My Fourth of July Treat

By Angelica "Baby Slave" St. Jean

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After reading Celeste's response, "My Dungeonmaster ... My Love" , to Dungeonmaster, I was just pissed!

I decided to call and find out if I may visit My Master for the Fourth of July weekend. I still wasn't getting along with my Daddy and I was hoping My Master would be glad to have me.

On the phone DM said he would be busy most of the weekend but could take a few hours each day and then might have fun with me at night. I got on the next plane for California and I couldn't wait to see my Master.

When I get there a young man, dressed in black and driving a black limousine meets me. He tells me that he is Dungeonmaster's manservant and that he is to take me shopping. I am surprised, but he assures me that it will be fun. "It's a special store, one you will like", he says as he opens the door and helps me into the luxurious back seat. The interior is black on black on black. I look for the hooks and chains but there are none to be found, or I can't find them. Being from a small town I am not used to being chauffeured, especially in such a nice car and by such a nice man. He is very professional, drives slowly and never looks back at me nor glances in the mirror.

"Would you turn on some music", I ask. "There is a radio, CD player, video and TV in the console, Madam", the driver answers as the glass partition separating the front of the car from the back closes. I fiddle with the radio and find some nice music, lean back and relax from the long flight.

"A special Store ... you will like", I remember his saying. "One I can have a lot of fun in", I guessed. I was beginning to understand but am still confused until we pull up in front of a store. The sign read:


I wondered what I was going to get as I knew that My Master would have everything he needed. As I am escorted into the store I ask the driver his name and he answers, " ... Master".

"Master ... what?"

"Master ... that is enough."

He leads me through the front of the store to a dark wooden door in the rear. He knocks and the door swings open. We enter the room filled with everything one could imagine, and some items, which are beyond description. "Master ... I haven't seen this much stuff for this purpose before", I said in a fascinated tone of voice.

"Well ... now you have. What is your choice? Dungeonmaster told me to have you select your own pleasure."

I am surprised. "Oh well", I think as he leads me to a counter with rings and such. There is a small sign "Pussy Rings", another sign "Titty Rings". I look at everything and there are a lot. Benches, tables, horses, crosses and I am amazed.

"You are to pick two rings that you want for your pussy lips. And ... you may select something else which might give you pleasure."

The young man left me there to look while he goes and talks to the clerk. I look for awhile and finally set my eyes on two that I want. One is small and gold. The other is a bit larger, also gold, but has a small stone on it. It looks to be a topaz but I can't tell. I think they are both cute.

"She is a good girl ...", I over heard the driver tell the clerk.

"Cute too! She looks obedient ....", the clerk replied.

"Very ... My Master is pleased to have her." I walk up to them. "What the fuck are you doing?", the clerk asked. I didn't tell you that you could come over here, Bitch. Just because you're Dungeonmaster's play-toy doesn't mean shit to me. Go back over and keep looking you cunt ... "

"Yes ... ", I answered quickly. "I'm sorry ... ah?"

"Mistress Monique to you ... you sub-cunt."

"I ... Mistress ... I'm sorry ... ", I answered as she raises her hand as if to slap me.

She puts her hand down. "Leave ... I will not slap you ... I will leave that to DM!"

I scurry back over to the counter while the young man follows. "I would like these two", I said quietly.

"My Master wants matching rings. Make a choice!"

"This one I said pointing at the larger topaz ring. Do you have two?", I asked.

"Two ... what", the lady yells.

"Two rings ... Please"

"Please ... what ", she yells again. "Please ... Mistress Monique", I answered in a whisper. "Louder!"

"Please ... Mistress Monique", I say.

"Your Master will hear of your disobedience." Without another word she wraps the pair of rings in tissue paper, places them into a black box and hands them to the driver.

"Anything else ... Bitch", she finally says?

"Yes ... ", I answer firmly. "I want that riding crop", I say, pointing to the red leather braided whip which is lying on a black velvet cushion.

"You do have good taste. I hope that you like the sting."

"I am getting this for your ass, Mistress Monique. That is if we meet again." Without another word I take the crop and walk from the room, leaving the driver to follow. Master runs past me to open the door to the limousine. "Take me to Dungeonmaster ... Now ... or it will be your ass that feels the sting of this nice crop", I say as the door closes.

On the short ride to Blowout I wonder if I should have been so forceful in the store. Perplexed ... I weigh my options ... deciding that Dungeonmaster would like me to be strong ... at least with others ... so I think that I did the right thing.

