Stephen Powers Jr.


As a youngster I dreamt of popping cherries
Of young women who had never known
A man's hard member inside their body.
I went through life sad and disappointed.

Then, I met my virgin when I was sixty.
I was just twenty years her senior.
She had a husband, a daughter and a life
And, of course, she had sex in her forty years.

Was she a virgin and in what sense?
If being a virgin is more than a medical term
Of breaking the hymen during one's first time;
She was a virgin in every manner and every way.

Kissing her lips brought her tongue to mine.
As the tips touched, I drew her in,
Through my lips and into my mouth.
She looked for the experience she had never felt.

Making love to her was like holding a child.
In suckling her breasts I felt like a baby
Drinking in the milk of my love mother.
In fact, I was filling my soul with her warmth.

Kissing the lips within the bush between her thighs
Brought a tongue from the folds into the light.
Nestled in my lips and into my mouth I would suck
While she did shudder and moan in pure delight.

Entering her was the first time for both of us.
A virgin experience in every way and every sense.
When I was sixty, I popped my love's cherry,
As we each experienced sex for the first time.

A Compliment

This my dear, is what I say:
My compliment to you
Is the nicest message that I know.
I think of you when I Jack Off

I once wrote this a long very time ago
To someone I loved and missed very much.
Yet I have not had feelings such as this,
Nor did I think that I ever would.

I now find myself alone at night
In bed with myself, playing with myself,
While I see you by my side, next to me
In the dark with your legs apart.

I softly touch you, play with you
As moisture forms between your lips
That are nestled in the hair between your thighs,
You are pink and warm and very soft inside.

Oh, how I love to touch you there
To feel your skin under my fingers
As they slide inside your warm body,
Causing moisture to turn into juice.

My tongue searches your open mouth.
I know my finger will soon follow
So you and I can lick the rich juice.
That we may taste your love as one.

I love the taste of love in love.
As if you in my mind you were reality
Instead of dreams un-drempt
Or just a night of lonely thoughts.

As my hand moves along my hardened shaft
I think of you, of us, of we together.
My movement increases as my eyes close,
Seeing your face twisted with pleasure.

I do love the way you wince
As I slowly lick and pinch and hold.
You beg to be entered as we move together
And I stroke harder, faster and harder.

With you beneath me, in my mind and soul
I drive myself, closing my eyes tightly
Before I scream as I shoot into the air
The life of no one, because no one is there.

I now hold you tenderly in my mind
As if you were a child at rest.
Softly, I touch your breast and kiss your lips
While you slowly drift into my thoughts.

I am weak and spent and fall asleep
With remembrance of us tumbling in my head
As we have sometimes tumble in our bed.
I am with you my dear as I Jack Off


I am the tip of Stephen's tongue.
And as I move slowly,
Ever so slowly,
On the nipple of your breast,

I feel the need to search,
To softly move within your mouth.
I am every bit the tip,
The center of my being touches a part of you.
Every fiber connects
As I move ever so slowly into your cunt.

I am Stephen's soul.
Compressed and timeless.
I am living as a single cell,
Yet, a cell is too large.

I am the infinite point which touches your love.
I am the connection which makes us one.
I am the tip of Stephen's tongue
And you are infinitely contained
Within the touch.
We are together.


If it's compliments you want, my dear.
Then you are the greatest fuck in the world.
It is your image that I most want to see,
Falling asleep with you in the arms of my mind.

Of all the women in the world,
Your eyes are the yes I see
When first my mind comes close to you.
Your lips are the lips I kiss,
Soft and moist they close about my tongue,
Sucking me into your mouth until it hurts
And drawing harder until it feels like cumming.
Your breasts are the breasts I feel
And whose nipples I suck, hard and pointed,
Darting into my mouth and around my tongue.
It is your hair that I feel
As my finger enters your sex,
Drawing from you the juices of love.
Of all the women in the world,
I smell the fragrance of your cunt,
And taste the sweetness of your juice.
I titillate the little devil, which grows,
Filled with love and lust and rage.
It is all that I can do to keep your hands away
From the tool that will explode if it is touched
And stroked and kissed and sucked.
It is you that I hold
As we writhe head to sex..
Your thighs holding my mouth to yours.
My hands keeping your mouth from mine,
While you yell, "now," and I hold my place.
"Now," you yell, "please, now."
And you, with me on top or you on top,
It doesn't matter,
Receive my cock with an easy thrust.
It is you that I see. It is this I say.
Not too long . . . I can't last. . . I want to please.
I exit from your cunt and again go down and suck
The sweet juices from your pussy.
I roll over and you sit on my face
And watch as my tongue enters your cunt.
Your hands fondle my face and my chest.
They reach for my cock and caress your breasts.
It is your face that I see,
Twisted with the cry that never comes
As you tear your pussy from my mouth
And sit on my throbbing cock.
It is us that I see,
As we bounce, fuck, hump, fuck, scream, fuck;
Like animals we fuck, you and I.
A life full of cum,
A head full of dreams.

