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By Anonymous

We leave the party early. Our arms wrapped around each other we drive to a secluded park. As we get out of the car you reach into the back seat and pick up a rucsac, a mischievous twinkle in your eye ...

The wind rustles in the trees as we find a secluded spot beside a conveniently located park bench. Above us, the stars are piercing the sky. You take the rucsac and bring out a blanket, which we spread out on the grass beside the bench. Staring at me with a look that says we're about to have fun, you turn the bag upside down and a collection of toys falls from it. There are several dildos of varying sizes, including a thick tan veined vibrator, which immediately stands out from the others. Reaching behind your back you unclasp your dress and let it hang from your body. .

You whisper seductively, "I'm yours Chris. What do you want to do with me?" .

Your dress slips slowly down your body, revealing that beneath, all you are wearing is a flimsy, lacy pair of knickers. Your body looks beautiful in the moonlight. Your lightly tanned skin contrasting with the delicate pattern the black lace, makes a delicious picture, outlining your crotch. As you step out of your dress I press you down lightly, so that you sit before me on the bench naked but for the knickers.

Kneeling between your legs I run my hands up the insides of your thighs, feeling your smooth skin, warm to my touch. Slowly, tantalizingly, I part your legs as I look up at you, smiling. Looking down, you open your legs wide for me, willingly opening yourself to me, opening your crotch to my wandering hands.

Your pouting sex presses out against the crotch of your delicate panties. A barely visible moistness reveals the need you're feeling deep inside you, a thin wet line of desire. I press my palm flat to your cunt, feeling your labia as your vagina begins to spread, to open to my touch. Softly I run one finger up and down the material, feeling the soft fabric moisten to my touch as your cunt opens further and further as your need intensifies. Soon the sliver of wetness grows as your cunt begins to stream, wet with the juices of your desire. I raise my finger, sticky with your delicious cum, to my mouth and taste your wetness. Your taste is delicious, your sticky wetness warm, as I touch it to the tip of my tongue.

Your head falls back as you moan, allowing yourself to become engulfed by the feelings that are emanating from your cunt and throughout your body. Your hips begin to press against me, pressing your cunt hard towards me, urgent, wanting my fingers inside you. I let one teasing finger slip under the rim of your panties. My other hand runs down the top of your thigh, feeling your heat, your fine soft and delicate pubic hair. Your moans intensify as you urge me to sink my fingers deeper into your wet pussy.

"Oh Chris, oh Chris, fuck me with your fingers, push them into me, press them deep into my cunt ... Mmmm ... I want you! I NEED you!!" .

Still working slowly, carefully, I allow a second finger from my other hand to join the first, using them both to lift the wet material away from your crotch, letting a cool breeze float lightly over your hot sex. I lean into your cunt with my mouth and open my lips pressed against the soaking crotch of your panties. I suck them into my mouth, letting my tongue run over the delicate wet lace, sucking your cum from the cloth, savoring your flavor. You moan, pressing harder and harder into me, wanting my tongue, wanting my fingers. You moan loudly as your head sways from side to side, your eyes closed, your mind adrift ...

"Uhhh! Yes!", you groan, as my hands rip open the crotch of your panties when you least expect it. I tear at the crotch to give my tongue access to the source of your wetness. Eagerly I press my head between your legs and push my tongue against your cunt. Your pussy lips are wet and distended, engorged with blood, fiery red and glistening with the juices that are now flowing in copious quantities from your swollen vagina. My tongue darts and flickers over your clit as I lick hungrily from your cunt, eagerly swallowing your slick, wet cunt juices. You moan as you start to grind your hips against my face in a slow and steady rhythm, forcing my tongue to plunge in and out of you ... again and again. My tongue fucking you like a surrogate penis.

I vary the pace as my tongue darts quickly, flickering over your swollen clitoris and slowly licks up and down your full length of your sweet pussy, occasionally surprising you when I sink it deep into you, pushing it high into you, straining until my tongue feels like it'll tear. I can reach no further ... Slowly I settle into a steady rhythm, tongue fucking you, building up the pace as I allow my fingers to wander all over the insides of your thighs, my fingers caressing your wet pussy lips. .

Lowering one finger, I press firmly against your tight ass, your cheeks clench instinctively before relaxing to the new sensation. Your mind swirls with all the sensations that you can feel between your open legs. My roaming tongue on your cunt lips, my fingers massaging your clit and now another finger pressing into your tight ass hole ... Briefly I pause, moistening my finger with my mouth before I press it again into your tight hole. The feelings of my fingers working simultaneously on both your hole carries you away. You groan, feeling the sensations washing through your body ... wave after wave ...

