Sexual Poetry by J. Osborne

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~ Sweet Erotica ~

Evening's on the rise,
I'm thinking of you
My mind is reeling,
With desire
So intense are thoughts
Of making love to you

To lie you down,
Lie next to you,
Is all that I can see
To be the man to take you
Would be my ecstasy.

Come close my Lve
And feel my stride
I keep it just for you
My loins are rich
With valued pride
I need to share them too

I whisper sweetly in your ear,
The way I need you now
You turn to greet me,
Smile sweetly,
You say, "Ahh yes please do"

We touch, we feel, we do explore,
The caverns of our souls
The way we move
The things we do,
Hearts like a bed of coals

And as we writhe,
It's so much alive,
The love we have to share
We buck, we moan,
We hold so tight,
It's more than I can bear

I feel love well up in my loins,
I think I will explode
I take you gently in my arms
You feel my hardness bold
My tongue encircles, nipples rise
Your legs they spread, Behold

I find my way to your lovin' nest
For this I want to explore
I will my love, I'll do my best
To make you want me more
My fingers move to find their mark
You move to meet my thrust
Oh My God, I'm so in love
Our hearts so filled with lust

I'll take you now, I need to
Give you my special seed
I know you love me Darlin'
You're all I'll ever need

All material copyright 1998 by: J. Osborne

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