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A rosebud describes me
My casing still growing
Yet when I do bloom
What a lovely site will be.

The mist from tender lips
has never quenched my thirst
My cum soaked cunt
Is waiting to burst.

A finger I use as a magical wand
To stroke my clit who decided to hide
Hard it grows and pleasure intense
Bidding a stiff cock to cum inside.

I have not bloomed as yet
And one day I will
Yet, until that time is here
I shall remain a rosebud still.


I sit clad only in my robe
Looking out the window.
My cunt is so wet
And all for a man I have not met

My fingers move slowly over my lips
To the prized posession, between my hips
A virgin cunt one might say
Waiting for my deflowering day

A nice hard cock
Drifts into my mind
My cunt grows wet
But it is yet not time.

I think of the day when it will be
My virgin cunt spread wide for thee,
A master to some and a prize indeed,
I will be lucky when you mount this steed.


In thinking of sex
My young pussy drips
My nipples stand erect
Wonderful does not describe my feelings.

I only wish to have a man ...
And the man I want to please is you!

To make your cock stiff
To quench your dry throat
With my rich cum.
Your feelings would be wonderful

Who cares what we are ...
As long as we care ...

In thinking of you, my fingers move
Softly ... stroking my young cunt,
Spreading my love juices within the canal
Yearning for your cock to slip inside.

My pert nipples cannot be tamed
My thoughts ... overwhelmingly run.
At the sound of your name
I my pussy drips cum.

The feeling rumbles deep within
And "yes" it is a most wonderful thing
The most glorious of feelings
I have ever known ... will know!