A Cold Fucking Night
A Cold Fucking Night

By Beverly Smite

Hello My Master:

I have have another submission for you.
As always ... I am waiting at your feet ... hoping you like it ...... Love, Bev.

Shit I hate winter! The snow is blowing and I know I have to get home from work before I get snowed in here! Even though it is only one in the afternoon I throw files in my briefcase, enough to last the weekend, and I head out. My car is covered so I clean it off, hoping it heats up fast today. On the way home, I am thinking about an upcoming case, a big one and our firm has a lot riding on it. As I pull in the drive, I glance over and see that my friendly neighbor, Nick, is home early also.

"Hmm, I wonder if he is lonely tonight", I think, smiling wickedly to myself as I park in the garage. After getting in the house, kicking off my shoes, I take out my work to spread on the dining room table. "Oh ... damn it, I left an important file in my desk", I say as I hurriedly call my secretary. I know that she lives close to me, and I ask her to bring it by on her way home. She agrees of course since she is a wonderful secretary, even though she dresses a little provocatively. I have found myself watching her occasionally through our open doors and I am actually turned on by her. By the way ... her name is Trish.

She has this black dress she wears, she looks to young in it with her hair pulled back. She's trying too look older I think. I was shocked the first time I felt some sort of attraction to her. I have never had an interest in making the scene with another woman, but if I did, she would be one to think about!

I take off the jacket that matches my skirt. The one visible feminine touch is the black thigh length stockings with the seam going down the back. I feel sexy wearing them so I do it often.

After working a couple of hour I hear the phone ringing but I decide not to answer until I hear who it is by monitoring the answering machine.

The voice is so sexy! "Hey baby, I know you are home, pick up the phone. I want you tonight." I laugh as I pick it up.

"Hello Nick, taking a day off are you?"

We laugh for a while then he says he will be over for dinner. I forgot about Trish coming over since I was looking forward to being with Nick again. He knew my husband was on another trip, this time to England so it is a longer then normal trip. As I get the candles lit, the fire stoked, and some wine chilling Nick comes strolling in the back door. We embrace, kissing each other with wild abandon as the timer on the oven goes off. We separate while Nick turns on some Luther Vandross. The music is playing softly in the background as I bring dinner into the living room by the warm fire.

The dinner went great, we load the dishwasher together and settle back with the wine. The heat from the fire and the alcohol is making my body so lethargic! We get snuggle close on the floor playing with each others bodies, his hands working intense magic on me. He releases the zipper of my skirt, and I raise my ass and wiggle it off. My blouse is unbuttoned ... slowly .. as his warm hands fondle my breasts. We are whispering to each other, the proverbial sweet nothings and Nick knows what I want him as his mouth devours mine. His hands mold my body to his and my tits are straining under his touch!

Whispering nothing, as his lips move to my neck, I slide down so my back is on the floor. I close my eyes and just ... feel .... his lips, hands, tongue ... Oh ... God that tongue! Making my body tremble with anticipation.

Nick can't seem to get enough of my cunt! He is kissing my tits now ... teasing my nipples until they are hard ... harder than they have ever been. My hands go to his hair, gently pushing him lower. He follows my lead as his hands slide to my black, silk, thong panties. I start to wiggle out of them but he stops me, placing his mouth right over my clit, breathing his hot breath through my panties, blowing softly into my cunt!

"Oh ... yes .... fanfuckingtastic", I whisper through my moan. But I need to feel his mouth. Whimpering softly, I hear him laugh ... He knows he is making me wild! But, all of the sudden he stops! "Nick?? Don't leave me hanging ... honey! Please ... lick my pussy!"

Still laughing he says, "Honey, there is someone ringing your doorbell. It's a blizzard out there, don't you think you should answer it?"

"Oh shit, I forgot Trish was coming", I almost shout as I gather my blouse together, buttoning a few buttons. Not even thinking about my lack of anything else. "I need a file. Hang on. I will be right back." I throw open the door and see poor Trish standing out there, shivering as the snow is really falling now. "Oh, Hun, you don't know how much I appreciate this! How are the roads?"

"They are terrible Ms. Smite! We were worried all the way here. It took us an hour to get to your place, and now another thirty minutes to our house."

