Anal First Time

I love when you slide your finger in my ass while we're fucking or when you go down on me. But I've always been hesitant to let you fuck me in the ass. You've always been so patient about bringing it up, letting me think it over. That's always the way it should be between lovers. If you forced me, you know I'd move on like a flash.

"I don't know," I always says, "it looks like it hurts."

You reassure me that it may hurt at first, but you're sure I'd grow to like it.

It was late one night and you were helping me close down my bar. Everyone was gone except us, so we sat around at the bar, watched some latenight porn on one of the satellite channels, sipped on Long Island Teas, and nibbled popcorn.

Somehow, I chanced upon one of the more hardcore channels. The action was hot and heavy. The action was between a well hung guy and a perky blonde. He was working his cock into her backside. I had never seen a porn like it before. As the slowly worked his cock into her, she sighed outloud and being a student of expressions and emotions, I could tell she was truly enjoying herself. I felt myself getting warm while I continued to watch. Looking over at you, I could see you gripping the counter rather tightly.

"More Tea, Sweet?" I asked you.

You shook your head no, and glancing down I could see your hardness pressing against your jeans. Maybe I could try "it" tonight? I mused.

Moans of pleasure drew me back to the big screen TV. My bar's main screen is nearly lifesize and I could picture myself in the gal's place, being rammed by the stud on the screen. I squirmed at the thought.

By the time the guy had seven inches into the gal's ass, I was breathing hard. I felt your presence behind me and you kissed my neck, while reaching around to touch my breasts. One hand wandered down to my crotch, stroking me through my spandex.

Your hands were at my waist, tugging at my pants and rolling them down to expose my ass to view. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants,then turned around to kiss you. Your hands worked their way under my T-shirt and I paused to take it off, encouraging you to do the same. My hands went to your fly and I zipped it down, reaching inside to free your cock.

"Love that salute," I said, watching your cock spring to attention.

"Shut up and kiss me," you replied, breathing hard as I stroked and tongued you. I tugged at your jeans until you were as naked as I was.

I bent to blow you, one finger working into your asshole. You groaned and picked me up, carrying me around the bar and towards the stairs.

As you got to the top stair, I said, "Room on the left,"

You stared at me a moment, knowing this wasn't my room, but one of the rooms where the girls worked.

"No one's here...they've all gone home. Two days holiday, remember?" I said, sensing your confusion.

Opening the door, you carried me inside and placed me on the king-sized bed. The room wasn't special. I had Fantasy Suites, but this wasn't one of them. I was here for what was in the nightstand drawer.

"I want to suck you," you said, while slipping a finger into my my wet pussy, then working it into my ass. My cheeks clenched around it and I ground my pussy into your face. You worked another finger into my ass and my mouth went into high gear on your cock. I could tell by your licking that you were having trouble concentrating on it while I gave you head. Not to brag, but I've never had any complaints about my blowjobs.

"Sweets, there's something in that drawer I want you to get." I said, pointing to the black lacquer nightstand.

You rolled over and opened the drawer, your eyes going wide as you brought out the tube of KY jelly. "You really want to try, Holly?"

"Yes, and I know you'll be gentle."

I reached over and dimmed the lights a little further, flipping a switch that turned on soft music and another that fed a light musk incense into the room.

"You like?"

The jazz playing was your favorite and you smiled. You put your hands behind my head and drew me to you. While we kissed, I ground my pussy against you. I was so wet at the thought of getting it in the ass I felt the first twinge of an orgasm.

You stroked my hair and kissed my lips, nose, both eyes. "I promise. If it hurts, just say so and I'll stop."

That's what I've always liked about you. You don't just think of yourself but your partner's needs as well. I put my hands around your cock, stroking its length.

You touched my clit and I moaned while your fingers worked up and down my slit, finally working their way into my cunt. As I ground against you harder, you pushed me gently away and started sucking on my breasts, licking your way down to my belly, to my shaved mound. I moaned in pleasure.

