An Afternoon Dinner

By Lainey "Poopsie" Bonser

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I arrive promptly at four. As I step inside, I find that the smells emanating from the kitchen are overpowering. The thought of an afternoon dinner is making my stomach growl. You have the table set, the candles burning and are just starting to put out the food. You help me take off my jacket. I am wearing a very low-cut black halter-top and a long velvet skirt. You stand staring at my breasts, stunned by your desire to reach out and hold them. You shake yourself back into reality and put my jacket on the couch. You tell me to sit down at the table as you hand me a glass of white wine. I slowly sip on the tangy drink as you get the rest of the dinner ready.

You have cooked Fettuccini Carbonara with steamed cauliflower. You serve the food and our eyes lock as we really see each other for the first time. You lean over, give me a soft kiss, enough to get my heart pounding, and tell me to start my dinner. I am happy to oblige and it is the most wonderful meal that has ever crossed my lips. There is just the right amount of saltiness mixed in with the rich flavor of the cream sauce and the amazing tastes of the spinach fettuccini. You pick up a piece of cauliflower and gently push it between my lips. I close my eyes and savor the taste of your fingers as they slide out of my mouth.

Finally, the dinner/lunch is over and we retire to the couch. You turn on some soft music and join me on the couch. You sit at one end while I lay down across your lap, face down. You start to rub my back softly. Pretty soon, we are both ready to change positions so we sit up next to each other. You brush your hand against my face as I close my eyes. Your touch is so soft, gentle, loving and I don't want it to go away. You eventually resume your touch as you reach over to kiss me. Starting at my cheek, working your way down to my neck, back up to my lips you lick a gently path. As our lips meet we are both instantly in ecstasy. I can feel the vibrations of your heart as it starts to beat faster. I wonder if mine is doing the same thing. Your hand finds it's way down to my heaving bosom as you push aside my shirt to expose my naked breast.

You softly push me back to a laying position and kiss your way down to my breasts. You take my nipple into your mouth ... tease it ... kiss it in ways that have never been done before. I let out a slight moan as my hips move ever so slightly.

I suggest that we go upstairs to the bedroom. When we arrive the sun is setting and the orange light coming through the open window invites us onto the bed. I lead you by to the bed and lay myself back, inviting you to kiss me again. You oblige by giving me such a soft, sensual, passionate kiss. I know that there is no better. Once again, your strong hand finds it's way down to my breast as you fondle my soft flesh.

For the very first time, I reach down and find your cock growing stiff in your pants. I am stunned by the size and excitedly start to stroke the length through your jeans. You respond by grinding your hips to my pressure. I pull the zipper of your jeans and your now stiff prick shoots through the open fly.

You start licking my neck and, to my surprise, you don't stop at my breasts any longer than to give them a loving kiss. Your hand finds my skirt and you pull it down further and further.

The second I feel your hot breath on my inner thighs I gasp with anticipation. You kiss around my thighs and, after what seems like an eternity, your tongue finally finds where I so desperately wanted it to go. You wiggle your tongue inside my wet cunt, tasting the juices that are coming from inside of me as I enjoy every bit of it. You flick your tongue back and forth over my clit, quickly bringing me to orgasm.

I lie there breathless for a second, guiding your head to meet me face to face. I kiss you long and hard, tasting not only you, but my essence as well. I roll you over onto your back and help you take off your shirt, exposing your strong hairy chest. I lay beside you and continue to kiss as my hand trails back and forth over your chest. We slowly part lips as I kiss my way down, and down, and down. I pull down your underwear as your throbbing prick pops free. I kiss up and down the length.

I pause. Starting at the tip, I slowly lick the head as I caress the rest of your shaft. Second by second ... centimeter by centimeter ... I work my way down with my tongue until finally I have all of your cock in my mouth. I start to bob up and down on the soft head, all the while teasing it with my tongue. I feel your hands on the back of my head as you push and pull me ... up and down ... harder and harder ... faster and faster. You stop me just before you start to cum and guide my face back up to meet yours. You roll me onto my back and I gently spread my legs to allow you to enter my dripping sex. You slide inside so easily.

At that very moment, I am so glad we decided to wait for just the right time to find our union. You continue to glide in and out of me so smoothly and slowly. I clench my vaginal muscles to grab onto your cock as you slide in and out. We continue this way until then I roll you onto your back so you can relax and enjoy the feeling of my suckling cunt.

After several turns of who gets to be on top, we both know that it is time. You are on top and push yourself up on your hands so I can look into your eyes as we both reach the heights of excitement and orgasm together. We are both intent on not losing eye contact as we cum. You collapse onto my chest and we lay there just holding each other, knowing that we have just completed absolute unity and serenity.

We have bonded as one, and nothing could bring us closer.

As the sun sets we fall asleep fitfully for the remainder of the night.

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