The limousine stops and the driver opens the door. I get out in front of an old red brick building. There is a large oak door with small brass letters, which read "BLOWOUT". The young man opens the door and motions for me to enter.

"Dungeonmaster ... your guest is here", he says as I enter. The door closes behind me and I am left standing in a large room with several desks, computers and Dungeonmaster, leaning back in a leather chair.

"Welcome", Dungeonmaster says. "I understand that you had a nice time at Monique's. She says that you want to redden her ass with a riding crop. You may have the chance tonight after dinner. Monique loves to have her ass whipped ... especially by pretty young ladies. But ... first, I want to see what you picked out."

I approach, holding the black box in my outstretched hands. Dungeonmaster takes the box, opens it and removes the paper while he unwraps the gifts. "Yes, these will look pretty in your clean pussy-lips. "They are clean ... aren't they", he asks, leaning forward as I pull my dress above my waist. As instructed I am wearing no panties and my cunt is clean-. I spread my legs as his fingers rub my soft lips. "A little stubble. When did you shave?"

"This morning", I answered, looking at the ground.

"You will shave again ... now!", he says coarsely, pushing me away as he lifts his finger to his nose. "Shave and clean yourself", he demands, pointing to the chair next to him. I sit down and My Master leaves the room for a minute, returning with a bowl, a razor, a shaving brush and a douche. He hands me the items and returns to his chair. I sit quietly until his voice breaks the silence. "Well ... bitch. What are you waiting for. These rings will look very nice when we are finished. But ... I won't begin until you are clean ... start." Dungeonmaster's eyes are cold and demanding as he speaks. My hand shakes slightly as I moisten the brush, rub it in the soap and lather my pussy. I take the black razor and slowly draw the sharp blade across my soft skin. My Master watches intently as the white soap is scraped away, taking any stubble. When I am finished I place the razor on in the bowl, spread my legs and push the head of the douche bottle into my cunt. I squeeze, sending the liquid deep into my hole. I close my eyes as I feel the warm liquid run from my wet cunt and drip into the bowl. When I am finished I place the bowl on the table and My Master reaches over and rubs my smooth lips ever so gently. "That is better my dear. Are you ready for your rings now?"

"Yes ... Master.

Taking my hand as I rise, he leads me through a door into his private dungeon. We walk to the table in the center of the room where I stand while he opens the drawer to a dresser, removes a box, takes a lighted candle and returns, placing the candle and box on the table. He pulls my dress up and over my head as I now stand naked in the dim light. Pushing softly he has me lean back and then lie down on the table. "Shall I tie your legs apart?" "I would like to have you not tie me Master", I replied. "And ... will you be slow?", I added.

"Very slow my dear."



"I would rather be your slut ... your cunt ... your bitch ... than a 'dear'. I would like to be treated as such if you would be so kind."

"So you shall be ... my slave-bitch! Spread your legs and let me see if I really want you."

Dungeonmaster rubs the inside of my thighs and pinches the lips of my pussy ... very hard. I don't flinch, yet I grit my teeth as his fingernails tighten on the soft skin. With his free hand he takes a needle from the box and holds it in the candle flame until it glows bright red in the soft light. "So you shall ... ", he whispers. I feel the heat of the needle as the point slowly approaches the pussy-lip, which is held tightly between his thumb and forefinger. The sizzle from the burning flesh enters my ears and I can smell the stench of burned skin as Dungeonmaster slowly rotates the needle, pushing it through. He withdraws the needle and places it to the side, taking another, larger one, from the box and holds this one in the flame until it is also red-hot. I grit my teeth as the second needle touches the same hole and is slowly pushed through, sizzling as it goes. Still holding the pussy-lip in his hand My Master inserts the first ring, squeezing the edges until they snap together in place.

My knuckles are white as I squeeze my hands in my efforts not to show any emotion or pain. After a moment My Master takes my other pussy-lip in his fingers and repeats the process of placing the smaller, then larger, needle through the lip. The second process was much less painful than the first. I believe that it may be the lack of anticipation or expectation of something beyond my imagination. Whatever the reason ... the second piercing was less of an ordeal.

"And your clit ... bitch. Shall we put a hole in your clit ... now or later?"

"Now ... Master", I say with a hint of pride in my voice.

