A Slow Elevator Ride

By: Jay Chennell

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I have seen you from time to time on the express elevator. You get off at eighty-fifth floor and I stay on until the ninty-first91. I only see you in the mornings, never during the day of at night. You always look fresh, neat, well dressed, and carry that little brief case.

Today the express elevator is being worked on, so we all have to crowd into the local lift. The express goes all the way to fiftieth before stopping. My ride is usually never longer than a couple of minutes. Today will be different. Not only is this the local, but for some silly reason, it is stopping at every floor, opening the doors, waiting a moment or two and then proceeding to the next floor. At this rate the ride will take more than ten minutes.

I am in the very far left-hand corner of the car, and it's as full as it can get. That is when I noticed you standing directly in front of me. Most of the sea of bodies jammed into this car are express passengers and are there for the duration. As the car bounces a little at each stop, I feel your ass was brushing against my cock with ever increasing force. By the eighth floor, you have my cock squarely between the cheeks of your ass. My light summer pants and your silk skirt do not provide much of a barrier, and I am starting to get a hard-on. It is then you take your free hand and slide it down, your backside, down my front side until your palm is riding flush on my hardening cock. You give a little squeeze, and push back with a lot of force moving your ass from side to side with my cock in the middle.

I reach down and lift your mini-skirt high enough to reach the top of your panties. I slide them down so that I can gain access to your pussy. My finger follows the crack of your ass to your cunt and I feel that it is already damp.

By the seventeenth floor, my pants were unzipped and my throbbing cock was nestled in the cheeks of your ass. I squat a little, reaching in I guide my stiff prick to paradise.

By the 28th floor, I am fucking you from behind in a crowded elevator, and nobody realizes. You rotated your ass as I slide my cock in and out of your wet pussy. Our moves are slow but they are getting the job done.

By the thirty-eighth floor I feel your pussy contract violently as you orgasm.

By the forty-first floor I cum, shooting hot sperm deep into your throbbing cunt.

By the fiftieth floor we lean against the wall of the elevator as the crowd starts to diminish as people get off.

At the fifty-fifth floor 55th floor I reached down and pull my now soft cock in my shorts and zip up. I reach under her skirt and tug your panties as best as I can. As our bodies separated your skirt drops to its normal position.

At the eighty-forth floor you step to the front of the car.

At the eighty-fifth floor you exit into the corridor.

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