A Little Show (Part 2)

By TJ & Lee Star

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The week after my wife put on the little show for the high school guys was the most intense week of sex we ever had. One night my wife slowly and rhythmically finger fucked herself and then sucked my cock in front of three young men in a parking lot while we were parked and that seemed to release any inhibitions she was harboring.

That week we went from our Friday night, maybe Saturday night, once a week sex night to several times every night. The interesting thing was that she became a real show woman. Now, when she went down on me she pulled her hair back so I could see her taking the full length of my cock in real slowly. Now, she likes to pull her lips apart and say, "Do you like my wet cunt, baby ... my pussy is good and wet, just for your beautiful cock." I loved every minute.

One night I came home and found her naked and spread eagle on the couch watching a real hard core video. On the screen a stud with at least nine inches were fucking this tight brunette's ass. My wife was sliding a dildo, a new toy I didn't know about, slowly in and out of her pussy. It was obvious she wanted to get "caught".

"Oops", she giggled ... "I guess I got carried away", she said coyly. "It's to late to stop, though ... maybe you could join me?". I could feel my cock stirring as I approached her.

"No, not together ... pull it out for me ... I've always wanted to see you do what I know you do ..", she giggled. "Let me watch you jack off ... go ahead, I'm sure you know how to stroke it better than anyone ... and I'll continue to give you inspiration ..." Just as she said that, she pulled the fake cock out of her soaking wet pussy and slowly licked it from top to bottom. I was going to do whatever she asked.

I pulled my cock out and let my suit pants fall to the floor. She tossed me some massage oil and told me, "Grease it up, baby. I want to see you shine ...".

I poured the oil on my hand and began a slow even jerk off. There was a big dollop of the clear pre-cum all over the head of my cock. She turned slightly toward me and spread her legs even wider for me as she fucked herself with the dildo and rubbed her clit.

"Look at the TV, baby ... wouldn't you love to see me suck a cock so big while a woman like that licked my cunt? ... Wouldn't you like to beat off to that?'"

On the TV a three-way scene was getting really horny. "I'd like to take a cock like that in my ass, while I had you in my mouth ... would you like that?" At this point I was stroking my meat fast and she knew I was close to cumming.

"I want to see it ... when you cum .... are you close? I don't want to miss it ... here, get a better look at how wet and turned on I am", she said spreading her legs more. Then she put one leg over the couch and the other on the floor. She let the dildo drop and she pulled her lips far apart. She was wet and pink and as she hiked her hips up I could see her pink asshole. It too was wet like she had a finger up it at some point that afternoon. "CUM ALL OVER YOURSELF, BABY", she begged.

I couldn't last any longer. I stroked my cock with all I had and I came really hard. My load shot up and landed half on my face and half on my chest. She giggled at that, got up and hovered over me.

"Now you know how I feel", she said as she licked every drop, first from my face and then from my chest. Jerking off was never so intense.

Later, she told me she had planned on getting "caught" for weeks. She said she has other plans too ... I can't wait.

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