By Mistress Monica

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The most frequently asked questions in the Blowout Advice Column is information about Anal Intercourse. I have read, and practiced, a lot on the subject so here is my essay on getting fucked in the ass. I would hope this might help make your next ass fucking experience more enjoyable.

Anal sex can be fun, safe and entertaining if you take proper steps to keep is safe. If not, anal sex can be painful and even dangerous. Ass fucking, is as safe as any other kind of sex and is very pleasurable. The asshole can be an extremely erogenous zone as the inside of the ass has more nerve endings than any other part of the body, except the clitoris.

Anal sex can vary from stroking your, or your partner's, ass with a lubricated finger, or intercourse by a cock, or a substitute such as a dildo or vibrator. All these are very pleasing if you practice sanitary hygiene techniques. Many women shun from the thought of "Taking it in the Ass", but there is no reason for this fear if you take the right precautions. It is good to take a shit to make sure your hole is clean and proper. Some people like have an enema, but this is usually for sexual arousal rather then necessity. If you do not know your partner WELL you should use a condom. Smart fucker's use a condom for anal sex no matter who they let into their ass.

A good water-soluble gel, cream or lubricant is helpful to ease penetration. Some die-hard players like to be dry fucked but this is painful unless you are a regular at the practice. If you want to use a lubricant, stay away from Vaseline and other petroleum based lubes. I recommend Anal-Ese, Astro-Glide, Pau Yuen Tong Balm, K-Y Jelly or, the one I just love, named Wet. If you do not have a good sex store near you, look in the Blowout Lubricants section of our online catalog store. Whatever lubricant you like, the more you use, the easier, cleaner and more comfortable your session will be.


Get rid of the idea that ass fucking is exclusively a homosexual act. Of course, Gay men must practice anal sex, but it is also a favorite form of sex for heterosexual couples. Getting fucked in the ass is one of my most pleasurable forms of intercourse. So ... put bad ideas out of your mind and get down to enjoying your body.

Your asshole can take a large cock easily and the experience is very nice if you relax. Your asshole is like a thin tube with a ring on the end to keep shit inside. The muscular ring relaxes and tightens to keep shit in or to keep foreign objects out. These muscles are quite strong and are controlled partly by the mind. Your emotions can control the tightness at any given time. If you are sitting at your computer reading this, flex your ass cheeks and you will experience how your asshole puckers and tightens. A good ass fuck won't be pleasurable unless your muscles are relaxed. This will take practice.

The assholes are erotic zones, as I have said. Most people experience pleasure in taking a shit, whether they admit it or not. Guilt is the inhibitor of anal delights and tension is the cause of the discomfort. Your rear end is not a bad or mysterious part of your body. Awareness and appreciation of your ass can lead to immeasurable pleasures


First, you have to be comfortable with your anus and rectum? Are you familiar with this region, or do you emotionally put this down? If you feel bad about your ass, if you think it's dirty, you must change your views.

Explore your asshole and find out about it. Your rectum is NOT dirty. You can play with it and not get hurt. Draw a nice warm tub and sink into the hot water and relax. Using your dominant hand (right if you are right handed) slip your fingers over your pussy and thighs. Bend your legs and slide your fingers between your ass cheeks and rub the space between your cunt and ass hole, feeling how soft and smooth this area is. Touch your asshole lightly with one finger, slowly pushing it past the muscle we have talked about. Move your finger in a circular motion, putting pressure on the edge of the opening. After a few minutes push down a little, then up. This should feel wonderful and you should not be afraid. Now, try rubbing your pussy-lips and clit with your other hand as you rotate the finger in your ass.

If playing inside your ass feels good or if you think it will, keep exploring. Take it easy and please yourself comfortably. Concentrate on your asshole and find out when it's tight and when it's loose, what makes the change and how you can exercise control.

When you gain control you can insert two fingers and spread them, stretching the muscles. The rectum is a sturdy, flexible part of your body and won't he traumatize by fingers, a cock or anal toys unless you or someone else is violent. Be careful of sharp objects such as fingernails as they can scratch. This could be dangerous so trim your nails first.

If you find small pieces of shit in the end-portion, don't worry as these are harmless and will wash off when you are finished. If you find this offensive you can clean out your hole first by douching. Some people like to with an enema prior to anal sex but I like to go natural myself.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I want you to lie on your bed, bending your legs to bring your feet next to your ass cheeks. Tenderly, lubricate your asshole and fingers with one of the good gels that I mentioned earlier. Start slowly masturbating one hand while you place your other hand on your ass. Push gently, slowly, and your finger will slip into the opening. Don't push yourself or your finger at first. Find your own limit and enjoy. Enjoyment is what all this is about! When you find that your finger(s) go all the way through the thick muscle and inside the soft rectum it may feel uncomfortable. This is because your education had taught you that the ass hole is a dark, dirty, smelly and undesirable place. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once inside let your finger(s) and asshole relax as you finger your pussy and clit with the other hand. If the inside of your ass has a little burning sensation or mild irritation don't worry. This feeling will turn to pleasure. If you feel like it, bring yourself to a climax with your finger inside your ass. If this feels good, and I'm sure that it will, keep exploring your ass as you relax.