Hearing footsteps behind me I turn as Nick comes into the foyer. "Hi, I am a friend of Bev's, actually we are neighbors." Trish introduces herself, just as a young man comes running up to the door. Trish explains this is her husband, Thomas. "Trish, there is no way we can get home in this, I am stuck in the driveway now!"

I look at Nick and he nods, "Well, then you both must stay here with us!", I offer. "It will be fun."

After hearing some apologies about intruding, it becomes obvious they are worried that they interrupted something, which must be evident considering my lack of clothing. Instead of feeling embarrassed, I laugh and tell them to get inside before we all freeze.

Nick hangs up their coats, I offer them some dinner and wine, which they accept. We chat while they are eating and decide that, since we will be spending the night ... and maybe even longer ... looking at the weather ... no more Ms. Smite stuff, I insist they call me Beverly.

The wine is flowing freely, the music playing ... and Nick ... hmmm Nick ... pulls me into his arms and begins to slow dance. Our bodies moving as one while I glance over at Trish and Thomas who got up to dance with us. This is going well, I think to myself. I watch Trish move to the music and stare at her damn short skirt! Thomas dips her once, her thighs part, and I see a glimpse of purple panties! "Well I'll be damned", I whisper to Nick as I feel the wetness begin in my cunt. Nick notices where my eyes are as he winks at me, his hand sliding into my pussy.

"You are turned on by her baby! So go with it, The worst that can happen is she says no ... the best ... well ... who knows", he whispers in my ear.

"Or ... I could loose a fantastic secretary! I don't know if I want to take that chance, Nick." He shakes his head, before kissing me hard, deep and long. After a little more dancing, Nick looks over at Thomas and asked if we could switch partners. We all quickly agree.

Thomas takes me in his arms, pulling me close as we glide across the rook. He smells and feels so nice. I don't know much about him except for the fact his hard cock is pressing against me right now! He doesn't talk much to me, but we move really well together. "Beverly, are you interested in having more fun than just dancing", he asks as we pass the two of them?

"Like what, Tom", Trish asked. "Are you talking about sexual fun?"

Thomas smiles and nods. I look at Nick who is whispering to Trish. I smile back just before Tom's hands move down to cup my ass, pulling me against his hard prick! I look at Nick and Trish and they are locked in one hell of a hot kiss!

"Ohhh ... this is great", I whisper as I slip Tom's shirt off, tossing it to the floor. His body is gorgeous so I stop moving to kiss his chest, licking and teasing his nipples. He is young and I can't believe I am going to fuck this boy! But ... I really want to feel this guys cock inside of me. Tom pushes, backing me into the dining room, lifting my so my ass is on the table. We kiss a little more before his hands rid me of my blouse ... then my skirt and panties. The table is cold but, I don't have a chance to worry about that as I feel his mouth against my cunt! He doesn't waste any time ... he starts devouring me ... licking my cunt like he hasn't had a good pussy in a long time. I can't see what's going on in the living room, but I hear some moaning, which gets me hotter. I am leaning up on my elbows, watching this sweet boy's head move as he eats my now wet cunt. . I talk dirty to him, telling him what he is doing to me. "My pussy is going to explode any minute! Oh ... good ... don't stop ... stick your tongue deeper! And he doesn't stop and his tongue is deep in my pussy as I cum so many times that I can't count them.

Thomas slows down and I know his tongue has to be tired. As my body trembles, he kisses his way back up and finally, he kisses my lips, "Hmmm Bev, you have the sweetest tasting cunt! I could eat you for hours, but I want to fuck you. Let me inside of you baby."

Before I can answer, his pants are down and on the floor and he plows the biggest prick I have ever felt, deep into my cum soaked cunt. I gasp as my once tight cunt is stretched around his stiff cock. He pumps hard and fast into me. I know he won't last at this pace so I ask, "Tom ... I know your wife's pussy has to be sweet, tell me about it."

He is panting as he replies, "Why don't you taste it yourself? She'll let you if you ask her nicely." My comment must turn him on even more as I feel his body tense as he fucks me harder and faster.

"I will do that! You want to watch me tongue fuck your little wife don't you? Tell me you want to watch!"

