By Mike Linton

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It began as a perfectly ordinary Saturday night and ended as a wonderful one. The evening may have changed my sex style forever.

I live at home with my parents and for years I often babysat for neighbors to earn enough money to pay tuition and books at a local junior college. We lived in a middle class neighborhood, the Jamison's lived on the next block and they were very nice, even with their status in our small town as a mixed couple turned heads. Sex in our house was taboo and I never thought too much about it, except that I had tried a number of guys at school.

I had done babysitting for the Jamison's many times and I guess my curiosity got the best of me that evening and I ended up sampling a bit more hospitality than I'd expected. Dick and Kathy Jamison, are a nice couple in their early thirties. I baby-sit for their two year old, Jason. He's a good baby, very quiet and well behaved. Kathy is an attractive blond, not beautiful but nice, while Dick is a real black stud. He's over six foot, muscular and a good athlete. Sometimes I see him running in the mornings and I fanaticize about what he would look like in the buff.

They left for a dinner party and I put the little one to bed and was watching TV when, to my surprise, Dick came back after being gone only a few hours. He said he just wanted to look in on Jason and see how he was, but I could sense that something was up.

Dick finally admitted that he and his wife, were fighting at the party and that he had left her there. He told me that she was going to spend the night with a girlfriend. In the meantime, could he would pay me to stick around for a few hours and take care of the baby." "It would really help me ... Sandy", he asks, "I don't feel very good."

"I'd be glad to", I said, " ... need enough money for an algebra book."

"That's very nice of you. I knew you were an understanding, sweet girl."

I phoned my parents to tell them the situation and they gave me permission to stay for a couple of hours..

When I returned, Dick had gotten me a soda and the baby was sleeping. I could sense that he needed someone to talk to and so I instinctively gave him my shoulder to lean on, never thinking that for a minute that it would lead anything more. But, before long, Dick apologized for blabbing about his troubles and asked me about my boyfriends, asking me to tell him what I liked about him. One thing lead to another and soon we were sitting on the couch and I was holding him as he the feeling of closeness, we became enveloped in a warm embrace.

It wasn't long before he took my hand and pushed it along his thigh to his zipper as he helped me unzip his fly. Dick undid the clasp and his pants opened as he took my hand and pushed it toward his stiff member. His big black cock was so hard and stiff. It had been a long time since I played with a real man's cock that I found it very enjoyable to rub his stiffness and, with my finger, rub the pre-cum around the head of his cock. Dick's strong hand found the back of my head and pushed my face down until I softly wrapped my lips around his prick. I would have loved to see the expression on his face but I was busy licking his swollen member, but, as it was I had to take his throbbing erection as evidence of how much he appreciating what I was doing. I closed my eyes to savor the taste and feel in my mouth. I slowly ran my tongue along the ridge of circumcision.

I could hear Dick's sudden gasp on pleasure as my mouth closed around his cock. His hand held my head, pushing me closer as his hips thrust vigorously up and down, driving his large black cock into my throat. I kept my eyes closed, sucking hard and eagerly at his thick eight inches. I could feel the head of his prick slam the back of my throat with each powerful thrust and this excited me all the more. The felt his hard, straining cock in my mouth awaken a savage hunger in me that I'd rarely known before. I began to suck harder and faster wanting to bring the climax I couldn't wait to satisfy.

He was fucking my face with short, hard strokes and I loved it. I wanted more so I took him in as far as I could each time. I wanted it all, so, imagining in my mind's eye that it was my cunt he was fucking, his big prick slid in and out through my lips as the wet slurping sounds filled our ears. Saliva and pre-cum dripped from my chin, moistening my breasts as I rubbed my tits with one hand and stroked his stiff cock with the other. Dick was breathing hard, pressing my face until his cock was thoroughly engulfed in my mouth. I stopped rubbing my tits and lowered my hand, running it under my skirt and into my wet cunt. I shoved two fingers inside the waiting hole while my thumb rubbed my clit. I was so excited by this forbidden experience that I had a hard time thinking.

Dick's hands tightened in my hair holding, his prick deep in my mouth, eagerly awaiting the hot, jetting spurts of come, which were building. I could feel his testicles tighten as Dick arched his back trying to push deeper into my open throat. I squeezed his balls as I felt the hot blasts of wet and slippery cum shoot into my throat like raw oysters. I sucked hard squeezing his sperm-bloated balls and trying to draw out the last precious drops and savor every moment of the delicious taste.

I ru8bbed my clit harder and pushed my fingers deeper as I began to cum myself. Of the few guys I had sucked, none had ever given me an orgasm, at least with out eating me as I blew them. My pussy contracted again and again, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I took my hand out of my pussy and pushed against Dick's ass as the slippery fingers entered his tight hole. I gasped for air through my nostrils as the final spurts of Dick's jism filled my throat as I gulped it down. His asshole tightened as I sucked the last drops from his softening cock.

By the time I had composed myself enough to let Dick's giant black cock slip out of my mouth I was in for another surprise. I caught my breath, licked the last of his jism from my lips and opened my eyes. Standing in the doorway was Dick's wife, Kathy! Dick saw her at the same time as I did and his body tensed as we jumped up.

Not a word was spoken as Kathy came towards us. I was already on my feet, smoothing down my skirt and looking for a place to hide, when Kathy put her hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes.

"This couldn't be what I think it is ... could it ... Sandy ... ?", Kathy questioned, knowing full well that the answer was ... YES! My first thought was that this woman was going to strangle me then, while the another thought was a strange, unfamiliar tingling in my loins.