Once you've discovered the pleasure your finger(s) can bring you, start opening the entrance so that you can insert larger sized objects. Inserting soft objects of a greater diameter and length does this. You may feel that your asshole has it's own personality and wants to do things it's own way. This is the mind separation and the dirty thoughts associated with asses. Once you discover the feel you will get to know your ass and be comfortable. You will find that playing with your ass is a critical part of your masturbation.

When you are comfortable with fingering your asshole you can become more aggressive. Insert your finger(s) and massage the inside, pressing outward in a circle, rotating, tensing the muscle, relaxing and curling your finger(s). While you are exploring, try rubbing your cunt-finger(s) with your ass-finger(s) through the soft separating skin. While doing this flex your muscles as if you're trying to take a shit. Practice stretching, tensing, calming, forcing, relaxing your anus as your finger(s) probe the inside. Do this until the opening widens and you feel no pain nor discomfort. See how much you can bend your fingers and how far you can separate them while inside.

When you can do this with comfort and pleasure you are ready to try a dildo. these are straight, smooth, round, usually soft tipped objects and can be found in the Blowout Catalog or any good sex shop.

The ass hole spreader that I began with, I got through the store and it is named "the Swell Guy". This is a very nice toy and is specifically designed to expand your ass hole and it also vibrates if you like. The Swell Guy comes with an easy to use hand pump and battery operated hand controller that sends exciting anal vibrations. This allows you to stretch the opening of your ass without buying numerous different sized dildos. You will probably end up buying an assortment anyway, as I did, but this is a nice way to get started. The main thing is to be careful of glass objects, hard plastics, candles, etc. since they can break, leaving particles inside your ass. So, buy a nice toy and indulge your pleasures, since you can only hurt your rectum with sharp objects or violent jabbing motions.


Once you are familiar with your new body part, your asshole, you can start experimenting with a partner. You should select your partner wisely and look for the same qualities you wanted when you first fucked. A gentle, understanding partner is important in the beginning. Explain how you feel, what you want done and how you want it done. Don't just open up to any guy that wants to pound the shit out of you. This will lead to a bad experience and undo much of the training and care you have performed.

I will assume your partner of choice is a man. It could be a woman, with a strap on dildo, however. But, I will refer to your partner as masculine.

Find a partner that likes sex, is willing to finger your ass during intercourse, and will play with your anal passage. A nice thing for you is to have your partner suck on your cunt while he inserts his finger(s) in your ass. It will be easier for your partner since he is in a better position to reach and you are in a better position to relax the muscles as he gently plays with your opening. If you are anxious or you simply can't relax, take your time. Anal sex is not the easiest thing to learn. If you find difficulty, don't feel bad about it, since your asshole may follow the old habits of not opening. Take your time, it is worth it!

It is very important to talk to your partner and tell him how you're feeling. One pleasant act that will relax your ass is for your partner to circle the opening, pressing with lubricated fingertips, going around and around. This has a calming effect and if your partner is gentle, you will relax. If your ass just won't loosen, you may have a mental block that will not allow you to be entered. If this is the case, explore your thoughts with your partner through conversations. If you are really serious about anal sex and cannot relax you may want to see a counselor or sex therapist.

I assume that you don't have serious problems with anal stimulation and experimenting. Now it is time to have your partner fuck you in the ass.


A word of caution! If you are confident with your lover you can anal fuck bare back, without protection. If you are at all unsure ... use a condom ... or other protection. I won't spend a lot of time on Aid's or other sexual diseases since you are already sexually active. Just be careful. Another caution, do not to switch from anal to vaginal fucking. It is not a good idea to use the same instrument, be it a dildo or a cock, in your cunt after being fucked in the ass without washing. It is less risky to go from your cunt to your ass than to take a cock from your ass and put in into your pussy. So, with this advice ... go find a cock.

As in playing with yourself, take it easy and slow at first. If your ass hurts, and it may, just ask him to withdraw gently. Some pain is normal and even with a stretched asshole your mental state may cause contractions. You will soon discover that any pain will turn into blissful delight during anal intercourse.

