Adorable Molly

By Sam Morris

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3:39 a.m. I awaken.

I've been dreaming of her, and my cock is already swollen ... I touch it, and a few brief strokes up and down the shaft engorge it even more. It's throbbing and hard as steel ... feels like it wants to burst from it's constraining skin. It is so rigid; I can feel the blood pumping through the thick veins entwining its length.

Her back is to me, my arm over her. I smell her hair - soft, feminine, and musky. She is still asleep as I gently move my hand to cup her exposed breast, brushing her nipple. My probing fingers are rewarded with the hard straining feel of her breast tip growing rigid, springing into its own throbbing erection and sending a sensation of need to her clit.

Even in her sleep she responds ... flexing her hips to drive her buttocks backward against me, causing my cock to slide between ass-cheeks ... between her legs ... up against her outer labia. Instantly, a shiver runs through her body and a soft moan escapes her lips. It must seem like dream to her still dazed mind, but her body responds easily, driving her butt harder against me and pushing my cock ever so slightly between her hot, sucking, pussy lips. I can feel her channel flood with silky warm liquid, inviting me to dive into the steaming pool of her love.

I decline the invitation. Instead, I squeeze her breast. Her nipple thrusts upward defiantly, daring me to squeeze it ... to twist it ... to drive her increasingly sensitive clit into full throbbing erection. I accept this invitation and twist the impudent little nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Her body spasms gently ... "unnhhuhh" ... it is part moan, part cry of pleasure.

She's barely awake and already her body is beyond her control. It is already the grip of lust ... already heating up and getting ready to receive my bulging, throbbing, rock hard tool. Her body writhes in my arms ... "Unnnhhh!", she moans again, higher in pitch this time, more urgent. Her need grows. She begins to rock her head side to side as the pleasure from her captured nipple and parted pussy lips begins to reach her brain.

Her hips begin to thrust back urgently, demanding more of my swollen, turgid cock. But again I decline the invitation, preferring to tease. I reach under her and capture the other breast with her hand, my thumbs and forefingers tweaking both nipples, running up and down their lengths like they were miniature cocks. Her breath becomes louder, faster, almost hissing ... increasing the heat of her body. Her clitoris becomes engorged, now full and sensitive to any touch.

Her moans become regular, matched to the thrusting of her hips back against mine. Her want has obliterated her thoughts - the boiling urge to pull my cock into her steaming cunt drives her buttocks back against my hips, again and again. A low-pitched whine mixes with her forced breaths - she wants, no ... she needs, satisfaction ... Only the satisfaction of a filled pussy, of a cock driving deep into her insides, will suffice. Her body demands mine.

I begin to run my fingers over the length of her body, enjoying its softness and feminine curves. Her back arches as she responds to my touch, thrusting her breasts, with their erect little nipples, still broadcasting every sensation right to her clit, high into the night air. I make sure to run my hands over them, pausing over the nipples with each individual finger to maximize the sensation in her breasts and in her tightening clitoris. She bends backward, reveling in my touch and in the sensations that are running throughout her hot little body.

I slide my body from behind her, moving over her leg as she rolls over to face me. She is gloriously naked, her breasts swollen and red from my grip, her nipples still hard and pointed, still sensitive from my touch. Her legs are splayed in a feminine welcome, an invitation to enter her and to make her mine in the most intimate way possible. Her pussy lips seem almost to be writhing in anticipation of gripping my hot throbbing cock. Even in the darkness, I can make out her eyes boring into mine, ... her face contorted into the worried look of lustful anticipation. She grabs the backs of my arms urgently. Drill me, she demands hoarsely, barely conscious of what she is saying.

Her words enflame me ... I want nothing more than to spear her, drilling my steel cock right through her soft, tender body and pinning her to the bed like some hot, sensuous butterfly!

No. Not yet. It takes all my concentration to gently lower my weight onto her, making sure my cock doesn't touch her steaming mound ... I want to extend her sensation and her vulnerability. I want her orgasm to make her explode.

Instead, I put my lips to her nipple. Oh, how I want to drink her milk! I want to make a physical part of her body a part of mine just as my cum will soon be part of her body. I want to taste her warm, life-giving fluid, drinking her dry and relieving the building pressure of the milk behind her nipples. I want to empty one breast and then empty the other, feast on her, sucking her milk from her very body into me ...

