After a swim

By Passion

Last nite I went to bed early ..... alone ..... thinking of you.

I turned out all the lights and lay quietly on bed, closed my eyes and imagined you were there.

You came into my room, in the darkness, you thought I was asleep. You leaned over my bed and softly kissed my lips. I parted them and felt your tongue slip into my mouth. Our tongues explored each others mouths. Your hands slid along the length of my body unsnapping the top to my swim suit. I shivered involuntarily. You slowly slipped the top off and your lips kissed my neck and down to my now pulsating breasts ..... There you made each of my nipples erect by teasingly sucking on them while your fingers explored my pussy lips ...... stroking them and parting them, finding me wet and ready. You pulled down my panties and stood up and removed your clothes then slipped into bed beside me. I gravitated towards your bodies warmth like a magnet. Moving into the circle of your arms and laying my head on your bare chest. My hands stroked your chest ..... touching your nipples ..... then touching your mouth and kissing you.

Your impatience was evidenced by the hardness I felt on my thigh. My hand slid down to touch your cock ..... I stroked you slowly ..... absorbing how hot and ready you were to fill me. All the while your fingers were exploring me pushing in and out of my wet pussy, making my desire intense. Without a word, you spread my thighs and slid between them, poised with your cock head just at my entrance.

"Tell me Passion ..... do you want me?"

"Yes", I breathed. Without a moments hesitation I said, "Yes,,,, no other man has been in my heart since I have met you ..... you are my lifes desire ..... my souls fullfillment."

With that you plunged into my waiting pussy ..... deep .... filling me completely. I gasped with the pleasure of you and your heat. Your strokes started slowly then gained in speed ...... taking me past any pleasure I had ever known. Your desire was intensified by the knowledge that I was only yours from now on ..... You could feel the pleasure you were giving me deep inside my pussy. I matched your movements with every stroke, building until our climax was inevitable ..... Both of us lost in animal passions ...... We came together ..... Your cum filled me completely and you could feel the muscles of my pussy stroking your cock. You rolled to my side and held me close, stroking my hair and face as my heartbeat calmed down and my breathing slowed. Together, we fell asleep to enjoy each others passions and desires in dreams.

Love, Passion