"Now it shall be", My Master says lowering his mouth to my dripping cunt and sucking the cum from between my newly pierced pussy-lips. His tongue licked around the tender holds, up the crack and around the top until my clit started to engorge and swell. I looked down as he took my little cock-like clit between his lips and stretched my tender sex button from the hiding place. I push my hips forward as his hand rubs my cum soaked ass and his thumb finds my hole and pushes through the opening. He reams my ass while he pulls on my clit with his teeth. I am in a dream world until I feel the excruciating pain of the large red needle, sizzle it's path through my tender clit. I want to scream but I can only clinch my teeth and hands while the needle cools in place and is slowly withdrawn. I bit hard and I can taste blood from my biting. Dungeonmaster releases his teeth and pulls his thumb from my ass. Slowly he inserts another gold ring and snaps the ends together as a permanent momento of my devotion.

"I am your cunt ... Master", I whisper. "So you shall be ... my slave-bitch!" It is the Fourth of July and I am with the best Master in the world. Things couldn't get better.

All the sudden the phone rings. Dungeonmaster lets it ring until the answering machine picks up with the recorded Blowout Hello. After the beep a soft voice speaks:

"Hello ... Master .... It's me ... Celeste.
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Fourth of July
I miss you very much.
Please call later and say hello.
Hope that baby - bitch isn't with you this weekend!"

"Damn bitch", I think. I hate the sound of her voice. I open my eyes to find that I am alone in the room, the candle resting on the table between my thighs and my pussy is very sore. "Hello", I said loudly. "Master!"

"Yes ... Bitch", My Master answers from the other room. "Come show me your decorated cunt."

I get off the table, still thinking about the Bitch, Celeste, and go to the main office. Dungeonmaster is sitting at his computer as I enter. He turns. "Come closer so I can see you in the light." I move forward until his hand can touch my cunt. "Very nice ... very nice indeed. You and Mistress Celeste are much alike. You both have a fine tolerance for pain. I like that. Maybe we will have a contest someday. Maybe we will see who can stand the needle longest ... or should I say ... slowest."

"I can ... Master ... ", I answered without hesitation. "I know that I can."

"Maybe we shall see ... cunt-slave. Now ... get your dress and we shall go."

I get my dress from the dungeon, put it on and return to My Master. He signs off the computer and we go out to the limousine. "Valentino's", he says to the young man as we get into the back seat.

We drive for a few miles and the driver pulls up in front of a restaurant. It is very nice and we are treated like royalty upon entering. The owner escorts us through the dining area to a private table in a round alcove just off the main room. As we sit, My Master orders a "Caesar Salad", "Shrimp Alfredo" and fresh fruit for dessert.

"Master ... I don't like seafood", I whisper.

"You will like whatever I feed you ... Bitch", My Master whispers.

I eat the salad with extra anchovies, the pasta with extra shrimp and for dessert My Master eats fruit while he orders a special piece of raw tuna for me.

After dinner the driver takes us back to blowout and My Master escorts me inside. We pass the door to the dungeon and enter a room in the back of the office. Inside there is a bed, a single light hanging from the ceiling, several mirrors and another door.

"This is where you will stay tonight. The toilet is in that room", My Master says, pointing to the door. "Use it now."

Quickly I use toilet, wipe myself well and return to the room. Dungeonmaster is leaning against the wall as I return. "Master?"

"Yes ... Bitch!"

"My cunt is sore ... would you fuck me in the ass before you leave ... Please Master ..."

"Get on the floor", he answers as he reaches down and unzips his fly. He pulls his cock out and strokes the semi-stiff prick until it starts to stand at attention. Walking to the corner he opens the drawer to the only dresser in the room and takes out a jar. He removes the lid and takes a gob rubbing it over his stiff prick. I get on the floor, rest my forehead on the carpet and push my ass in the air. It is silent and I feel My Master's hands on my butt, spreading my cheeks as his stiff cock finds my tight ass. His prick slips inside slowly, spreading my ass, penetrating deep into my hole. My cunt is sore and the rings hurt as they are pressed under My Master's body as he pumps deep into my ass. I bounce back to meet his every thrust, relishing the feeling of pain and pleasure, which he provides. Faster My Master fucks my ass until, with a sudden lunge, he shoots his hot cum into my hole. My fingers dig at the floor as I orgasm, feeling my cum mix with My Master's.

He stops pumping as his cock softens and, like a cork popping from a bottle of wine, his prick slips out of my ass and our cum drips down my thighs.

My Master picks me up, gently, and lays me softly on the bed.


"yes ... Bitch!"

"Someday ... may I have four more rings like Monica." "Fuck ... No", My Master says angrily. "My Dearest had six. Maybe if you are exceptional you may have two more ... but ... only time and performance will tell."

I understand ... Master."

"Sleep well my slut", My Master says. as I drift off to sleep.

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