Her hips are bucking violently now, her eyes wide-open, her mouth gasping for air as her need for fulfillment, as her need for my filling her, soars. I can almost smell the pungent muskiness of her seething pussy ... I can feel the heat pouring forth from her. Her eyes flash, a demand for me to enter her - to satisfy her - to fulfill her - to drill her hot little body to the bed.

I am overcome by her need. I have to have her. I have to fill her. I drive forward.

Her eyes widen. Her breath explodes in my face. "Unnnhhh ... unnnnnhhhhh", she groans. Her body yields to my power as I split her the puffy little lips of her pussy with my steel rod. I am in her! She is mine! Her silky hotness envelops my throbbing cock ... as I drive all the way to the end of her channel, spreading her, stretching her. I am all way inside her, my balls slapping against her ass. Her surprise is audible - the feeling of me lodged so deep in her pussy swamps her mind.

The feeling of my cock, so firmly embedded her ... and my body against her warm, loving, sensitive feminine softness, punctuated by her still hard nipples, sears my brain. I drive. In ... Out ... In ... Out ... Again and again and again. Drilling her pussy, her body, her entire being with my engorged male mass.

She responds with every move, "Unnnhhh ... unnnnnhhhhh, unnnnhhhh ... unnnnnhhhhh." Her groans spur me to pound her harder and harder. My cock is so engorged, so hard ... and I am so deep in her. When I rear back, I feel my cock-head popping out through her cunt muscle ... transfixing all of her thought and concentration just inside the lips of her pussy.

I'm not conscious of anything but the feeling of her body against me and wrapping around me. Her legs and arms envelope me. I will not be stopped ... I will not be tamed. My cum is a welling up inside me, a churning, boiling essence of my love ... a gift of maleness waiting to explode deep within her.

Her mind is in the grip of her body, a body that responds to my every movement. Her eyes are still wide, her breath coming quickly in a too audible spurt, her hips thrusting up against mine to drive me deeper into her. Her hands claw down my back ... She's out of control, and I love that feeling ... her nails raking the skin of my back. The muscles of her pussy try to grip me, but they have no leverage ... she's too slick from the love-fluid her walls are pumping out into her channel to aid our lovemaking.

I continue to pound into her - slowing now, making her feel every vein on my steel rod as it slides through her channel, then fast to let her revel in my strength and power.

I rub my chest against hers, feeling the sparks at the very base of my cock as our nipples brush together. I slide up and down her body, letting the movement of my body guide my cock in and out of her steaming pussy.

I'm reached up to kiss her, her lips opening easily to my invading tongue. I run my tongue around her mouth, feeling the thrusting motion of her tongue tasting mine. I am in both her mouth and her pussy ... our saliva mixes ... our love-juices mingle. We are united. I hold her head and work my mouth over her lips, our tongues are still entwined.

My cock is still buried deep in her, as her body movements urge me onward into her most intimate depths. Her breaths turn to moans, her moans to gasp's, her gasp's two cries, all urging me forward to fill her yielding, sensitive sweet body with my powerful, throbbing manhood.

"Yes!", she cries, " ... Take me!" Her words escape through clenched teeth. They enflame my senses. Her hips, thrashing violently in her need for feminine fulfillment, enflame my body. All I know is the need to satisfy her -- to screw her hot throbbing body tightly to mine.

My sperm boils. My testicles tighten. My rigid cock rams repeatedly into her feminine, yielding flesh. Her cries now catch her throat, unable to escape the knotting ball of lust that her body has become. All she can feel is her need ... All she wants is my hard cock, again and again and again and yet again. All I want is due explode deep in her hot chasm, filling her with the hot seed of my love in some primal way that I cannot understand I cannot escape. I want to drench her, drown her in my maleness. I want to make her mine into way that only this act can.

She comes! Her body stiffens, shudders, heaves and stiffens again. I can feel the muscles of her abdomen seizing in her orgasm, clutching each wave of her orgasm as it washes over her.

A cry tries to escape her throat but again is trapped ... her orgasm holds her prisoner overcoming her mind and her body.

I keep pounding. I can't stop. Her orgasm only spurs me on. I raised up on my hands to allow her to breathe. She reaches for my nipples, rubbing them gently with her thumbs. They explode in a shower of sensation. My cock swells even bigger, stretching her cunt even more. She feels it ... her eyes widening in a mixture of surprise and lust.

