By Markus K. Jones

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As he watched her undressing in front of him, he knew it was wrong. He felt his penis grow inside his tight trousers, now almost painfully erect. He continued to watch as he wondered what they would say if they saw him now?

She had undone her tie and was taking off her crisp cotton shirt, a little nervously he thought. As she did so she stole a glance at the man behind the desk. He noticed she was a little wet, this always happened to her ... just a little cum on her white cotton panties but he knew there would be more. He reached into his trousers, not to touch himself: she always liked to do that ... just to ease the swelling pain as his sacks filled with semen and the red hot blood coarsed through his huge cock. She smiled at him, a little girlie smile that made him wish he was up inside her wet cunt. She was now standing in his office wearing nothing more than cum saturated panties. She slipped one finger into her mouth, withdrew it covered in saliva, as she looked right at him and slowly, teasingly, started to rub her clitoris.

He thought he would burst. She had never done this before, but then they had never met after school before. She gave a very cheeky smile and forced two fingers up her now dripping wet pussy. He could take no more; "Sarah", he said sternley.

"Yes Mr. Solomon."

"You were very naughty in class today. You must be punished."

At this she giggled for she knew that his punishment involved the young girl pretending to be all coy and slowly sucking the teachers salty cock until it came deep in her throat. She walked over to him and waved her feminine scent under his nose. He could wait no longer. She unzipped his trowsers and allowed the huge cock to fall out of the opening as she slowly removed her panties and wrapped them round his throbbing cock. She caressed his bulge with slow meaningful strokes. As he was about to unload into her stained lilly whites she stopped. He opened his eyes, as they had shut in pre-orgasm, and looked shocked. She winked and placed her pink tongue on his cock. She proceeded to work up and down, up and down until his shaft was as hot and wet as her young pussy. Then she slipped his penis in her mouth. He was moaning now as she let the purple head hit the back of her throat. "Ahhhh ahhhhh", he moaned as he came with a start, sending his frustration right into his willing pupils throat. She swallowed his cum, licked his cock clean, raised her head and give him a long kiss. She was kissing him and playing with his spent cock at the same time knowing full well that in a few minutes he would be sliding deep inside her pert pussy. As he was being teased, he decided to play with her ass. She tensed a little as he inserted two of his large fingers inside her butt ... it was so tight he sometimes wondered how she could accept his cock. He worked his manly digits deep inside her ass, sometimes teasing her clit with his thumb. She crumpled suddenly as the orgasm built up inside her as he followed her to the carpeted floor.

Without a moments hesitation he was on top of her and he could see the pain in the her face as he slowly and deliberately worked his wanton cock inside her wet cunt. As he began sliding in, lubricated by the mix of saliva and cum, he inserted his index finger into her asshole. He began to increase the speed of his thrusts and with that, the depth, she clung to him, tears streaming down her face.

He was wondering if this was hurting her as she cried out, "Harder, fuck, ahhhh, fuck me harder". He was fucking her pussy faster and faster, deeper and deeper as he and frigged her asshole with great force. He knew the orgasm was close as he could feel it was soon for her too. Her pussy muscles tightened suddenly and relaxed then tightened and she fell limp. He came seconds later, forcing a stream of hot semen deep into her throbbing cunt. He collapsed on top of her breathing heavily. She would be the death of him if they were ever caught.

His infatuation with her was dangerous but he knew this encounter would happen again.

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