Tom is incoherent as he reaches his own orgasm. I let him catch his breath before sliding off the table. I get him another glass of wine, I light a cigarette and we walk into the living room.

What a beautiful site! Nick is getting a fantastic blowjob! He smiles at us, "Bev, her mouth is incredible", Nick says. "You wouldn't believe how long her tongue is." I stroll over, leaning down to kiss Nick.

"Hmmm ... maybe Trish will show me just what she can do with that long tongue." I am watching Trish as she glances up to my eyes. I smile at her, and, without missing a beat, she reaches her hand up and tugs me to her. I hand Thomas my cigarette as Trish lets Nick's cock slip out of her mouth. I reach up to stroke his wet prick as Trish moves her mouth to my tits.

"Oh ... you dirty little whore! You are going to lick my nipples! Ohmmmm that is wonderful!" I close my eyes, savoring the feel of another woman sucking my tits. I finally open my eyes to see Nick smiling down at me. I still hold his cock with both hands. I moan as I lean over to take his prick into my mouth. Trish is sucking my breasts like no man ever has! She knows exactly how to do it, I wonder if she will .... oh ... God ... yes ... she is sliding a finger inside my pussy ... she pulls it out and licks it.

"Hmmm ... Ms. Smite, you have fucked my husband!"

I stop sucking Nick's cock but still hold him in my hand. I lean over to Trish, wrap a hand behind her head and pull her toward my cunt. "Yes ... I did fuck him ... now ... I want you to lick my pussy ... suck all his cum out of me ... don't stop until I tell you too!!"

Playing the part very well, Trish slips under my dripping cunt. She jabs her deliciously long tongue deep inside. "Fuck me with you tongue you little slut! Yesss ... just like that!!" I go back down to suck Nick's cock but I am so into this I am getting more aggressive! It doesn't take long before he lets me know he is going to shoot his load. I swallow most of his cum but some of it driggles down my chin. I hear Thomas moaning over on the sofa, so I smile at him, telling him that his wife sucks cunt so good! He walks over, kneels behind Trish, sticks his finger in her ass and starts teasing her pussy with his other hand. I know he is finger fucking her!

I love this! I hold Nick's softening cock in my hand ... a tongue stabbed in my cunt ... I'm watching Tom finger fuck Trish's ass ... fumbling with her pussy ... I cum on her tongue ... Trish is lapping a lot of my juices ... she keeps going until she has all of Tom's and my cum. Stopping for air ... I bend over ... kissing her deeply ... tasting my cum in her sweet mouth.

Trish moans as her body nears a climax. I look at Thomas and he is grinning like a Cheshire cat. I stop kissing his wife as his hands move to turn Trish to her knees. I can't miss this opportunity so I slide under her. My mouth is on her sweet cunt as Tom pushes his cock against her ass hole. This is the first time I have ever licked a woman's cunt ... and I do it watching Tom's giant cock stretch into Trish's ass. As he pushes his prick in, nice and slow, I can't believe my eyes! I am licking her cunt ... watching a cock enter her ass hole! "Hmmm ... I love it ... I suck harder as I begin eating her like her husband ate me.

It isn't long before I get a mouthful of her honey. I suck her pussy as I hear Thomas moan that he is going to cum! I slide a hand up to grasp his balls as they slap against my face. I reach and push my finger against his tight ass as Tom growls, stiffening his body as he cums into Trish's ass. His cock pumps one ... two ... three more times! He slaps her ass as he shoots the last of his cum inside her.

The three of us stop and I glance at Nick just in time to see him cum onto his chest after stroking his hard cock to orgasm. Trish rushes over and licks the rich liquid from Nick's breasts as I go into the kitchen for another bottle of wine.

Finally Nick speaks up. , "Hey kids, I am getting too old for these all nighters. What do you say we all go to bed and see what the morning brings?"

The rest of us laugh and we all get up. I show Thomas and Trish to their room, and we all kiss passionately before we part for a few hours.

Breakfast? Hmmm ... I guess we will have to wait and see.

That will be another story.

{ { { hugs } } } Bev!

My Dearest Slave Bev:

I am standing over you as I you lick my hard cock ...
I love your story almost as much as I love your sweet mouth. Yours ... DM