I dig in to her yielding body, again and again, pistoning into her soft femininity. A second orgasm. Again, her body seizes, shudders. Again, the cry tries to escape her throat but can't. Again, the muscles of her abdomen throb in a reaction she cannot control. Again, the orgasm grips her body, holding it tightly in an embrace of hot fulfillment.

I keep pounding. Her hips involuntarily buck back against me. But she is no match for my powerful masculinity - I drive her hot body again and again into the soft mattress. My nipples are hard, their sensitivity washing over me as she continues to tease them. Her eyes widen. Her mouth gasps. Her body pumps. We're both ready.

I shift positions slightly, my hips rocking back as I drive into her. Hot grunts replace moans as her mouth lays opening gasping for air. My cock is so deep in her, touching the very back of her vagina, stretching her insides to accommodate my massive maleness.

It is beginning ... I can feel her secretions begin to pool around my cock.

We lose ourselves in sexual abandonment, neither able to stop. She cannot stop the juggernaut plowing a path through her body ... I cannot stop driving my manhood into her.

Her cries and grunts grow louder; the pool in her pussy grows larger. Her body is almost rigid, but I feel nothing but my overheated cock in the hot pool of her love. Her body is like a feather I barely feel that as I pound her into submission. It is time.

I can hold back in no longer - my come explodes through my cock and into her vagina, spraying her vagina with the essence of my maleness. She is mine!

Her body seizes violently in a huge orgasm ... something between a grunt and a cry escapes her lips. She goes rigid, like she has had a steel rod stabbed through her spine ... She locks completely. Yet still I drive her, pumping my hot cum into her quivering body. Her insides seize forcefully expelling her pool of hot, silky pussy juice over me, covering my balls in her sweet, hot, feminine wetness. I covered in her love!

She's gasping ... her mouth and eyes wide open ... the severity of her orgasm still grabbing at her insides ... making her shudder. Her hands grasp at my back, probably not feeling anything. My cock continues to throb, expelled into her a last drop of my passion. I am hers!

My explosion has drained me. My purpose complete, I fall heavily onto her soft, yielding body. For the first time, I am conscious that she is bathed in sweat - an incredibly feminine, musky sheen coats her body.

My cock still throbs, still wanting to satisfy her need, still wanting to relieve her lust in the only way it can, still wanting to fulfill some primal desire to make me part of her.

I look into her eyes. We kiss tenderly. My arms enfold her body as my tongue explores her mouth. Her body feels so good next to mine, her weight and feminine bulk a comfortable cushion to my spent body.

I try not to move, but my cock is still hard, still wanting to drive, still wanting to please. I take my weight off her but stay firmly lodged in her vagina. No words are exchanged, only smiles that convey our satisfaction and the love we feel for each other ... the love and warmth of this union. I throb again inside her, and she tightens her grip around me. I nestle my head against her shoulder, still feeling her hard little nipple pressing into my chest.

We say a few words. I don't remember them ... I am luxuriating in the warmth and comfort of her body and in the feeling of satisfaction.

Minutes pass. They might have been hours. I begin to move my hips, pulling my cock out of her still, hot, sucking pussy. Her face screws up in a frown, and she tries vainly to old me back. But she cannot.

I look down at her. Even after sex, she is beautiful. Her nipples are still hard, her hips still open in the feminine invitation, her legs still spread for me.

I think about lying down next to her. Then she moves her hips and I am lost. My cock is still hard, and all thoughts of leaving her embrace vanish. Once again, the primal urge wells up in my body - I've got to pleasure her ... I've got to have her, to make her submit to me again, to bury myself deep in her luscious femininity.

My head dips down. My tongue reaches out ... and licks her pussy slit.

The effect is electric. Her body seizes. Her back arches as she cries out in pleasure. Her hips heave. Why am I captive to her hips? When her hips move like that, I'm hers - all I can think of is drilling her again and again until I am too weak to move.

I want her again. I cannot explain it, but it's like I'm trapped in her need for me and for my glorious cock. So, again my tongue flicks out and teases her pussy lips. They part, amid a wrenching moan and a shudder that runs the length of her body. I reach forward to wash my tongue gently over her clitoris.

Her reaction is beginning of another story ...

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