August Star for the Show

By TJ & Lee Star

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Lee had been spending a lot of time with Ginger lately. Ginger is her young lawyer friend, the one she likes to fantasize about. At first I wasn't really sure how I felt, but what the hell I know Lee loves me ... and my guess is that any kind of play time she has with Ginger will benefit me.

Last Friday I met the two them at the bar close to their office for a Friday happy hour. As usual Lee was wearing a conservative grey suit, black sensible heels, a pink blouse. She just had her blond hair neatly done by her "Corporate Bob" hairdresser. She wore just a hint of lipstick.

Ginger, ever bit the lawyer, was dressed in a navy blue pinstripe suit, white stockings that flattered her legs and shiny black paten-leather pumps. Ginger seemed a little bummed out when I got there. Her boyfriend, the personal trainer, was cheating on her and they split up a couple of weeks ago. Ginger and Lee were already hitting the Margaritas pretty hard. I watched as Lee put her arm around Ginger and told her that everything would be okay.

Ginger laughed, speaking a little loud for the bar we were in, "If only I could get laid, THAT would help!" the two women laughed hysterically and Lee winked at me. I had an idea where she night be heading.

We stayed and drank another hour or so and both girls were pretty wild. They danced together and I could swear they were making eyes at each other. Ginger said that she was to drunk to drive and that she was ready to call a cab to get home and go to bed. Lee told her she wouldn't let her go home in a cab, that we would be happy to give her a lift. Once again Lee gave me that sexy wink.

When the Valet brought the car we all got into the front seat since my wheels had a bunch of stuff from the office in the back seat. Ginger was next to me and Lee had the window seat. They were silly from the drinking and once again Ginger moaned, "I gotta get laid ...its been weeks!"

Lee laughed and said, "I'll loan you TJ ... but you'll have to pay me back some how!"

Ginger commented laughingly, "Your husband is sure cute ... and he stays in shape! ... doesn't he?"

Lee said out loud to me, "T J you would give Ginger what she needs ... wouldn't you? .... she's hurting." I wasn't positive where this was going but I sure had a good idea.

Ginger, seeing the perplexed look on my face added, "Ahh ... Lee ... I was kidding ... even I think T J is hot!"

"T J, dear ... pull out your cock for Ginger", Lee said, matter of factly, as she reached over Lee and started unzipping my fly.

Ginger gasped but Lee finished and reached inside my pants.

"It's gone", Lee screamed and finished her sentence with a great laugh. Ginger was looking straight ahead as Lee bumped her tits while she pulled my now semi-hard cock through the opening in my pleated suit pants.

"What the Hell ... why not ...", I thought as my prick felt the cool air of the evening. I was already about three-quarters erect and ready for more.

"Go ahead ...Gin ...he can drive while you feel it ... He's had lots of practice .... give his cock a little stroke ..." Ginger had just enough tequila ... or nerve ... or loneliness ... to reach over and grab my stiff prick begin to stoke lightly. I got rock hard instantly.

Lee, intentionally now, bumped Ginger's tit and started rubbing the nipple softly through the silk blouse. Ginger was transfixed, almost hypnotized, on my prick which she kept stroking the whole time.

"Suck my husband's cock, Gin ... go ahead", Lee said gently as she cupped her breast in her hand. Lee unbuttoned her blouse, pushing it down, so she could better feel her tits as Ginger went down on me and slowly put her lips around the head of my cock. She tongued the slit and slowly but steadily took the whole length into her mouth. Lee winked at me, let go of Ginger's tit and slid her hand under her skirt. Lee pulled up her skirt so I could see as she slipped her hand inside of the white panties and dipped her finger in her wet cunt.

"Gin ... sweetheart ... you poor thing. Your cunt is soaked. you are really horny ... aren't you? Let me finger fuck you while you suck T J's cock."

Ginger simply purred, "mmmm ..." Ginger started to moan more loudly as she pulled her mouth from my cock and Lee fingered her cunt. Ginger took her hand, using her saliva as lubrication, and pumped my cock steadily.

"Cum for me T J .... CUM NOW !", Lee commanded as her finger went around the inside of Ginger's hot pussy. Thank God the road was straight, empty, wide and I was driving slow because I came so fucking hard grasping the steering wheel and shooting cum over Ginger's face and hair.

What a sight .... two prim 'n proper executives. One of the proper ladies, my wife, had three fingers up the other's cunt, the other's legs fully spread, panties to her knees, cunt lip's red and cum dripping from her nose onto her nice silk blouse. Good thing no one could see into the car.

I steadied myself as Lee wiped the cum from Lee's took her hankie and wiped Ginger's face, feeling her breasts in the process. Ginger was almost in a hypnotic trance as her panties were slipped up to cover her dripping cunt. When we got to Ginger's condo and she, without hesitating, invited us in.

As the front door slammed behind us, Ginger turned, dropped her purse, and tongue kissed my wife deeply. "I want you ... Lee ... now", she said as the two women, like animals, tore at each other's clothes. I walked to the sofa and watched as blouses, bra's, skirts and panties flew through the air.

"T J, you've already cum ... once. Let us girls have some fun ... But, take your cock out so we can watch you Jack-Off", Lee said, laughingly. The sight was unbelievable. My blonde slut of a wife in a 69 romp with this young lawyer on the floor in front of me. Here I am, stroking my stiff cock as my wife sucks the cum out of her lawyers cunt. I'm sure that they both came from being licked since they were moaning uncontrollably. My cock was so hard from this show that I just sat there holding it.

"Hey, Gin, you still want to borrow T J? He fucks good, especially after he's cum once. T J ... honey ... slow down ... we need your cock again", Lee said giggling. "Come down here and let us take care of you." I kicked off my shoes and slipped off the sofa. Lee was on my like a cat, ripping my cock from my pants and sticking it into her mouth. Ginger pulled on my jacket, undid my tie and ripped the buttons from my shirt while taking me out of it. When my prick was well moistened she roughly guided the stiff member into her friends cunt. Ginger was on all fours, doggie style , so it was easy for Lee to lick her clit while I fucked her. Ginger started to cum instantly from all of the attention and it's a good thing too. The sight of my wife licking Ginger's cunt while my cock pistoned in and out of her friend young tight pussy was too much for me and I blew my load. Ginger moaned and my wife licked her clit and my cock at the same time.

There's more ..... but Lee will to tell you about that.

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