I tensed momentarily, then relaxed, as Kathy's hands cupped my breasts. She slowly brought her lips to mine and I found myself kissing her softly while her tongue probed the depths of my mouth. It was strange kissing another woman but the experience brought the heat in our bodies to full flame. We pressed hard against each other, rubbing our cunts together. Shamelessly, right in front of her husband, our tongues intertwined. I could feel her hands unbuttoning my blouse and soon her hands had a firm grip on my tits and were rubbing the sticky cum which Dick had unloaded earlier. She was pinching each nipple between her thumb and forefinger as we ground against each other. The focus of lust in my mind and the yearning in my cunt grew unbearable.

Somehow the three of us managed to stumble and trip our way into the bedroom. Dick was part of it, helping me take off my skirt as he assisted his wife out of her bra. I could touch her soft, full breasts. Kathy's breasts are much bigger than mine are. I'd always envied and wanted to fondle large tits. Now was my chance so I grasped a tit in each hand, forcing the nipples together and lowering my lips so that I could suck both rosy buds like a baby.

With all three of us on the bed naked, Kathy spread her legs for me as my gaze was drawn, as if by a magnet, to her soft, warm pussy. I reached out my hand hesitantly, touching it softly, feeling the wet hair and slipping my finger through the folds. Dick was behind me, his hands cupping my tits as he leaned over my shoulder.

"Kiss it, Sandy, eat my cunt,", Kathy whispered and I was irresistibly drawn down into her warm crotch. Dick got around beside me and put his hand on the back of my head, pushing me down into Kathy's pussy. I was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from Kathy as she lifted her hips and pushed Dick's hands out of the way so she could grasp my ears, burying my face in her beautiful sex. I licked my tongue across her cunt lips, up and down, and pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy, which looked like a stiff pink "V".

I wriggled in to get closer to her as Kathy's hands gripped my ears and held me firmly in place. I sucked on her hard clit as I moistened my fingers with her cum and my saliva, slowly pushing my hand under her pumping hips and into her ass. Kathy squirmed so as to help my fingers move deep into her hole as I rapidly licked the inside of her cunt-lips. My ears were burning from her grasp and I could hardly breath as Kathy shoved my head deep into her as her had hound mine, pushing my fingers farther into her asshole.

My hips were high in the air and I could feel dick's breath on my ass as I twisted my neck and shoulders to get my tongue deep Kathy. Kathy's moans and screams of pleasure were enthusiastic, telling me that I was doing well, each time I touched her clit. Kathy finally let go of my ears and used her fingers to spread her luscious pink cunt lips wider so that I could suck deeper..

Dick was hard and stiff again as he stood behind me watching our show. He knelt between my calves much as I knelt between his wife's sweaty thighs. He played with my pussy, checking it for sweat and occasionally spreading it downward with his hands. I sensed him taking his blood-engorged cock into his hand, spreading cum from my dripping pussy in my asshole.

He pushed his finger around the inside of my ass as he rubbed the juice. I felt the smooth gobs of love juice around my cheeks and I felt the hot head of his stiff cock prodding against the tight, puckered opening of my ass with insistent force. Finally, I could stand it no longer so I took my hand and guided his raging black prick to my ass, I lifted my head and pressed back into him, so hard that his thickness was embedded to the hilt.

"Oh, God ... Sandy ... don't stop! Don't stop eating my pussy!", Kathy screamed as she reached up frantically, grabbing my ears as she held my head to her cunt.

"Fuck my ass ... Dick", I yelled as he began pounding my ass, grabbing the flesh at my hips as he straightened his back and thrust into me with merciless intensity.

Kathy was beside herself as the tension and anticipation of climax mounted within her. She squirmed in such frenzy that I could barely keep her still enough to find her sweet pussy as I sucked her juice from inside. Kathy's shuddering climax seemed to trigger my own orgasm as I rushed over the edge, squeezing Dick's cock with my gripping asshole. My pussy tightened convulsively as his fingers opened my hole, pulling me back so that his cock impaled me. "Sandy ... I'm cumming ... he cried as he matched the rhythm of my pumping ass. "FUCK", I heard as my one hand squeezed his balls and my other pulled Kathy's ass. "YES ... YES", Dick cried as his thrusting cock sprayed my insides with semen.

Kathy moaned mindlessly, flailing her arms as she came. Her husband poured his load into my ass as my cum flowed from my hot cunt down my thighs. All that I had experienced while blowing Dick was heightened tenfold as the three of us exploded in orgasm simultaneously.

It was a mind-warping, bone jarring experience that left us weary and exhausted. Dick slowly slid his big black cock out of my ass and the three of us nestled in a panting heap of arms and legs on the bedspread.

The next morning I awoke and Kathy was holding me as she snored softly. I felt around for Dick but no one else was there. I found a note, which read:

Good Morning My Dearest Kathy and Sandy:

I called Sandy's mother last night and told her that she
wasn't feeling well and could stay in our guestroom. I said
Kathy would take her to school in the morning and not to worry.
Sandy's parents understood and thanked me for being so nice
Kathy, after you've finished with Sandy, don't forget
to take her to school as she has an algebra test.
If Sandy wants to baby sit tonight ... call me at the office.

When Kathy woke up we played for awhile and she explained that she had been enjoying lesbian interludes with some of her friends for some time. It had been putting a strain on their marriage, but, now, we didn't have to play anymore ... or we could play some more ... depending on how you looked at it. We were established as a threesome, she could share me with Dick, she could enjoy me with Dick. Kathy said that she felt happier and more secure about her marriage.

As you've probably guessed, we ... played more often ...

That's how I put myself through college.

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