Airport Meeting

By John Skillweld

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We meet at an airport. I see you, run up and give you a nice big hug and a long wet kiss ... exploring your sexy body with my strong hands ...

"Nice ass", I whisper.

You give my butt a squeeze and say, "I want it ... NOW ... it was long plane ride."

Walking to the car we spot a dark stairway and head for it. Once there I pin your arms to the cold cement wall as we kiss. Our tongues explore each other throats as your knee rises up to my crotch and rubs my ball through my jeans. We can hear voices of people in the distance, but the passion is to strong to stop ... now ... My hands leave your arms and slide down your hot sweaty body. It's about six in the evening and a cool seventy degrees but we are streaming ...

You break our kiss drop down to your knees licking at my zipper, your hands on my ass. You pop my button, ease down the zipper with the your teeth ... my stiff cock pops out. Starting from the bottom of my hard prick you lick and suck on my shaft.

"MMMMM ..... SUCK IT", I whisper, seeing your sexy eyes looking up at me as your lips move slowly up and down my cock, bringing me close to cumming down your throat. You pull my cock out of your mouth with a "POP">

Standing up you lick my lips then turn so that you are leaning against the wall with your little tight ass sticking out ... you whisper, " ... fuck me hard", and my hands spread your legs than ease their way under your dress and up your inner thigh until my fingers find your soaking wet panties. Sliding them down and throwing them away, I move so that my cock is just pressing between your juicy pussy lips. I start to play with your clit and lick the sweet sweat dripping down your soft neck. You squeal as my cock slips up your wet cunt ... a man passes by ... sees you ...dress up to your waist and me ramming you hard, he smiles and stops to watch ... you get hotter ... your soft squeals turn into loud screams ... " ... YES! FUCK ME! MAKE ME CUM!"

As I slide my cock in and out of your wet cunt you look at the man watching us. I rub your slippery clit faster when I hear you scream, "I'M CUMMING!", and your cum drips down your thighs as I shoot my load deep in your pussy.

The stranger claps his hands as my dick softens and falls out of your slippery cunt. You fix your dress and pick up your panties. As we walk by the man you hand him your cum soaked underwear and smile.

The man sniffs them as we walk away.

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