The Elevator!

By Emil Azazel

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It's late a night, just after midnight, in Brisbane. We are just returning from a night at the movies and dinner to our hotel. The hotel is dark and the staff have all left for the night, only a skeleton staff remains. We step into the glass elevator and press the button for the 12th floor. The hotel lobby disappears below us as we rise into darkness. All that can be seen is the desk with a man reading the newspaper.

I glance in your direction, thinking that you're looking gorgeous as usual. Your wearing a short red dress that plunges down the front and exposes the top of your tanned breasts. Your legs are fitted into black lace stockings and my mind wanders back to dinner, where I caught glimpse of your garter belt and, occasionally, your panties.

I wasn't sure at the time but I'm almost positive now. The panties are crutchless, but, every time I went to confirm my suspicions you pushed my hand away and smiled. "Later", is all you would say. I am restless since my cock has been up and down, throbbing most of the night. Particularly at the movies where you kept sliding your hand over my crotch, then apologizing and smiling.

I'm dressed in black trousers and jacket with a white silk shirt.

"Mark ... have you had a good night", you smirk at me, caressing my ass?

"Wonderful", I answer, acknowledging your teasing. "But ... that's going to end soon ... isn't it", I said smiling back at you and lightly kiss your lips as I run my hand over the small of your back and across your ass ... Isn't it!"

Your eyes twinkle. "I can hardly wait. You have no idea how hard it's been ... teasing you all night ... not let you do anything ... I'm ready ... My pussy is so hot and wet ... I can't wait to feel your cock slide inside me."

"Just hold that thought", I whisper into your ear, nibbling on your lobe just a bit. " ... we'll be in our room in a minute."

The elevator passes the tenth floor when a loud crash is heard from above. The car grinds to a stop between the tenth and eleventh floor.

You grab me in fright, asking, " What's happening"

"The elevator's stopped. Shit ... my cock is so hard for you." "What can we do", you ask, settling into my arms.

"I have an idea", I whisper, running my hand down the back of your dress.

"Yeah ... I suppose you do ... but, what about a kiss first" "Mmm ... OK ..." Our lips meet and we kiss ... long and passionately our tongues swirl around each other's. My right hand caress up your side and slides over your breast, squeezing your tit and rubbing the nipple. My eight inch cock is hard and presses against your crotch as your hand rubs my ass.

"I want to fuck you here and now", I whisper in your ear as I kiss my way down your neck to top of your breasts. "What if someone sees us", you moan softly running your finger up the outside of my trousers and along my stiff cock.

"Then they will be very luck people", I answer, " ... to see some one as beautiful as you fucking someone as handsome as I" My hands push your tit's so that your nipples rise from the top of your dress and my tongue swirls around the lace on the top of your bra. I slide the zipper at the back of your dress and run my hands over your naked back. The dress slides off your shoulders and drops softly to the ground. You pull my head up and kiss me hard, nibbling on my lower lip, as my hands unclasp your bra. You are free as the cups join your dress on the floor.

I lean back a bit and stare at you. "Gorgeous", I whisper as I dive between your tits and push them together around my licking tongue. My fingers run over the nipple on you right breast, teasing and pinching it lightly. My mouth descends to your left nipple and my tongue swirls around the tip. My teeth gently take the soft flesh between them and my tongue flick across the hard mound.

Your hands stoke my cock through the fabric of my trousers as one hand finds the buckle to my belt and opens it. You grab the top of my pants and pull the zipper down then unbutton them. My trousers slide down my legs and my cock pushes out into your hand through my underwear. You hand slides up and down my prick you rap you hands around it and pull it up.

"Ohh ... yes", I mouth into your nipple then I bit it just a bit ... not hard ... just enough to make you moan. My hand slides down over your stomach and I find out that I was right. Your panties are crutchless. "I knew it", I whispered.

"Surprise", you answer in a low and deep laugh.

I drop down your body as my tongue slides over your skin, until I kneeling in front of you. I lift you and push you back against the glass of the elevator. My hands pull the opening in your panties and my mouth moves into your crutch. My tongue slides over your cunt and down across the lips of your pussy. You lean back against the elevator and open you legs wider for me, moaning softly. "Yes ... lick me Marc. Lick my pussy clean", you whisper.

