To My Slave

I would love to be able blind fold you
To tie you up and tease you
To not let you cum
Until I wanted you to

To lick your cunt
To bite clit
To putting my fingers in your hole
First two
Then three
Maybe four ..... or more!

A sharp slap on the ass
Deeper my fingers go
As you beg me to fuck you
I slap your ass again ..... harder
Your cunt is very wet
You are close to an orgasm

I take my hand from your wet cunt
I hold it to your mouth
To your lips
You lick and suck the juices
You are so hot

I take my wet hand from your mouth
Your tongue follows

I lick your pussy
My tongue moves down to your tight ass
I tease it
I lick your ass hole
I push my tongue inside
I get it very wet with my saliva
Mixed with your pussy juices
I slap your ass once more

You beg me to make you cum
I do not!

I put in a finger into your ass
Second time two
Then three
Oh ... you're so tight

I move them around your hole
Faster now
Then ... another ... and there are four
I fuck your ass hard
I fuck you fast
You want it soooo bad
I am deep into your ass

I grab your clit with my teeth
I bite
You scream

I drive my fingers deeper
As I say
Cum slave
Your body explodes
I whisper

CUM for your Mistress


I would love for you to tie me to my bed
And blindfold me
Then to have some of your other slaves.
Make love to me as you tell them what to do.

Then just as I couldn't hold out from cumming
You would take me.
And taking your pleasure out in me.
Fucking me slowly at first
Teasing me
Making me want to cum
But, you will not let me.

The other slaves are also touching me.
Driving me crazy with desire.
I feel your need
I want it.
You are in control Master!
And don't let me cum.
Faster you fuck me
Now . . . harder.
A sharp spank on the ass
I explode!

The harder you pound my pussy
Harder . . . Harder
Your need is to be met.
I feel it,
And I give myself up to you.
You cum very hard
And it shots out over my body.
It's very hot.
Back in my pussy you shove it.
Pounding my cunt
There is nothing left to cum out,
Until all of your need is met.

I am a happy She-Wolf Slave!