By Talios VanBuren

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It has been so long since we have seen each other and the constant thoughts of you have been driving me crazy. All I can think about is how good you taste and how much I want to suck you cock. I could suck you cock all day. I love to savor your cum. I love to watch your face when you orgasm. Everything about you makes me wet.

Even now I sit here and I am soaked. I am thinking about the next time we see each other. I know that will be heaven. I can see it all now ...

We meet and you can tell by just looking into my eyes that I am horny. You take this opportunity to tease me. You very nonchalantly take my arm and lead me to the car and say that you are hungry. So we start to drive and you ask me where I want to go to eat. I just look at you, reach over and run my hands over you hard cock hiding under your pants. I can feel how hard you are and that sends waves through me.

I sit back and try to regain my composure, but I know that will not happen. I am sitting there as I slide my hand up my dress and I find my hot wet pussy. I have on your favorite sundress. I decided not to wear panties in hopes that you would prefer no obstacles. I slide my fingers in and out of my pussy. the feeling is so good. I take notice that you are watching me and that gets me even hotter. You slide your hand under the other side of the dress and you feel how wet I am and how wet my hand is. You take my hand, guiding my fingers to your mouth and begin to lick. You tell me that you need more.

You pull over along the side of the road and tell me that you need to taste my pussy. You help me turn and, as you flip up my skirt, you see how wet I am and how difficult it is for me to sit still. You sit there with a very ornery look on your face, but you are doing nothing. I can't take that, so I slide my hand down find my throbbing clit. I quiver at the slightest touch. You sit there and look for a while, talking to me, coaching me. I am delirious. You cannot take much more either so you crush my pussy with your mouth and fuck me with you tongue.

I love to hear the sounds you make when you are eating me. You enjoy it so much and that sends me over the edge. I reach down to hold my lips open for you because I know you like that and you can get deeper. I cum over and over as you lick my cunt, sticking your finger in my ass. I love your finger there and I lose the place from where I start and where I finish.

I look out the window and notice that there is a field so I stop you and get out of the car. It has gotten dark since we pulled over so I know you will be comfortable. I pull you down into the grass, undo your belt and pull down your pants. Your cock jumps out and you are so hard. I want you in my mouth so bad.

I slowly, at first, take you in and I feel your body tremble as my hot mouth wraps around you. I lick around the tip and begin to feel you squirm. Little by little I go further down on your stiff prick until the entire shaft is deep in my throat. I slide up and down flicking when I come to the top. I like to suck on you like that. I come up and swirl around the tip, and underneath. There is a drop of pre-cum so I lick it all up. You taste so good and I don't want to miss any of rich juice.

You push me back and begin to kiss me. I can taste my juices all over your mouth. You are such a great kisser. I can cum so easily just with a kiss from you. You are fingering my pussy and making comments on how wet I am, how you need to have more of that and how you want to fuck me. I like it when you talk to me and say wonderful things.

I don't want to be left out so I turn you so that I can have your cock. We are madly slurping each other. I feel like I am just gong to pass out from all the passion. You keep telling me how could I taste when I cum and how much you want me to keep doing your cock. I wish that you could cum like that, over and over and over.

I debate on when I want you to cum. I would love to have you cum deep in my throat but I also know this is along the road and it is one shot. I slide your cock out of my mouth and beg you to fuck me. You make me beg. I tell you how good your cock feels deep in my pussy and how much I need it there. You go around behind me, your cock slides in so easy, my pussy sucks all of your cock right in. I love it when you enter me, I cum so fast. I love to feel you from behind. I love to watch you balls dangle and slap me as you fuck. I thank you for fucking me and beg for you to fuck me hard. You pull my hips hard and you bend to kiss and bite my back. I slide your hand up to my hair, you pull my head up and ask me just how hard I want to be fucked. I cannot even talk at this point. You keep hold of my hair as your cock goes deep into my wet pussy, making me cum and cum. My legs are soaked from all the juice running from my cunt.

You take out your cock of my pussy and slide it into my ass. There has been plenty of lubrication so your stiff prick slides right in. I was not expecting this so it sends me over the edge again and again. I begin to moan and chirp, as you call it. I am not sure how close we are to houses so I am trying to stay quiet, but it is not working. I love it when you fuck my ass. You grab my hair again and ask me if I like it in the ass. "Yes", I scream as all I can do is to move into you harder. My ability to speak is gone now, I can just mumble. I feel like an animal and I love it. I love the way you bring all my sexual desires to a head and make me want to explode. You tell me that you are going to cum. I want you so bad. I feel you each with and every spurt. I love the feel of you cumming in my ass. Then again, cumming in my mouth and in my pussy are even better.

You relax and fall on the grass spent.

I say, " ... see what happens when you tease me?"

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