Soon you're bucking your legs uncontrollably as I play with your every opening. Your head thrashes from side to side as you abandon yourself completely to the delicious feelings that are washing over you. Lifting your head you press your breasts together, squeezing them tightly as I suck and fuck your cunt with my tongue. You press one breast to your mouth, sucking a nipple hungrily into your mouth, feeding on it. I look up, momentarily leaving your cunt, my mouth slick with your wetness. My lips shining with your cunt juices. You look down at me, your eyes wide and you pause from sucking on your nipple. you pause long enough to beg, "Use one of the toys on me Chris! Fuck me with one. Force one of those big fat rubber cocks right up my cunt. Stick it into me and fuck me until I can't take it any more ... ! ... Please ... use it on me ... fuck me!" .

I reach down and my eye is drawn instantly to the fat tan vibrator. Its size is gigantic, at least ten inches long. It is the thickness of my wrist and covered with simulated veins, throbbing ripples cover its surface. I lift it to my mouth and lick the smooth surface, lubricating. It is so big that I can barely fit it in my mouth. The tip is an artificially huge swollen knob glistening with a combination of my saliva and your cum. .

You look down at me and smile as I cradle the toy in my hands and you plead, "Stuff it into me, Chris! Force it into me!" I raise the tip and press it against your gaping cunt. Its size is so big that the surface of the tip strains your cunt hole as you push your hips forward. The lips of your vagina stretch as if in some bizarre reverse act of childbirth as they try desperately to accommodate its fatness. Your face is taut as I push it firmly against you. But, try as I may, I can't force its huge artificial cock into your cunt. Despite your wetness, it needs more lubrication further down the shaft. I press my fingers into your cunt once again, scooping up your juices until they puddle like a pool in the cup of my hand. I then rub along the full length of the shaft until it is juicy wet.

I lift the plastic monster to your cunt a second time. This time its head slips easily past your outer lips, until it meets with the tightness of your inner vaginal walls. Two inches of head is buried inside your cunt as you stretch, the cock pressing firmly against the walls of your cunt. You moan as I pull the tip from your wet pussy and you prepare for the moment when you'll feel its full fat length relentlessly sinking deep into you. You look down at me smiling, a trail of saliva drips from your lip, your face shining with sweat as you gaze between your legs. You watch the fat prick as I firmly press it slowly into your hole.

This time the tan prick sinks easily past the two inches. Inwards it plunges as your cunt swallows it whole. Three, four then five inches as you stare down at it wide eyed, moaning, "Oh fuck! Yes!"

After I've eased a full eight inches into you, you start to breathe heavily as you groan. The giant rubber tan cock stretches you wider than you've ever been stretched, deeper than you've ever been penetrated. "Oh fuck ... Chris! I don't think I can take it", you moan breathlessly. "Oh fuck, oh! Mmmm" you moan as you stare down at me mesmerized. I continue to force the fat dildo deeper and deeper into you. Nine inches, ten inches and your cunt strains, your lips stretched wide and you moan and grunt like an animal as I keep feeding the dildo until it's sunk to the hilt in your pussy. Deep in your cunt ... then ... slowly I pull it back out, bending my tongue to lick your slick juices, which have generously coated the rubber cock. I lap and suck at the tan monster, occasionally letting my tongue runs up its length to press and lap at the point where your cunt meets the phallus. I feel the tightness of your stretched skin as it strains to accommodate the full size. I gradually settle into a rhythm, fucking you with its huge artificial girth. Pushing it in, pulling it out, pumping you, hammering your dilated cunt.

Soon I'm slamming every one of the ten inches into you. You gasp and moan, "Ohhhh fuck! Yes! Fuck! Fuck me with it, Chris! Pound me with it, Chris!" I pump your cunt and force the tan monster it in and out of you again and again in a steady rhythm. I slowly begin to accelerate as I raise the tempo bringing on the long, slow, steady orgasm. You are feeling the climax as the thick shaft slams in and out like a blur. The huge cock is slick with your wetness and you feel like the sensations can't get any more exquisite. Then, I turn on the vibrator ...

Turning up the speed, it buzzes, humming deep inside your cunt, buzzing against the walls of your pussy, teasing all the nerve endings deep in your hole. You moan, groaning, and your legs instinctively begin to buck, to shake as your orgasm intensifies. The rippling vibrator causes shocks which run through you wave after wave ... .

You look down at me breathlessly. The sweat is shining on your forehead. You've never before managed to force the full length of the monster into your sweet pussy. Panting, short of breath, after the exertion of swallowing it whole, you gaze at me seductively.

"Oh, Chris, mmmm! That was incredible! I can't wait to see what else you've got in store for me ... !" .