Poems by the Mistress Monica

An Ode to My Master

I love the smell of your cock,
The rich taste of your cum,
The feel of your sweat
That makes you slippery against my tits.

Oh, how I love to suck your cock.
As you send an orgasm
Deep into my throat.
Before and after we fuck.

Master, how I long for the taste
Of the cum you suck from my cunt
As you press your tongue between my lips
After you have sucked my juice from me.

Master, how I love to have you in my pussy.
Your tongue, your cock, your fingers
Inside my cunt, makes me twitch with desire
For more and more and more of you.

I want every part of you in every way
And every manner in every opening and every hole.
I wish you had three cocks, a couple of tongues
And I could cum again and again and again.

At night, alone, I dream of your cock in my gut
Driving deep into my womb or into my ass.
You're hot, wet, long, stiff active member
Pushing and pulling itself into my hole.

I want and need and beg to have your baby
Growing like a flower within my nourishing body.
Our baby, Master, made from lust and love
And hate and desire and control and submission.

Our baby created in passion, conceived in pain
Grown inside my lovely warm cunt
Until she/her emerges into the world
To follow in our manner and style of being.

Master, I need you in the morning when the sun shines
And I love being fucked at night in the shadows
Or in the afternoon in the warm light
And in your dungeon or your room or in your bed.

I want to be tied to your bedposts
With my arms and legs spread to the Four Corners
As you penetrate my openings with every extension,
Every member and every part of your active body.

I am your slave and faithful servant
As you are my only Master and only true friend.
When we orgasm . . . we are one.
We are one . . . surround by a world of cum.

A Valentine for Dungeonmaster

Spending Valentines Day with you
Shackled to the wall with your cock,
Erect like an arrow ready to pierce my soul.
I love your prick in my heart shaped cunt.
Driving deep and with one mighty thrust
You send your sperm-life inside of me
Like a gush of cream from a squeeze bottle.
Yes, I love you when you sip the drops
That escape and run down my thighs
As I stand on my chair in front of your mouth
You struggle, pulling on your bonds
Unable to quite reach your goal.
Your tongue is like a snake's tongue
Flicking in the air in front of my pussy
As you cry out, "I am your Master,
You will obey." I do and I am yours.


Suck my cunt
You asshole!
Eat my asshole
You prick!

Do you know what it's like
To have a stiff prick
Up your ass
Until it feels like a baby
Pushing in your gut?

It feels
And smells like shit.
God Damn
It is wonderful.

Fuck my asshole
You prick
Ram my cunt
You asshole!


cock to mouth,
tongue to cunt
holding on to whomever
whoever ... happens to be near.

i love it when you suck my cunt
(anybody) ... anywhere
anytime ... anyhow ...
somewhere ... somehow ... sometime ...

how many in the party this time?
two or three?
four or more or maybe more ...
how many does it take?

it takes just as many as it takes ...
many more would be too many
and many less would not be enough ...
and that's really tough.

more than two is lots of fun
less than two is is maybe blue
maybe red ... green ... maybe you
and me makes three?

but ... two is cool
when it's you and me
your tongue in my pussy
my mouth around your cock

hold me tight, Master
put me in your sight
cock to mouth ... tongue to cunt
i hope i'm not too blunt!