At first, when he enters, you may experience a violent urge to go to the bathroom. This is because your reflexes normally want to excrete anything that is up your ass. This sensation is similar to gagging while learning a "deep throat blowjob". You may also think that you're going to piss or shit, but this is a a common thought. As in cock sucking , having a prick in your throat; during anal sex, you will soon condition yourself to the normality of having an object in your ass. The great sexual excitement will follow. Be patient and the feelings of fear and any tightness will lessen considerably. Gradual penetration and activity is the best rule, so go easy and smooth. It will be difficult for a time, but you will be pleased with a rapid change from discomfort to erotic pleasure.

After your partner has inserted his cock deep into your ass, give a luxurious amount of time to become accustomed to the feel. He knows what to do, so you should think about the pleasure, warmth and sensuality. Try masturbating, or have your partner masturbate you, as a regular part of anal intercourse. This will increase your sexual intensity and desire.

Try rotating your ass in a circular motion , as he thrusts, slowly, in and out. A subtle lesson is how to squeeze your anus, tight and loose, to fondle his cock. You'll know if you're moving in good ways, because you'll feel a rhythmic passionate flow within your body. You'll forget where you are as you and your partner's movements melt into each other.


Analingus or rimming is a very intimate way to explore assholes. This applies to both partners. It involves licking, tonguing, and sucking in and around the anus. This might seem strange, because asses are considered dirty and bad, but actually, they're not. Although, it is possible to catch a venereal disease or hepatitis from an infected person, one can catch this eating pussy also. Fears of Analingus are more mental and related to smell, taste, and personal preference. To make rimming more enjoyable you may wish to douche before, thus eliminating any odors.

Because the opening of your ass is so deliciously sensitive, and the lips and tongue so expressive, rimming is extremely exciting. It's as easy as eating pussy and the same actions create ecstatic reactions. For more on this, read Dungeonmaster's Eating Pussy.

"Around the World" is kissing and tonguing the entire body and Analingus is a part of the body's world. Your partner can lick across the anus skin, wet licking strokes around the outside, going round and around, up and down the crack. He can flick the tip of his tongue rapidly or insert his tongue inside, as far as it'll go. He can brush his lips gently over the hole, or suck hard on the opening, as if to turn you inside-out. This is really nice if done with tongue insertion. While you're being rimmed you can push down, relaxing your asshole as if taking a shit. This will expand the opening, giving more area for him to caress or nibble.


Get on your hands and knees so your ass is in the air. Your partner kneels directly behind, facing in the same direction. He bends over you, guiding his lubricated prick to your asshole. Either quickly or slowly, depending on your preference, he pushes his cock inside you, as you draw it inside. He then thrusts his hips back and forth, moving his prick in and out of your ass. As he pumps inside you, keep still or rotate your hips in a side-to-side motion. This position is referred to as "doggie-style" for obvious reasons and has the advantage of easy and fairly deep entry, combined with freedom of movement.

In the perverted-missionary position, you lie on her back, drawing her knees up to your chest and over the shoulders of your partner. You and your partner are face to face and it is nice to put a pillow under your pelvis to raise your ass in the air. This position allows for easy penetration and deep entry.

Another interesting position is standing, your partner stands behind you facing the same way. You bend at the waist, using a counter, table, or the wall for support. This position is convenient to use outdoors and I have even been fucked in public by simply raising my skirt and letting Dungeonmaster push into my ass. Standing allows easy penetration, full movement and if there is nothing to hang onto, you and your partner had hold on to each other. If you're into taking chances in a crowd, stand up ass fucking is a great experience.

Of course you can lie flat on your stomach with your hips raised with a pillow and your partner can lie on top. This is fine if he's not too heavy. This allows you to relax and your hands are free to do other things. Full penetration using this method is not as easy and you are restricted in your movements as you will find out.

The reverse of the above allows you to control the speed and depth of penetration. Have your partner lay flat on his back and you straddle him and slide her ass down to meet his hard cock. Penetration is easy in this position, entry can be deep and you are in control. Your partner's hands are free to caress her breasts or even slide down to massage her clit while you slide up and down on his prick. This position is also easy on your partner as you do most of the work.

Dungeonmaster's favorite position, since he likes to fuck in the morning, and he is somewhat lazy, is to have me lie on my side and he will curl in behind me. he will usually stick his stiff prick into my cunt from behind and we will have a slow and gentle cunt fuck. When he gets more excited he will slip out and stick his cock into my ass, wrap his arms around my waste, grab my cunt-lips or rings and pull me toward him driving his cock deep inside. This method is very relaxing and allows free hand movement. I can grab his ass and pull his harder if I want deeper penetration or I can hold him still if I want to relax.

Well, I've been up most of the night and the sun is cumming up so I am going to jump back into bed and see if I can get Dungeonmaster to assume his favorite position and ream my ass for awhile.

I hope that I have given you enough information to get you started. Your imagination is your only boundry.

Go and find a nice partner. You have fun!

Love, Mistress Monica

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