By Mike Linton

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I had been planning our wedding anniversary for some time the result being that we had met another couple, Sharon and Dan, and had become good friends with them. What my husband Gus didn't know was that I'd met them through a contact magazine and that with their help I was going to give Gus an anniversary present to blow his mind. The night began with dinner and relaxed conversation and then I suggested we go back to our motel room to watch a XXX movie I'd purchased the week before. It was guaranteed to provide enough action to turn us on and give us a few interesting ideas as well.

I put on the video and casually suggested that Sharon and I get into something more comfortable. Even though I was shaking inside, partly from nerves and partly from excitement, I took off my dress as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Underneath I had on a red G-string teddy and suspender belt, which left nothing to the imagination. I could see Gus giving me look that asked what was going on, but I just smiled to let him know that whatever happened was definitely okay with me. Sharon put on a show of doing a sexy striptease for the guys and as she slowly revealed the lacy low-cut bra, skimpy knickers and suspender belt she was wearing. I could tell Gus liked what he saw, especially the way her tits were pushing out of her bra and the outline of her shaven pussy through her knickers.

The combination of what was happening on the screen and the sight of two near naked women had our guys going. Dan and Sharon were kissing and rubbing each other on one couch while Gus and I were doing the same on the other sofa.

The fact that there was another couple getting excited just a few feet away increased our horniness. Even though I felt a bit shy about it I took the initiative and turned Gus around so that he could really watch the action. While I eased his extra hard cock out of his pants, I started teasing him by licking and sucking his cock slowly. I started trailing my fingers up and down his thighs and between his ass cheeks and I finally drew the full length of his cock into my mouth. I increased the pleasure by gently pushing my finger into his ass hole. Sharon had Dan's cock in her mouth and he pumped his stiff prick deep and strong as she held his hips. Both our men were wild and it didn't take long before they came in our mouths and both Sharon and I were covered with warm, rich cum.

We all watched the movie for awhile until Dan's cock started to stiffen. Seeing this, Gus stuck his finger into my cunt and played with my hot pussy. Gus was hard in no time and when he watched Dan pull Sharon into a 69 position he began to moan as the sight and feel of what was happening brought him close to the edge. I give him time to regain control and we changed our positions and he laid on me. He began biting and sucking my neck, which he knows, gets my juices flowing. He continued kissing his way down my body, spending time nibbling and rubbing my nipples. Then he easily found his way to my steaming hot pussy.

He licked my cunt-lips and sucked my clit and when he finally pulled aside my teddy Dan, he asked if he could shave what little hair I had left on my pussy. Gus shaved me and Dan and Sharon watched. Then, Dan started kissing me while Sharon played with my tits. Once Gus had finished shaving me he proceeded to give me the most unbelievable tongue lashing of all time Spurred on by the fact that I was enjoying the attentions of two other people he licked my cunt as never before. I'm sure he thought that the evening was going to lead to us having sex in the same room. If he was lucky, he might, but in light of the situation, I'm sure he got the idea that we were all there for as much fucking, partner swapping and experimenting as we could handle. Sharon really got the ball rolling when she laid down next to me sand asked Gus to give her some of the attention that I was getting.

What could Gus do but dive in and give her what she wanted so badly! Dan joined in the action by offering me his cock to suck. As I took his prick in my mouth he leaned over so that Sharon wouldn't miss the show. It was unreal ... Sharon and I were lying on the floor next to each other. We were sucking cock at one end and getting our pussies licked at the other. After awhile I moved down so that I could suck Gus' cock. Dan moved so that he could slide his cock into my red hot wet pussy.

Everyone went with the flow when Sharon told the guys that she needs to be fucked. And, she didn't care who did the honors. Gus decided he should be the man for the job so he rolled over and pulled Sharon onto his cock. He slid his stiff prick into her pussy and set up a slow pace that would keep her on the edge all night, if she wanted. Dan rolled me over and I squatted on all fours while Dan gave it to me doggie style I increased my enjoyment by rubbing and kissing Sharon's firm tits. The next position, was me sitting on Dan's cock with a face full of pussy as Gus moved behind me and gently worked his cock into my tight ass. Wow ... That was an incredible feeling. Both of my holes were filled with hard pumping cocks while I was eating the tastiest pussy of cunts.

My feelings were building as I tried to let everyone know that I was going to cum. I think the guys knew from the way I started bucking against them while moaning into Sharon's pussy. Sharon grabbed my head and ground her clit into her face. I lost control and sucked her pussy for all I was worth. The stimulation was blowing my mind. A couple of seconds later Sharon screamed that she was coming and that set the guys off. Both of their cocks pumped into my holes and they came at the same time. Gus pulled his limp dick out of my ass and Dan slid his cock from my wet pussy and we all moved into the bedroom and collapsed.

It didn't take to long before we became aroused and couldn't keep our hands off each other. What followed was the wildest night any of us have ever experienced. Needless to say Gus thought it was the best anniversary he'd ever had. We all decided to do it again next year.

That was if we can wait that long.

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