If it's compliments you want, my dear.
Here's the greatest compliment that I know,
When alone at night, feeling of love,
I think of you when I jack-off.


Your pussy is a beautiful sight
Opening slowly in the night.
Like a blooming flower in the light
I behold its' wonder with delight.

Oh, how I would cherish
To dream of your smell
I do long for the taste
Which lives in your pussy.

I cherish the sight
Your smell in the night
A taste in the light
To kiss with delight.

The sight I would cherish
At night I would smell
In the light I would taste
The broth in your pussy!


What is it about menstruation,
That leads to masturbation?

Is it that people don't,
Or that some just won't?

Maybe they feel it's bad,
If so, that's really sad.

Possibly because they shouldn't,
Feeling that they couldn't.

Sloppy, bloody animal desire,
Caught up in a swirling mire.

Unable to satisfy the need,
To go ahead and plant a seed.

To not engage my wife,
In a reoccurring period of her life.

My dear, it's just fine,
You can have me anytime.

Why should masturbation,
Compensate during menstruation?


Last night you looked very nice.
You must smell very sweet.

Warm and sweet . . . nice and neat
Like a piece of meat!
No . . .
A clam !
A long neck?
Oh . . . Yes!
Between my lips.
Soft and juicy:
Yes . . . Hot!
You would rise to the feel of my tongue.
Like a clam . . .
Hot . . . Yes!
It's seafood that I want.
Yes . . . Hot

I want your seafood!
Hot . . . Yes


All work and no play
Ain't much fun today.
What I'd like to do
Is make love to you.

Looking at the ocean
Moving with undulating motion.
I fondle your breast
With my tongue in your nest.

I would lie close to you
Looking up at the blue.
There's a whiff of a cloud
And, the music is loud.
I touch your breast
I can imagine the rest,
Like a dream or a thought
Yet, I remember naught.

To dream of love,
Flying high like a dove.
Your pussy ... my tongue
Dripping sweetly ... moist and young

I think, it's love that you need
But you withhold the seed.
Making love would be dear
Yet, it's "no" that I hear.

It's hard to be alone,
To hang up the phone.
You want me so badly
I long for you sadly.

My dear ... in my dreams
My thought only seems:
Would you hold me so tightly
While I kiss you so lightly?

My dear, we'd have fun,
Making love in the sun.
What are you doing this afternoon?
Will you be coming home soon?


I called to wish you a Happy New Year
I called to hear your voice my dear
I called and got your machine . . .
Your fucking machine!

I wanted to fuck you.
I really miss you
I remember how you smell
There's so much I want to tell.
The New Year is here and full of dreams
And hopes for you and me.
But, I got the machine . . .
The fucking machine . . .

Fuck the resolutions . . .
Fuck the dreams
Why remember who I kissed
Or dream of what I miss
Have sucked . . . Will suck
Have eaten . . . Will eat
Have fucked . . . Will fuck
And, I got a machine . . .
A fucking machine . . .

I'm afraid of memories.
I'm so fucking tired of dreams
I don't want . . . I don't hope . . .
I don't wish . . . I don't need . . .

I just called to wish you a Happy New Year
I just called to hear your voice my dear
I just called and got your machine . . .
. . . Your Fucking machine


I wish I was a woman:

For, in thinking of sex
My pussy would drip
My nipples would point
The feeling would be wonderful.

But, I am a man:

And, thinking of you
Makes me stiff ... and drip
My throat gets dry
The feeling is not wonderful

But what are we

Are you thinking of me.
Does your pussy drip?
Do your nipples point?
Is the feeling wonderful?


You are like this!
Like a balloon,
Your breast fills as it is stroked.
Like a flower,
Your nipples swell with pollen.
Like a mushroom,
You're the magic in my mind.
Like a dream,
You're the thoughts that come to life.
Like a song,
You're the melody that I sing.
Like a sunset,
Your leaving fades away.


Will we do it,
Or will it never happen?
Will my tongue,
Never feel the softness of your breast?
Will my senses,
Never know the smell of your sex?
Will my soul,
Never understand the depth of your warmth?
Will my mind,
Never devour the sweetness of your thoughts?
Will our bodies remain statues,
And, are we destined to remain apart?
Will our tears never mix,
As our seeds unite?
Will we never fuck?

Well, maybe we will . . . !