You laid me back and, cupping my ass in your hands, began to lick my pussy again. I usually have several orgasms to your one and you wanted me as relaxed as possible. You slid one finger in my pussy, in and out until it was slick with my juices, and then touched my asshole.

You spread my cheeks slightly and slid your finger just into the opening. Leaving it there, you licked my clit, slowly. My pussy smell got stronger and your mouth got wetter and wetter. I started to clench my ass cheeks on your finger.

"I..." but I couldn't get the rest out.

You worked the finger deeper into my ass and slid it back and forth in time to your tongue. I began to buck.

I rocked up and down on the finger as you licked my clit. I sighed, froze, and relaxed. "I don't want your finger, I want the rest."

"You're sure, Holly?"

I rolled over so my ass was towards you. I ran my hands invitingly over it, then around to my clit. I shuddered.

You put some jelly on your finger and touched my hole. "Whoa, that's cold." I said.

"It won't be for long." you slid it all over the hole, then pushed your finger inside. Lubricated by the K-Y and by our previous playing, it slipped deep inside.

You took it out and put some K-Y on the tip of your cock. As you brought your cock to my hole, I shivered and pushed back.

It took a little working and lots of patience on your part, but the head of your cock slipped into my ass. You stopped briefly, then spreading my cheeks wider, slid your cock in deeper. It hit the muscle and I jumped.

"Stop a second," I whispered, clenching my jaw as a wave of pain seemed to travel all over my body. Maybe I made a mistake...but then the pain started to fade.

You looked worried. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No, just give me some time to adjust."

You reached under me and stroked my breasts, tweaking each nipple. "Oh, yeah, like that." I murmured.

You rubbed one hand against my pussy mound. I raised one leg slightly, and you slid a finger against my slit. "No hurry," You told me. "We've got all night."

"Deeper," I commanded. "now."

You slid your cock deeper in my ass. I gasped, then you popped the ring of my ass muscle and your cock slid in easily from there. In. You were in my ass! All the way, too! The thought nearly made you come.

I rocked slowly back and forth, your cock sliding in and out. You let me take the lead for awhile, getting used to the foreign feel of a cock in my virgin ass.

"Oh, Holly..." Your voice had a strained feel as you tried to hold back from coming so soon. I squeezed my ass cheeks and you groaned loudly.

As I continued to rock on your cock, my breath became more ragged and I slipped my fingers into my pussy, fingering myself.

"You are so tight..." I could hear you murmur, as you took control and grabbed my hips and pulled me towards you. I could feel every inch slam home and your balls slapped against me.

My fingers continued to work my pussy while to slid in and out of me. Not all women will like taking it in the ass, but I sure did!

"Come to me," I whispered, "Come in my ass."

You paused in your strokes to kiss my neck. "I will, babe."

I sighed outloud, fingering myself more furiously and your hips rocking into me got faster and faster. I squeezed your cock so hard you groaned louder and froze, the sperm exploding into me.

With a violent shudder, I pushed back on your cock. My cheeks squeezed and squeezed and my body shook violently as my orgasm started to rise. But you weren't through yet. Blind with frenzy, you pumped my ass again and again. With a final thrust, your come pumped deep in my asshole. The force was strong enough that you felt it shoot back against you, leaking around your cock out of my asshole.

Both spent from the effort, we collapsed, you on top of me. I could feel your weight, but it was just right. I was still feeling the final waves of my orgasm. When it faded for both of us, you rolled off and I felt your cock slid out. I felt empty for a moment.

"Sorry," you said.

I pulled you to me and kissed you. "Your weight is just right on me." I sighed. "That was nice. It really was."

"You liked it, Holly? Really? Did it hurt much?"

I sat up. "In the beginning," I said, smiling. "But it just took a little time and a great lover to make it all worth while for me." Getting out of bed, I pointed to the shower. So how about a shower, then I'll cook us some is about that time."

The End