Backyard Show

By TJ & Lee Star

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Oh, my I ... make that we ... were naughty this afternoon ...

TJ and I were sunning ourselves on the deck and having a few Coronas. The yard has a high fence so we have plenty of privacy, which is a good thing ... even don't like showing off all of the time. I had on my yellow bikini with the thong bottoms. I love this suite ... thank God my abs are still tight and my ass is in good shape. I work out like a maniac ... I'm vane ... I'll admit it.

TJ, looks good too ... he's tan he has no belly, big shoulders and is firm all over. He's a dirty blond with wonderfully blue eyes ... He's a bit more modest with his running shorts on ... though as he lays back I can see the outline of his cock through the material. I often kid him through these little stories about his cock size ... but honestly ... he's got a nice fat cock ... with plenty of length. Today with the heat his prick looked so relaxed and loose through his shorts ... the round head pushing up the fabric ... oohh ... I knew trouble was on the way.

"Honey", I said, "Please take off your shorts and let me see your stiff cock. Rub it for me."

TJ slipped his shorts down and softly held his stiff prick as I licked my lips, just sitting in the sun watching his slowly stroke his stiff meat.

Ginger joined us after about a half-hour. She wore a one-piece white thong suit that was very shear. When she swam you could see everything through that suit ... Ginger has bigger tits than mine though they are not huge. In spite of the several stories we've all written, Ginger and I have only had sex three times in the last ten months. It was an experimental crazy thing. We will, for sure, do it again ... but ... it really isn't a lifestyle thing.

Anyway ...

The three of us were almost finished with our second six pack and the inevitable occurred ... I started to get really horny ... what a surprise ... right?

I didn't say a word to anyone, I just quietly slid my hand down to my pussy and began to stroke my clit through the thong. TJ was reading Sports illustrated and Ginger had her eyes closed. This had potential I thought ... so ... I pushed my bottoms aside to get at my cunt ... I was soaked with my juices and from the heat. My lips glistened in the sunlight ...

Ginger was the first one to notice ... "Lee! " she giggled in exclamation as she "caught" me when she opened her eyes.

"Oh God ... Ginger ... here we go", TJ cried, joining in with laughter. I laughed along as I spread my lips wide for them both to see my engorged cunt. I could feel the excitement rise inside me ... more precisely right to my cunt!

"Ginger, get the hose and cool her off!" ... TJ laughed as Gin followed his instructions. I continued ... now finger fucking myself. TJ's joking belied the way his cock was making a pup tent in his shorts. Ginger came around the corner with the hose on full blast and I braced myself to get drenched.

Instead she adjusted the hose to a fine spray and soaked herself. I knew what she was up to as she got her suit wet to give me a bit of my own medicine ... The white fabric clung so tightly I could clearly see the outline of her pointed nipples. Gin had a little secret she'd been keeping from me ... the wetness of the shear suit clearly showed that Ginger had shaven her sweet little cunt!

"You little slut!", I laughed, " ... let's get a look at your handiwork ... you clean shaven little bitch."

"Not so fast" Ginger replied. "Things here still aren't equitable ... I want to see TJ's cock ... c'mon get it out Mister!" This was getting delightfully silly."

TJ pulled out his fully hard prick and Ginger wet him and myself down with the hose. The three of us were now soaking wet ... in more than one way for Gin and I.

What a sight. I removed my suit and spread my legs so they were off the lounge and resting on the ground ... TJ was sitting up at full mast with his hand all the way around his hard cock. Ginger stood defiantly in front of us, legs spread, fingering her cunt. "Show us your slick cunt, Gin ... C'mon ... ", TJ whispered. Ginger finally did, pulling her suit off in our backyard so we could see her work. Her cunt was beautiful ... soft ... clean ... pink ... with just a hint of a tuft of hair at the top.

"It's SO hot", I told her. "I want to get off just watching you finger yourself. Please ... Gin ... put on a little show on for me ... PLEASE ... " I was pleading. Gin, the doll that she is, pulled her pussy lips apart ... she flipped her clit with her finger ... thrust her hips forward and fucked herself with three fingers.

I felt the shutter of an orgasm build and the feeling waved through me ... I stopped to watch Gin for a second before I resumed stroking my wet little hot box.

Ginger was close to cumming, I could tell ... She shook as she fucked herself hard ... thrusting her fingers violently ... in and out ... Then she whimpered and came with force. She ran her fingers through her hair and sat down on the wet grass.

"Honey, I'm still horny ... ", I said. "Can I make a request? Do have to?" I looked at TJ and winked. "I'm in such a voyeuristic mood ... suck TJ's cock and let me watch ... would you ... please?" I was so turned on at the thought of her soft lips around TJ's cock.

Ginger never hesitated ... Kneeling in front of TJ she grabbed his cock by it's base. Giggling, she pumped his stiff shaft a few times, smirked at me and then pushed her lips over his cock as the head slid deep into her throat. She bobbed up and down ... then ... with increasing speed. TJ had his head back and thrust his hips, driving his prick into Gin's mouth.

I was getting ready to cum for the third time ... frigging my unsatisfiable cunt like crazy. "Cum on her face ... Honey ... Please! ... TJ ... for me! I want to see your cum!", I yelled at the two of them. Ginger pulled her head back, grabbed his cock in her hand and pumped her fist rapidly over TJ's shiny cock head. He yelled, gritted his teeth and ... shot a volley of cum ... one huge shot ... then two really hard shots ... then two smaller one ... and one last hard one ... Ginger, the best, opened her mouth and caught one or two ... the rest creaming her nose and running down her chin.

I came in fucking hard waves ... Ginger continued to stroke TJ getting every last drop and finishing by putting her warm wet mouth over the length of his semi-hard prick.

What a sight ... My husband's cock in my best friend's mouth ... my husband, spent arching back in the chair, AB muscles showing ... Ginger's face soaked with cum ... and me ... spread eagle ... cunt lips soaked ... clit sore ... spread wide ... with a very big smile.

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