By Norman Swimmer

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The other night I was sitting at home after my shower watching TV when I heard my wife come home. She slammed the door and said she was going to shower and go to bed. I knew something was wrong so, when I heard the shower I went into the bedroom placed candles everywhere and lit them. I then heard the water stop and she stepped out of the shower with a smile on her face as soon as she saw the candles.

I asked her what was wrong and she mumbled something about a meeting. I told her to lay on the bed and I would rub her shoulders> She did and I did and noticed how tight the muscles were. I work on them with oil and they started to relax as I heard my wife moan with pleasure.

I massage her back, down the side of her body until I get to her ass. I get more oil and rub one cheek then the other. I pour oil down the crack of her ass and rub my finger around her ass hole .... I push a finger against the hole and it slips in easily as she pushes her ass up towards me. My finger goes in and out as she is pushing hard against my finger. She whispers, " ... faster ... Norm ... it feels so good."

I stop and say, " ... slow down Beverly", and turn her over.

As she turns over I can see the look in her eyes that she is completely turned on .. I notice that her nipples are rock hard. I begin to massage her feet first one then the other. I start on her calves and, as I look at her, she has one hand pulling her nipple and the other finger fucking her wet cunt ... pulling her cum soaked lips.. My cock is now rock hard ... I just watch as she is moaning ... I hold her hand and tell her to wait .. she then looks at me smiles and puts her hand on the other nipple.

I start to rub the inside of her thighs going up to her pussy but not touching it ... first one side the other ... I put my head down on her cunt ... licking the lips ... first one side then the other .... she is moaning ... I lift her legs up high and I lick from her pussy to her ass hole ... back and forth ... I lick her clit .. she moans ... I go down and put my tongue in her pussy ... her cum tastes so sweet ... I go back to her clit .. pulling back the hood ... I lick the clit lightly ... I suck it in my mouth as she screams with pleasure .. I put two fingers in her cunt and start to finger fuck her as I am licking her clit ..

Beverly is screaming, "I am cumming ... Norm. Don't stop!"

I keep going as she screams that she is cumming as she gets super wet ... I stop and see her panting .. I am super hard .... I put my cock in her dripping wet cunt and she screams, " ... fuck me!" I begin slowly at first then faster .. her pussy is so wet ... my stiff cock goes in and out so easily .. my prick is so hard .. Beverly says, "I am coming ... again ... fuck me harder", and it is what I hear her say that brings me to the brink of orgasm. I start to cum and she can feel it. She uses her cunt muscles to hold my cock hard and drain every last drop out of me.

I am still horny I get off her and the start to suck on her pussy. Both our liquids mixed together sure tastes good .. then it is just her cum. How sweet it is ... I look up and she is pulling and twisting her nipples ... I lick her clit and she starts to moan ... saying ... " ... don't stop."

I can't believe it ... she is cumming again .. she finishes her orgasm ... shaking .. I have to lift her so she is sitting with her feet on the floor to stop shaking. We look at each other and say at the same time it was great .. we then lay down in each other's arms and fall asleep ...

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