My tongue slides along your pussy lips gently teasing then open as one of my hands moves up to your slit and opens it wider for my tongue. I suck your pussy lips into my mouth then flick your clit with the tip of my tongue. One of my fingers slides slowly up into your pussy as my tongue teases your clit then licks the full lengths of your slit.

"Ohhh ... yes, Keep doing that" you breath.

My finger moves in and out of your pussy and it is soon joined by a second, then a third. Three fingers are sliding in and out of your pussy while my month licks at your clit. Then one finger moves out of your pussy and circles the rim of you ass.

"Oh ... yes ... put it in my ass Marc. You know how I like that"

My finger slowly slides into your ass ... a second joins. By this time I have two fingers in your pussy and two in your ass and my tongue and lips play with your clit. My fingers start sliding deeper and faster into your ass and pussy so that both your holes are filled. "God ... stop that or I'll cum now", you moan as you pull me up and kiss me, pushing my jacket off my shoulders, ripping my shirt open and tossing it to the ground as well. "It's my turn", you say, dropping down to your knees as you slowly take my hard cock out of my underpants. Your hand wraps around the base of my cock and you run your tongue up its shaft. Then you open your mouth and slowly slide your lips over the head of my hot prick. You suck on my cock and then pull your head back and flick the head of my stiff member with your tongue, swirling around the head. Then you open your mouth wide and move down the shaft. You clamp your lips around my prick and pull backward moving your hand with your mouth.

"God ... your so good at this", I groan.

I grab your head and start to slide my cock between your lips, fucking your mouth slowly. Your hand moves up and down the shaft of me cock as you meet my thrusts. You pull your head back and flick the tip of me cock. "Enough of this ... I want you to fuck me."

"I never thought you'd ask", I whisper, pulling you up from the carpet. "It will be my pleasure." I push you up against the glass of the elevator and pull your panties all the way down so you can step out of them. My underpants also hit the floor.

My cock slides between your legs, just running along your pussy lips. "Put it in my cunt you bastard", you yell as I lean back and hold your ass cheeks wider. Slowly I slide my prick between your pussy lips and into your cunt. You push back as I pull out again. "Don't be so quick", you say as my cock slides into your pussy again. This time you keep very still, just shuddering a bit as my prick slowly slides in and out of your pussy, coming all the way out before sliding back in. Then I slam it in hard and fast and grab your hips pulling them towards me as I slam in and out.

"Oh ... Jesus", your groan ... "Yes ... keep doing that." I can see the light of the desk clerk down below and I'm not certain, but it doesn't look like he's reading his newspaper any more. I slow my stroke and run a finger down to your ass hole and slide two fingers into your ass. I keep my cock still while I massage your hole.

I lean over your back and whisper ... "I'm going to slide my cock up your ass ... are you ready"

"Oh ... yes ... just do it ... fuck my ass ...Marc!"

My cock slides out of your pussy and I rest the head of it against your ass hole. "Are you sure you are ready?"

"Do it will you ... stop talking about it." Your body shivers as my cock slides into your ass.

"Hold your ass cheeks open for me", I ask.

Your hands reach around and pull your cheeks apart as my cock slides in and out of your ass.

"Your ass it so hot and tight ... it feels fantastic", I groan.

"Your cock feels fantastic in my ass ... Fuck my ass ... Fuck my ass hard."

My cock starts moving deeper and faster in your ass as you push back onto my stiff prick and pull your ass cheeks wide apart. My cock starts slamming into your ass my balls slapping against your pussy lips. I move one of my hands around you. I start to play with your clit with my thumb while I slide a finger into your pussy.

"Oh ... God ... don't stop. Harder and faster ... come on fuck me", you moan as your body is building to a climax. My cock smashes into you, from the tip to its base.

"Oh ... God ... yes", you scream as your body shudders through orgasm after orgasm, building as my cock jerks and jumps in your ass.

"Oh ... yes ... I'm cumming Jesus", I yell as I pull my cock out of you ass and a steam of hot cum splashing onto your ass and pussy. Your body hurls away from me and shudders against the glass elevator wall sliding down to the floor. I stand for a while, my cock still jetting cum onto the elevators glass wall, then I join you on the floor. We both are breathing fast as the elevator light comes on again and the elevator start to move.

"Shit", I yell grabbing cloths. When the elevator stops on the 12th floor we make a run for our room.

The elevator stops and we run ................

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