. I can hear her moan as my tongue enters ... the rubber cock enters ... my ring tipped tongue exits ... the prick leaves ... in and out we go in rhythm as Monica moans in ecstasy. My fingers creep up her wet thighs as her cunt dances before my eyes and I take her clit ring between my fingertips and twist once ... twice it turns as her clit spirals from the base and her moans become louder.

"You like this in your ass", I whisper softly ... twisting her clit ... pulling roughly?

"Oh ... yes ... yes ... my Dearest BarbB. I love you in my ass."

"Do you like my tongue in your cunt?"

"Oh ... yes ... yes ... my Dearest BarbB. I love you in my cunt. I love you everywhere.


"Anywhere", Monica moans.

"Happy After - Birthday", I whisper.

Yours, BarbB

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