Poems by Annie Mohre

Pussy & Roses

For Stephen: Written while Masterbating!

Roses are red, violets are blue;
I can think nothing better than to lie down with you!
I'd open my mouth and suck your sweet tool,
While you'd teach me lessons in pussy school!
But since we're apart, we rely on our dreams,
And make them all sweet, full of hot cum and cream!

Her pussy opened up like the petals of a pink rose,
glistening with early morning dew...
He put his nose close, to take a sniff,
and breathed deep her fresh scent...
She felt herself become even wetter
in anticipation of his hot, wet tongue,
which would enter her like a bee,
searching for nectar...
She felt the tingle of his "string"
as he touched her softly...
He tasted her offering delicately,
as if he were afraid it might evaperate,
but she only gave him more...


(for Jason)

I'll be Impressed if you earn a degree,
But I'll get undressed if you wanna fuck me,
Cause your Cock can't read, and it don't take notes,
And it doesn't give a damn about what Shakespeare wrote!
But it can glide in my cunt and slide up my ass,
And that's fine with me, whether or not you go to class!!

Love ya, Annie

The Fuckin' Blues

By one horny bitch, Annie Mohre
Well it's 8 p.m. and here I sit,
Completely naked with a hard, wet clit!
You aren't around, so here's what I'll do--
Go fuck myself until I'm through!!
If i had a tongue as long as your cock,
I'd lick my cunny until I'd rock!
But as it is I'm a peckerless girl,
Reduced to faking my own Silken Swirl...
So I'm sorry you missed it; I know we'd be great!
And I know that next time,
You will keep your thing Straight!
We'll rock and roll; you can shoot my moon!
I'll suck your hole, as we fuck 'n' "spoon"!
You'll stick your tool so deep in my bush,
That I'll have no choice but to groan 'n' gush!
You'll knaw on my tits til they're big as Texas,
And if we have time, we'll fuck other sexes!!
Cause I'd like to ride on some pussy-slut's face,
While I watch some big dick put you in your place!!
He'd stick it up your ass, make you beg 'n' moan,
And lick his balls until they were Grown!
And then he'd let his rod down your throat,
And force you to fuck him until you choke!!
I'd hoot and cheer and say Give it to him good!
Make him take it all like a cocksucker should!!
And just to be nice, me and my cunny
would both lick your balls while they got all runny
With your Master's cream as he shot his wad,
You'd buck and suck, and on your ass we'd applaud!!
We'd spank you hard and make you plead,
Then we'd take turns making you lick up his seed!!
And just when you thought you'd had all you could take,
We'd sit on your face and your cock we would take!!
Two slippery holes riding you like blazes!!
While hIS tool's up your ass, driving you crazy!!
You can't get away fucker--We've all got you now!!
We are going to make you sing and howl!!
We're going to make you beg as you crawl
After our cum when you've fucked us ALL!!
Oh that's what I'd do if I had a big fucker,
And a pretty little twat to be your cocksucker!!
But no, it's just me, and I'm getting SO WET!!
I need to stop now, give my pussy a pet!!
So I'll see you later 'gater; hope you have fun
Dreaming of my hot, wet, juice as it runs!
Ta-ta for now, you sweet motherfucker!!
From one who is just another lone cum-sucker!!
Luv and regrets, Annie

Pussy Promises & Cunny Dreams

For Jason: Written while in the buff,
with a cummy muff, and tits just hard enuff,
wishin' for your Stuff!

Honey-holes, and Wet are we,
Squelching out lust to noisily!
As we lay wide on the floor,
Pussy-slut and Cunny-whore!!
We are happy to befriend
Our Master's penis, as we bend,
For in our asses he must go,
First cunt fast, and second slow?
And when he's gladly pumped his Fill,
He lets it Go-Oh, what a Thrill!
To feel the hot stream blast inside!
Our asses shake as we abide.
For we are servants, nothing more
Than Pussy-slut and Cunny-Whore.
Butt-fucked and doggied, til we moan,
Our Master always makes us groan!
But we do cherish every thrust,
For He alone can spring our Lust!
And if we're Good Girls, faithful and true,
He'll let us suck each other, too!
For he knows how we love our cunny-munch,
Especially when we've had no lunch!
But first, we must have a proper taste
Of Master's cream, with none to waste!
She sucks his balls, I lick his shaft,
And we are learning well our Craft.
We lap in earnest, caring not
That down below our dripping twats
Are making puddles on the floor!
We'll lick them up and do some more!
He moans and bucks his fine, sleek ass
Into our faces, as we lash with class
His big red apples, ripe and firm,
And suck his head, taking turns?
My tits are hard and could cut glass
I dream of fucking her sweet ass!
Her hands slide deep within my box,
As mine are busy holding rocks.
And as I wobble, weave and wiggle,
I can't help a throaty giggle,
"If only they could see me now",
That gang of mine, as I cock-chow!
No-one thought I ever would
Wind up a pussyfucker, so good!
But her bush is Mine, as mine is His,
And that's the way it wetly Is!
I hang my head, as he slides on in,
To fuck me deep, way past my chin!
She takes her cue, and runs around,
To where I know she's pussy-bound!
She sits upon my steaming cunt,
And offers up his ass a shunt
A dildo hard and firm as brass,
Sliding in and out of his Fine ass.
His groans are deep and deeper still,
As I take his thing down the hill,
And feel him cum straight down my pipe,
As I'm pussyfucked, rich and ripe!
She grinds and screams on my wet twat,
But of course, I still cannot
Although I try to brew up a moan
Around my penis made of stone!
And so, he cums, and I cum too,
And she cums three, before we're through!
Oh happy day! We're wet and wild
We cunny-sluts, all roused and riled,
For what we want now most of all,
Is to fuck each other til we fall.
So, while our Master's gaze is long,
She lays back, and I climb on!
Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her Good,
Like a pussy-mama should!
Make her lips fall wide and lush,
And take in every drop of gush!
Lap it up and grind it down,
Make her butt-cheeks slap the ground!
Now she'll beg for anything
Fuck her Good and make her sing!
But lest a slave soon forget,
Master's time is coming yet!
So I slide off and watch him hump
Her pussy-cheeks, all hot and plump!
Then I can't help but wonder and sniff
If there'll be for me some of his Stiff?
For I am Pussy! Watch me whore!
And soon I'll fuck like never before!
Now here I am, my Master-love,
Put your Penis-grand in my cunny-glove!

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! YES, Master?"

"Ooooooohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Faster, Faster!!"