Alligator Mama

By Dexter Bing

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A few months back, I went to a titty bar with a bunch of guys from work. They'd been asking me for weeks to join them, and finally convinced me to check out a babe called "Alligator Mama".

"You gotta see her, man", Ken said. "She strips down to nothing! She's got a tattoo of an alligator across her belly and the head goes to her snatch!"

"Who the hell are you kidding", I asked. "No titty bar lets the girls strip down to nothing."

"Well this babe does ... If you tip big enough", Ken answered.

To satisfy my curiosity, I met the guys after work. I'd gotten there just in time for the table dance. Renee, her real name, had a great body ... ample tits, long shapely legs and nicely rounded ass cheeks. Every part of her appeared to be exceptionally firm.

I could feel my cock slowly rising as she peeled. Wearing only her red g-string and holding her red sweater, she swung her ass in front of me as I sat in wonder. She removed everything except her g-string and, when she turned, I could see the alligator's tail whipping across her belly as she meticulously worked her stomach muscles to make it dance. Renee danced in front of me slowly inching the g-string lower with the tip of her finger. The top of the alligator's head came into view and I immediately whipped out fifty bucks and tucked it inside the band.

When the song was over, Renee leaned forward and whispered in my ear for me to follow her. She sauntered down the hallway to her dressing room, locking the door behind me as I entered. She turned and brushed her tits across my arm. She glanced down at my crotch, her eyes widening as my bulging cock twitched.

"I have something to show you before we take care of this", she said, squeezing my crotch. Renee turned her back to me and removed her g-string. When she turned around, my throbbing prick nearly bored a hole through my pants! Indeed, the head of the alligator went clear to her snatch! Renee raised her leg, resting her foot on the dressing table. Her cunt became the alligator's gaping mouth, ready to devour whatever it came in contact with.

I reached out and caressed the smoothness, the tip of my fingers tracing the outline of the tattoo, finally dipping into the dark wetness of her cunt.

Renee reached over and undid my pants, freeing my throbbing cock. She gave it a few strokes, then led me to the couch, gently pushing me back after pulling down my pants.

With one leg straddled across me and one foot on the floor, Renee began to rub her pussy. Her finger glided between the lips and dipped into her gaping pussy. My cock twitched against the warmth of her thigh.

She brought her leg up, her pussy hovering a few inches over the bulb-like tip of my stiff prick. I reached down and gripped the shaft, holding it steady as she lowered her dripping cunt over my cock. As she bounced happily as I watched the "Alligator Mama" sucked in my man hood. The tail whipped along her belly as she worked her muscles, sucking in a full load of my orgasm and milking me dry.

The guys were still sitting at the table when I returned. "Wasn't she everything I said", Ken asked?

Without expression, I grabbed his beer and guzzled it.

With that ... I rose from the chair and left the bar, chuckling to myself.

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