A Little About Me!

By Barb Bondage

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If you're like me, you sit at your computer and surf the web for photos, stories and stuff to make jacking-off more fun. That's how I arrived at blowout. I was surfing one day and just happened to find the Stories Section. Well ... I fell in love with Monica and emailed her asking if we could meet as my long time relationship had ended rather dramatically.

Maybe I should mention that I am gay and for five years I was married to a very nice Latin lady ... but ... she had a bitch of a temper and finally I told her to get her ass out of my house. See ... I was looking ... surfing ... just hoping to find someone and Monica seemed like my type of person.

It's not that I have rings in my tits ... cunt ... nose ... tongue ... because I don't ... but I love ladies who do. See ... I'm the dominant type ... very possessive ... a dominating ... and fucking tough. I had to be to stay with that Latin bitch for as long as I did.

Monica ... Dearest Monica ... I looked at her photo and really fell hard ... I mean I fucked myself silly after I sent her the email ... thinking of how I would like to conquer that talented bitch and make her mine. Damn ... she wrote back and told me that she was straight and very much in love with, and controlled by, Dungeonmaster. Can you figure that ... Here is this intelligent, young, beautiful broad and she's committed to this old fuck. Damn ... I couldn't believe it.

But ... I didn't give up ... I wrote her several times ... wrote Dungeonmaster too ... trying to buy her ... steal her ... kidnap her ... I had a lot of fantasies about Monica. I would finger my cunt and fuck my ass hole as I read her stories ... one time I had a wonderful orgasm ... if they're not all wonderful ... and stood over my monitor and let the cum drip on Monica's face ... thinking how it would be to have her licking my hot cunt and open ass hole.

Well ... to make a long introduction short ... I asked Dungeonmaster if I could work for Blowout. I didn't care what they wanted me to do ... I just wanted a chance at Monica ... but I didn't tell him that.

I described myself as honestly as I could. Tall ... just under six feet ... nice tits ... fabulous legs ... a great ass ... wet cunt ... I love to fuck ... suck ... control ... dominate ... manipulate. I have long red hair ... a hint of bush above my nicely shaved cunt ... and ... as you can see from my photo ... I really don't care what I have in my cunt. I have a degree in creative writing with an accounting minor. I wrote a lot in college but this is my first ... so called ... fuck story! A fuck story where no one gets fucked.

Damn if they didn't offer me a job. They needed a bookkeeper and I agreed ... if they would publish stories as I wrote them. Dungeonmaster agreed and gave me the pen name of "Bondage". Barb is my real name but he felt that a pseudonym was better for the Internet ... and ... I love bondage ... so ... "Bondage" is my middle name ... here is cum.

I am just a wonderful cunt ... Blowout needs me.

So ... I get this job and move from Chicago to Los Angeles. I arrived a week ago and am staying in the Dungeon, which is behind the Blowout Office. If you've read some of the stories by DM & Monica you know about the room so I will let that go. Just let me say that I sleep on a futon in the corner. I dream about having a free hand to use the instruments for my ... and my submissive's ... pleasure ... whomever she may turn out to be.

I haven't given up on Monica ... but ... for now ... I am going along with the program ... letting Monica and Dungeonmaster have their affair until I can either take over or find an alternative.

So ... It's nice meeting all of you blowout Fans ... I hope to become acquainted with a few of you ... If you are a young lady ... looking for fun on the futon ... drop me a line by Clicking Here and sending me an email. If you are a horney lez ... looking for a dominant cunt ... you can meet me in Blowout Chat.

Bye for now ...

Love, Barb

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