Am I Really an Asshole?

By: Dungeonmaster

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I'm not trying to explain why I fucked the nice young job applicant when Monica was dying in the hospital. I'm not sure that I could explain if I wanted to. Let's just say that, in my mind, Monica was dead. She had withered away with the onslaught of cancer and our life had ended. Not the memories ... the fantasies ... the wonderful times and the horrendous struggles ... we just didn't have a life together and ... Monica and I knew that.

The day we went to my mother's grave and I wrote the story, Happy Mother Fucker Day , Monica told me: "When I die I want everyone to remember me as I am!" Monica was a hell of a Slave ... a marvelous Mistress ... a great cock-sucker ... and ... above all ... she was a real person.

Back from the hill, from my mother's grave
Riding my Hog like a guy who's brave
She calls me sweet, want's to go to my cave
But, what the fuck ... Monica is my Slave!

La La ... La La ... La La ... La La

That's how it all started and I guess that's how it ends!

But ... There is a new beginning:

Monica has now been cremated along with the nice mail she got from her many friends. I am taking the posting files and email to make a book, which I intend to put in our restaurant for all the customers to read. I think she would like that. After all ... the idea for the restaurant was hers ... I built it for her. I hope that her memory will live on.

So what about my star "Celeste". She's a bright young girl who really wants to get involved with Blowout. She has beautiful skin, nice tits, dollar sized nipples, a juicy cunt and is willing to learn. That's important since I love to teach. After the thirty-day posting period for Monica ends, Celeste will handle the advice and placing stories. When she's not working on Blowout ... she will suck my cock and fuck me in every way I wish. Celeste will be an obedient slave ... servant ... satisfier ... and companion. That is what I want ... it is what she wants ... it is what we will have.

That will leave me time to do the computer stuff with Stefan, Monica's Daddy. By the way, he is much better now that the devastation of his daughter is over. No one ever said that, "Life is easy ... beautiful maybe ... but not easy.

So ... if I'm an asshole for not going into mourning over Monica ... then I will be the best asshole I can! I will teach little Celeste what I know.

Maybe Celeste can teach this old dog some "new" tricks.

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