Poems by Robert D. Rainer


If you were a Ferrari
i would be your mechanic
i would familiarize greatly 
with your innermost parts
and tune them until they sang
i would adjust your timing until 
sparks flew at precisely the correct moment
i would torque your heads and adjust your flow 
and turn your crank
until smoothness gave supreme satisfaction.

If you were a house
i would be your carpenter;
i would nail your boards 
until they required replacement
fatigued from constant
driving piercing puncturing pounding pressing;
i would cut nothing,
size everything to fit with detailed attention -
not forcing
but constancy.

If you were a fire truck
i would be your hose;
collapsed and limp, i would rise correct to the occasion
full and firm
ready to squirt spurt spray
in all directions;
empty everything to your pleasure
soak you up and soak you down -
soaking and soaking
and soaking and soaking.

If you were death 
i would be your decay;
i would dessicate flesh upon bone
peel back lips upon gaping jaws
i would bloat organs
i would be the end of dreams
i would be the end of motion.